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2/12/15 I’m in trouble…

I’ve been a very, very bad dog today, and now I’m in so much trouble.

We are having below zero temperatures again. I cannot stand this cold weather. It hurts my back leg when it is so cold like this and I have to go potty in the snow. Pitbulls are prone to knee problems.

Everyone has been very good about taking me out as soon as I prance or sit by the back door. Mom has even spoken sharply to Dad when he says I can “wait”. “How would you like it if you had to wait? I’ll just take her,” Mom says. I think Dad is winning that one.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Dad got off work relatively early and ran Mom over to the store. I stayed home with Jamie, who was working on the computer. Now, when Mom and Dad leave, the Hairy Bullet comes out and this time was no exception. I had both of Mom’s yoga gloves, then one of her good ones (I am very thorough about rooting through the basket Mom has hidden of gloves, scarves, etc.), then I stole her boot, then her shoe.

The trouble started when Jamie tried getting the shoe away. I got a little feisty and scratched him below the eye. In fact, any closer and I would have either scratched his eye, or poked it out. Jamie texted Mom and relayed the scratch incident. Mom and Dad immediately came home.

One look at Mom’s face and I groveled on the ground. She hadn’t said a word and she didn’t need to! She looked at Jamie’s eye and assessed the damage (and near damage). Dad gave me a treat anyway and Mom scolded him. After a little while, Mom settled down, grumbling to herself (it didn’t help that she didn’t have a stellar day at the job). I danced near the back door and Mom took me out. I relieved myself “#1” and ran for the door.

A short time later, I was dancing again. Mom told Dad, “Jim, you take her this time. I have a feeling she has to go poop since she didn’t go for me.” Since he had already been scolded, Dad put his boots on without complaint and out we went. I went “#1” again and Dad just shook his head.

After Mom took the leash off, I quickly darted around the family room and into the hallway by the front door. This was more like it! I could poop without my knee hurting, in the warmth and comfort of my own home. Dad and Jamie went upstairs and Mom was downstairs alone when the smell hit her.

Mom went to investigate, and when she saw my offering, she was furious. I rolled over onto my back and showed my belly but she dragged me over there and put my nose by it.  Then Mom ran for the disinfectant and Febreze, all the while yelling, “Bad Dog, No Poopies In The House!!!!”

I’m in the doghouse with Mom now. I really wish it would warm  up soon. I think we’d both be happier.


Your imprisoned friend, Maggie

5/14/13 The Liberry

I don’t know if today was a good day or not.  I saw a rabbit in the backyard early this morning and chased it, but it found a small hole under the fence and got away.  I think it would have made a nice present for my new people.  So I was a little upset about that.  Dad left early, it was still dark-time, for a “meeting”.  I know what happens when dogs meet, usually a lot of sniffing and growling, so I guess it was something like that.  That meant Mom had to take Jamie to school and I didn’t like that one bit. 

I have to admit, I was kind of proud of myself for being able to reach the bread, even though it was put away sort of high, and it WAS delicious, but I felt bad about it after, so I peed on the dining room floor.  I didn’t really mean it, and I could tell by Mom’s face when she came back that she was disappointed in me.  I felt awful.  But what’s worse is that today Mom has to work in the Liberry.  I don’t know what a “Liberry” is, but it sounds good, and I hope she brings me back some to eat.  I don’t want her to leave, though, and I’m kind of working myself up about it.

Well, if Mom had any Liberries for me, I am definitely not getting any, because of the pile of poop I left her in the dining room.  Mom was not happy.  She says I have to go with her in the car to pick up Jamie from school because she can’t trust me at home by myself.  I did hear her telling Dad on the phone she was really proud of me because she could tell that I loved the family and was very loyal already.  So all is not lost.  Last night when Mom and Jamie were in bed, and it was dark-time, I heard something creaking on the stairs and I growled and barked (my first time) to protect them.  But it turned out to be Dad, so then I wagged my tail and was very happy again.  Mom is extremely pleased with me for this, and says that I am “watching over them” and she is willing to “cut me some slack” and be patient with me while I try to get over my nervousness and fear.  I love my new family very much.  I wish I could tell them, instead of pooping on the floor.