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1/18/17 The back yard is weird

The back yard has been weird. We’ve had rain, then ice storms, then more rain. So the ground is like a water-mud-ice-more water club sandwich. It looks like this:


Yecch, right???

It looks like mud but slippery due to the ice, so if you fall it’s a double whammy. Fortunately, I’ve got those “cleats” on  my paws, meaning I’m a little steadier than Mom is out there!

Today the weather is warmer and I came in from my morning duties looking like I’d had a mud bath, or a mud spritz at least. From now until Springtime, Mom will have my leash in one hand and the mop in the other. She says the “war on paw prints” is real and “she’s probably going to lose anyway” but she’s going down fighting!

Mom says she is going to hijack my blog and post separately about the whole book thing.

We both thank you all for your good wishes!

Woof! Love, Maggie and Liz



10/6/16 Ridiculously Rainy

…nothing compared to what the folks in FL and along the coast are reeling from, but still!

The thunder has been booming all day. The rain has been incessant.

Here is my response:


Stay warm and dry, humans, and if you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew: stay safe.

Woof! Love, Maggie

6/7/15 Storms!

Plenty of storms my way today, so much so that Mom couldn’t go out to the baby shower she was supposed to attend. I looked out the front window (for hail or worse; thankfully, none spotted) and saw this little guy motoring back to the pond:


Believe me, he is a LOT smaller than the related-to-Godzilla turtle that was out here last week.

I hope it’s sunny your way; as for me, I’m just cuddling down in the blankies and waiting out the bad weather.


Woof! Love, Maggie

9/10/14 Flash Floods!

We’ve had all the windows open and have been enjoying the cooler breezes in the evening, but last night Dad checked the weather and it said we would have flash flooding, possibly 5 inches of rain, starting at 1 a.m.

Mom and Dad closed up the house tight.  They were worried about the rain, because the (insert clever insurance jingle here) company had denied fixing the roof, and there is a tiny leak.  (Just FYI, Mom wrote a blazing letter, and sent several copies around, and like magic, the insurance company reversed their decision.  Now Mom and Dad are waiting for the new roof.)  “Maybe the weatherman will be wrong,” Mom said hopefully.  Like she said all winter with the tons of snow.

BOOM! Woofwoofwoof!  “It’s OK, Maggie,” Mom soothed, as the storm hit around 1 in the morning.  (See, “they” are never wrong!) It’s been pouring since that time.

There was a tiny break in the action and that gave me the opening I needed to run to the backyard and “p”.  Then the rain started up again, so violently and the wind blowing from every direction, that it actually looked like snow from the window.  The magic weather also said there was the possibility of both large hail and a tornado.  Mom continues to hope they are wrong.  She turned on the TV (which usually means she is going out) so she can monitor the storm.

As for me?  I’m taking it easy on my chair.  At least until Mom says it’s time to take cover in the basement!

Woof!  Love, Maggie