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7/18/15 Birthdays, Agents, Paella, and Presents

Today is Dad’s birthday. Tomorrow is Mom’s.

Mom says one of the gifts she gives is making whatever the birthday person wants for dinner. It can be anything; Mom loves to cook. This was no mean feat when there were 9 humans living in the house. The birthday cooking is much less complicated now.

Dad didn’t know what he wanted for dinner. Last year, he asked for pot roast. “Pot roast?” Mom blinked, unbelieving. “It’s practically the hottest day of the year!” But pot roast it was. However, he was still undecided for this year’s celebration. “What’s something we don’t usually have?” he asked. No one seemed to have an answer.

Since Dad was floundering, Mom and Jamie tried helping him out. They made lots of suggestions, and finally Dad said, “OK, I’ll have steak kabobs.” But he said it kind of like Ralphie agreeing to a football in “A Christmas Story”, with a glazed look on his face. Mom could tell he didn’t really want the kabobs.

“I could make you anything,” Mom said, toweling off her hair. “Paella, for example. You like that.” Dad snapped up that suggestion like a worm on a hook. “Yes!” he smiled. “Paella! We haven’t had that since we went on vacation two years ago!”

Mom set about making the paella. She was glad to have a big project to do, since she was a bit bummed out from the news from her Agent yesterday. There still hasn’t been a bite on her book, and she was feeling a little down. I reminded her of how long I was in the shelter, and that good things come to those who wait. Mom agreed, and after giving me a few pets and hugs, felt better.

Soon the house was smelling delicious. Here is a picture of the paella Mom made for Dad:


The rice was scrumptious, and Mom gave me the chicken from her plate. Wonderful!

After dinner, the humans gave each other presents. Here’s an interesting one Dad received:


Dad liked it so much, he wants to get a desk to go with it – !!! (See, this is how things start.)

Dad and Jamie gave Mom a T-shirt and matching jacket. Mom loved it so much, she cried.


Striking resemblance, I think!

Happy birthday to all the July babies!

Woof! Love, Maggie


12/26/14 The Letter I Got From Santa, And Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Mom hung up a stocking for me over the fireplace. Then she put trees in front of the fireplace so I would not be tempted to jump up and snatch the stocking down. On Christmas morning, the stocking was stuffed full of goodies, and, lo and behold, a letter from Santa Claus himself!

The letter said that I had been a very good girl this year. I was happy to hear that! I have been trying so hard.

I also received a rawhide shaped like a wreath, a package of small rawhide treats, a new Nylabone, a giant KONG stuffed dog toy, and a treat jar full of soft treats.

Most special to me, though, was a new dog tag from “Tags for Hope”. The tag is shaped and colored like a driver’s license (made to look like it’s issued from your state), and has my picture on it. It has Mom’s cell phone number in big text on the top, and my name, fur color, eye color, species, and breed on the front. On the back, Mom had the Tags people include that I am very friendly to humans, but do not get along well with smaller animals. She also listed my allergies, my vet’s phone number, and my microchip number.

I am touched that my humans love me so much that they don’t want to chance anything happening to me should I become lost. Being home with my family was the greatest gift of all this year, and that’s not found in any bag or box under the tree.



We had company all Christmas Eve. The kids came over separately: first, Erik, because he was off work. Then Jenny, when she got off work; then they left, and a short time later the human Mike came over. Mostly, the humans ate, opened their gifts, ooohed and aaahed over how well I was behaving, gave me pets and loving, and played games at the kitchen table. Mom did not want to do a lot of “entertaining” because she is still healing, and because I behaved, she was able to relax and take it easy.

Of course, Mom could not resist giving me tidbits with my kibble for Christmas Eve dinner. I tasted some turkey, baby carrots, and lamb. Of course, I wanted the cookies, but had to settle for a rawhide!

Mom wrote a little bit about me to the Animal Welfare League (Chicago Ridge, IL) Facebook, and they put me on as their cover photo. That is the shelter I was adopted from. So if you are on FB and want to check it out, I thought I should mention it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you had a good one, filled with love from your humans and animal companions. I hold you all close in my big canine heart, and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/21/14 The Hairy Terror

I’ve had an action-packed couple of days.

Besides the Marathon Cookie Bake, the toilet broke. Mom called Dad, freaking out that the water was running and running and running. Now, Mom has been after Dad for quite some time about the leaks in the toilet. But this time, the dam broke and the water flowed freely in the bowl with a loud flushing, rushing sound. Dad knew this would be costly in terms of the water bill, so he actually went into action and – pardon me if I use the “F” word – fixed something.

