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7/21/15 Miscellaneous Stuff

Today started out with a car ride! I was so excited, I kept passing gas the entire time! Really, I was very happy to be out and about. Jamie started this thing called, “Driver’s Ed” and Mom and I had to take him to school. Mom kept the windows down the whole time, (I wonder why) and I happily sniffed all the air from Oak Forest to Orland Park.

*     *     *     *

This afternoon, Mom got a bucket and a couple of bottles of spray stuff and sponges. I wondered what she was doing. She backed Zeus out of the garage and told Jamie, “Car wash time! Go get the ShopVac, please.” I watched the humans through the front window. They looked quite sweaty. Today was a glorious, sunny, beautiful day and I wanted to go out and help. So I “kamikaze-d” the door to the garage, making it shake on its hinges. Mom popped her head in the house and told me not to be a silly girl, that she had no where to secure me in the front, and they would be done in a bit.

When they were finished, Zeus looked like a sparkling new car. He was washed, waxed, vacuumed, and tire-shined. Mom said she could imagine him wriggling with pleasure at all the attention. Better him than me. I hate taking a bath.

I do, however, like chasing water. After the humans cleaned and shined Zeus, they went into the pool for a dip. Jamie (who is easy on his toys) has an ancient squirt gun from the dollar store that is shaped like a giant crayon.  Mom swears he’s had it since he was like, 5. While my people splashed around, Jamie took the squirt gun and shot the water in an arc towards me. I chased that water and jumped like a dolphin at the zoo and barked at the droplets. I had so much fun. I got a little wet, and I Houdini-d myself off the tether. Mom put me back on and I lay in the sun to dry off. A nice day is a blessing around here, with all the rain we’ve had.

*     *     *     *

Today is the 21st, and this is the day Mom gives me my heartworm treat and my liquid flea & tick repellent. I love the treat, it’s so beefy tasting, but I dislike the feeling of the cold medicine between my shoulders. Granted, I can’t complain on how the product works, but…brrrr! That feeling! So Mom is trying to act all nonchalant about opening up the vial, and she has the treat in one hand. When I hear the vial go, “snap” I make a beeline into the living room. She coaxed me with the treat, though, and while I was eating it, she administered the repellent. Oh well. Safe from fleas & ticks for another month.

Hope you all had a glorious, wonderful, sunny, beautiful, day!

Woof! Love, Maggie



6/1/15 Floaties

So, it’s June 1, huh?

Feels more like a nice October day here.

Jamie and Mom spent a great deal of time cleaning out the garage. I thought I would get upset at not being allowed to run loose in the garage with them, but they propped the door open with a cd/radio player and, after letting out a couple of choice whines, I just lay on the floor and watched them. They talked to me and chucked me under the chin a few times, and it was good. I felt OK, and surprised myself!

Mom uncovered a large, black, plastic bag and said, “Oh, yes! The floaties!” Jamie hurried over to look. They brought the bag into the kitchen, and with it, a small, evil-looking pump.

The pump made a LOT of noise for being so small. I lay my ears back and watched them with a “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me” look on my face:


Pretty soon, the kitchen was filled up with stuff like this:


Mom and Jamie explained that these strange-looking toys were floaties for the pool, and the pump had filled them up with air. They were both very excited and wanted to go swimming after their back-breaking work in the garage. It became quite cold, however, and began to rain, so that was the end of THAT.
Jamie found room in the newly-cleaned garage and put the inflated floaties back. They are hoping that Thursday will be nicer so that when Laurel comes to visit, they can play in the pool.I don’t understand why they aren’t sensible, and chew on sticks in the shade if they want to cool off.Woof! Love, Maggie

5/28/15 I’ve Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do!

Hello, friends!

I  have a LOT of catching up to do. This blog post is going to be kind of random, so I can fill you all in on what has been going on.

We had a Memorial Day get together. Mom said it was going to be a “test” for me to see how I did around lots of humans without being crated. Usually, if we have people over, I have to be crated because I really jump. However, things went off well with my new medication, and I did not jump too much. For the most part, I listened when given a command. Especially from Uncle Rick. He is very good with animals.

Uncle Rick and Mom took me on a long walk to see the horses at the stable. I have to say, it was good to be out and stretching my legs. When we got home, I drank deeply from my water dish, and sprawled on the kitchen floor to maximize the coolness on my belly. Then Mom and Uncle Rick took me outside and I relaxed in the grass. My medicine is good, and I think my ear infection is almost cleared up, too. It was nice not to be crated.


*     *     *     *

Today, the weather was really very pleasant, about a balmy 84F. Mom took me for a ride in the car to pick Jamie up from school. I did not get anxious in the car, because Mom told me what we were doing. I sniffed and sniffed out the window. I could smell flowers on the breeze. The cottonwood trees are shedding their fluffy white stuff, and all around me I could see the cottony tufts floating in the air, kind of like Summer Snow. Mom told me it was so good-smelling and green it was hard to believe we were driving into the city, and that with the sun on her and the wind, she felt like she was back in Kaneohe.

