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12/1/15 Diaper Rash

I’ve been extremely itchy on my bottom the last two days. Mom says it looks like I have diaper rash!

I was scratching and chewing so hard, Mom gave be 2 human antihistamines and medicated bath before bed. Dad helped. Then, Mom squirted on a “flush” solution from the Vet to make sure I didn’t get infected where I was chewing. That stung at first, but helped a little. I was still up and miserable all night. Mom called Dr. Craig and made an appointment for early this morning.

Hoo, boy. Possible food allergies. I know I’ve been a bit scratchier since Thanksgiving, when I had some table scraps mixed in with my kibble. But I wasn’t expecting this! Dr. Craig said my skin looked terrible (and of course, it did feel terrible) and he found something between my toes that indicated food allergies. He sprayed my paws and my poor behind with something cold and gave the bottle to Mom, telling her to spray me twice a day and rub the solution in (wearing a disposable glove). He said that would protect me from infection and help the inflammation go down. He also prescribed a steroid pill (which I have had to take in the Springtime for seasonal allergies) and to continue the antihistamine. Finally, he said my right ear was infected and looked yucky, so he took the syringe of antibiotics and flushed my ear with that. It was hard to sit like a good girl for that ear stuff. But I did. I was unhappy and suffering. Mom kept petting me and telling me what a good job I was doing. Dr. Craig gave me a hypoallergenic biscuit for being a good patient.

Dr. Craig also prescribed a ginormous bag of food. Prescription food. No wet noms, and no treats with chicken or beef, everything must be hypoallergenic. I have to stay on this diet for THREE MONTHS as a test to see if it is the food. Groan!

On the plus side, I aced my physical, have lost 3 pounds, and my dental is magnificent. My nails are fine, the only problems are the ear infection and the “diaper rash”.

As soon as we returned home, Mom gave me the steroid pill. I took it OK, and in a short while, felt a lot of relief from the constant itch. I took a nap on Mom’s bed and felt a lot better.

Mom told me not to post a picture of the rash because I really chewed on it last night and it looks horrible. You’ll have to take my word for it. I’m a hideous shade of pink on my hind quarters.

I’m going to go rest on the couch for a while. I’m tired from being up most of the night. I’m so grateful to have gone to the Vet today.

Woof! Love, Maggie


10/30/15 The Hurtin’ Unit

I’d show you pictures, but it’s too painful.

The human Jamie is one hurtin’  unit.

First, he had the now-famous strep and sinus infection. This morning, he awoke to a red, swollen, itchy, rash on his arms, that quickly spread to his legs, feet, elbows, and knees. (Mom and the doctor are on it though, so no need to worry.) He’s just mighty uncomfortable.

Then, Mom had to take Jamie to get the bottom braces on. As long as he was in the chair, the orthodontist tightened his top ones, too. Food is now just a rumor to Jamie, he of the aching teeth and jaws.

To top it all off, Jamie must have picked up something on the floor of the locker room, because his toe is infected! Mom noticed him limping this afternoon. She took care of that quickly, and his foot feels better, but Mom assured him the toe will hurt for a couple of days. Re-reading this post, I think Mom is getting her “Doctor” stripes, while Jamie is getting his “Patient” ones! I did jump on the bed to lick Jamie’s foot and tell him I hope he feels better, but Mom shoed me away from his toes before I could give him a kissy. Foiled, again!

Erik, on the other hand, left early this morning ( it was still dark) for the airport. He and his friends are spending Halloween in Las Vegas (I know, I know) and he is excited to see Britney Spears. But there was a problem with the cabin pressure in the airplane, and they had to make an emergency landing and switch planes. Erik called Mom to assure her he was safe, but he said, “I swear, Mom, I’ve never had such pain in my head before – I thought it was going to explode like little chunks of watermelon.” A grisly image, to be sure!

As of this writing, Erik’s new plane has landed and he is off to enjoy exciting adventures in the desert. There seem to be no ill effects to his head. Erik and his traveling companions are going to investigate a refund from the airline.

Mom gave me a treat and says she’s lucky nothing has happened to me, since it’s been a ruff day for her sons!

Woof! Love, Maggie