Dad on the ground was more than I could bear. The sight of him lying there with his head wedged between the wall and the toilet provided me with the flashmob opportunity of a lifetime. When Dad started hollering, in earnest, “Maggie, OFF!” Mom sprang into action, dragged me into the kitchen, and gave me The Look.

I couldn’t help it. When Dad said, “Get the paper towels” I took him literally:


Dad got the toilet fixed, but I had the Hairy Bullet mentality and I had it bad. So the next day (today), Mom and Dad had an afternoon appointment with some old friends. That left me and my nemesis, Jamie, alone in the house. I quickly turned into my secret identity, The Hairy Bullet.

While Jamie attempted to slip unobtrusively into the garage to get a can of soda pop, I darted through the sweet spot, nearly knocking him flat. Then I sniffed around the various piles of skateboards and junk until he pulled me into the house.


Feeling peevish that I was thwarted in my garage escapades, I snatched one of Jamie’s shoes that he had placed next to the back door. I ran upstairs in full bolt mode, and while chasing me, Jamie fell flat on his face. I was doing the typical terrier move of swinging the shoe around with my head, and I bashed Jamie on the side of his face, next to his eyebrow. I gave him a little black eye, but he put some ice on it and was OK. I, however, was summarily tossed in the crate and there I stay for quite some time.

When Jamie let me out to go to the potty, I dashed into the dining room, ears flat against my head, and grabbed up a gift that had been foolishly left on the floor (in a corner, next to the fish tank, supposedly where I could not get at them) and ripped the bow off the large box, and tore open the small box. Sailing past Jamie into the living room, I whipped Mom’s good Christmas fleece blanket off the couch and chewed a hole in the corner before Jamie could stop me.


Mom and Dad came home and I got a good berating and many scowls. No treat for me!

Mom says I do not behave for Jamie and the next time, she is going to crate me, so he doesn’t get another black eye from my Hairy Terror activities.

I guess I’m done for today. Tomorrow is another day!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/18/14 Santa Paws Is Coming to Town

Today, I got so excited because I got to  play Santa Paws for my friend, Laurel:


This was a sweatshirt hoodie with a big dog pawprint on it that read, “Walk With A Friend”. Laurel really liked it and tried it on right away. I was so happy to give her a gift. She is a wonderful person and a great friend!

Being in a “Ghost of Christmas Present” mood, I opened a gift I found under the tree, but alas! It was not for me, it was for Jenny. The ruined remains of the gift bought me a Polar Express ticket to the crate, but I was out before too long, wagging my tail so hard I knocked a few (plastic) ornaments off the tree. Woof!

Speaking of the Ghost of Christmas Present, Mom is reading the original version of Charles Dickens’ famed A Christmas Carol to Jamie aloud. I get to listen in, too, and lean against Mom when she gets to the sad parts. Mom says if there’s hope for Scrooge, then there’s hope for Dad too, but I don’t quite get her meaning.

Tomorrow, Erik is coming over for a marathon cookie bake. Jamie is taking his last final (his final final,  ha ha) and will be home very early from school. So everyone is chipping in and baking their favorites. Mom and Erik are also making 2 types of candy, which she has already told me I cannot have since Demon Chocolate is involved. Foiled again!

Hoping that all is well with you and yours, and whatever holiday you celebrate, I am sending you out a big dogsmile and tail wag. Woof!

Love, Maggie

1/28/14 Best Birthday EVER!!!

My birthday started with a beep, not a bang.  This is because the first thing I did this morning was steal Dad’s car key, which looks like a plastic nub.  Except it has a panic button on it, and when I bit down, the van on the driveway started flashing and beeping.  Mom and Dad were relieved that I was caught so quickly and there was no damage to the key. 

A short while later, I was given some birthday presents.  First, a vest I refuse to wear:


Hmmmm….maybe Laurel will want it for her dogs!  Then, I got a cool stuffed toy:


It squeaked!  A special treat for me!  And of course, I destroyed it in 2.5 seconds.


Next up, Jamie gave me a new “baby” to take the place of the other one I’d shredded:


Finally, I got my wish (thank you, GP Cox!) of a special birthday dinner with wet food not dry:


And a special Frosty Paws Ice Cream Dessert for dogs.   Peanut butter flavor, of course!

Overall, I’ve got to say, Best Birthday Ever!


I’m all tuckered out!  Woofzzzzzzzz Love, Maggie