When we got to the school, the boys trickled out, first a few here and there, and then a big throng. Some took their sweaters off; others chased one another; some were smiling (they had probably aced their finals); and some were scowling (maybe did not ace the final). I was soaking up the rays on the back seat with my head down, but when Mom opened the locks for Jamie, my head went up like a shot. Boy, I was glad to see him. He was glad to see me, too. Jamie has one “final” final tomorrow, at 8:10 a.m. Then he is off for Summer.

*     *     *     *

We got home and Mom and Jamie went into the pool to cool off. They put out a bowl of icy water for me, and popped up an umbrella so I did not get too much sun.


I fell asleep, but woke up when the wind blew the umbrella over. This is me, with my eyes half open.

This is Jamie, in the pool.


My humans enjoyed the pool. Mom says as far as she is concerned, tomorrow is the first day of Summer for her, since Jamie is going to be home from school.

*     *     *     *

Mom got an email from her agent. Three more rejections for the book. Mom is feeling a little down about this, but I am still hopeful.

*     *     *     *

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. Thank you to the Veterans who served to make us free. “All gave some, some gave all” – thank you.

Woof! Your dog, Maggie

5/17/15 The Ridiculous Weekend!

The humans are ridiculous.

I tried my best to remind Mom that she is supposed to be lying on the couch with me, keeping her foot up. Mom says she is “fine” and her foot doesn’t hurt a bit and that Dr. G. is taking the stitches out Thursday and she has things to do.

I have discovered that Mom is a 5′ 2″ bundle of determination.

Now you know from my previous postings that Uncle Rick came by with everyone and they took down the rotting old swing set. It’s been piled up in the “crop circle” left by the pool last year. After Dad got off work, Mom dragged him and Jamie outside to start piling the debris up at the end of the driveway for Monday’s pickup.


(Those are Mom’s hands and Dad’s leg and my head and the rest of the swing set.)

Then the humans pulled weeds, trimmed bushes, and prepared the crop circle for the pool. When all the work was done, Mom made a “crab boil”. Mom doesn’t usually eat meat, but wanted to try her hand at a crab boil. However, she couldn’t bring herself to boil live crab or lobster, so she sent Dad to the store for crab legs. Dad choked at the price and said Mom was evil. But he bought them.

Mom put potatoes, onions, corn, salt, Old Bay Seasoning, and the crab legs in a big pot and let everything cook for about 20 minutes. The house smelled so good, Dad forgot to tell Mom she was evil and instead said, “I’m starving!” Mom drained out the water, put all the food in a big metal bowl, and the humans sat down at the kitchen table to crack some crab legs. A piece flew off Mom’s plate and landed on the floor. I pounced on it, slavering.

That was about the time I discovered I don’t like crab. Ptooey! Dad said, “Do you know how much that cost? And you’re not going to eat it?!”

About an hour after everyone stuffed themselves silly, Mom started a bonfire, and since it was a nice night, we all went out to relax.

I am fully aware that it looks like Dad has a cig or a stogey in his mouth. But as you can tell by my rapt expression, it was an ice cream bar that Mom had given him. You can even see the wrapper in his fingers:


Today was even worse! Mom and Dad and Jamie worked outside ALL DAY. They put up the little inflatable hot tub and the pool. OF COURSE, they picked the windiest day to do it, and half the time was spent chasing the ground cover and trying to keep the pool from blowing over. I did have a lot of fun with the hose, and when Dad sat on the ground to connect the solar heater, I gave him lots of kisses. He spluttered for me to knock it off and go lie down.

I, for one, was not going to argue. All this activity exhausted me.


Because all the installation took such a long time, we don’t know if the filter and hoses are leaky or not. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! Muahaha!

Woof! Love, Maggie

6/20/13 Sunrise

These sweet summer mornings with just Mom and me awake are rapidly becoming a favorite part of my day.  Today we woke at sunrise and, although I am color-blind, I could still appreciate the magic and excitement of the Sun gradually taking his place in the sky, and of the changes that I could see in the clouds and in the sky itself.  Mom scratched behind my ears and told me I was a good girl.  I felt happy and content.

Then a rabbit appeared out of the woods and began to hop happily in the yard – MY yard.  In a split second the moment of serenity was over and I was streaking off after it, muscles pumping and legs churning, determined to snatch this rabbit in my jaws and bring it home to my masters as a gift.  At the last second, as my teeth clamped together in the air over its furry tail, it scooted under the neighbor’s fence and I was denied again.  Drat.

Sometimes, on these quiet mornings like today, Mom will put her coffee that she’s been drinking down on the grass and relax in a chair out back while I explore the yard.  I take this opportunity to sneak up behind her and finish the cold coffee in her cup while she has her eyes closed.  Mom’s coffee is good to me because she puts something in it, while Dad just drinks it black.  I never steal his.  I never drink too much coffee or drink it too often because Mom and Dad are very careful about table food, but sometimes she slips up.  And I am right there to slurp it up.

Today, Donna and Paul are coming over to play in the pool.  From the looks of this morning, it’s going to be a very nice day!  Mom ordered me some pet sunscreen that she found online as well as some nose and paw protection.  That might sound silly and overprotective, but I have pink skin and thin white hair, and I love to be outside, so I am in danger of getting a sunburn now that the weather is heating up.

For today, Mom says I have to lie under the umbrella or in the shade next to the house.  No problem on my part!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!  I hope the weather is just as nice wherever you are.