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7/7/15 The Night Vapor

Jamie might be “grounded” as far as his foot goes, but he certainly can still fly remote aircraft. Here is one of his favorite planes in-flight, The Night Vapor:


And against the backdrop of trees:


Jamie spent the day relaxing, icing his foot, and slowly healing. Tomorrow, he is going to go the movies with his friends. Mom says it’s OK as long as he can get a shoe on. He found his oldest, most beat-up, chewed-up (I won’t say by whom), stretched-out Vans, and, like Cinderella trying on the slipper, announced that, “It fit!” Mom laughed and said he could go with his friends. She said it’s not good for a young man to be cooped up like he has been.

We went for a short walk – to the park and back – to see how well Jamie did on just one crutch. He doesn’t really need two, but one is good for him to lean on if necessary.

It was a brisk, cool day today (Mom said it felt like a nice September day instead of a July one), and I was happy to stretch my paws and go for a little walk in the sun and breeze. Mom made me walk at “easy” and stay close to her. She and Jamie looked all up and down the street to see if any loose dogs were out. It is sad to say, that the neighbors all seem to let their dogs run loose, and then if there is a dog fight, you can be sure I am the one who will get the blame. But, happily, there were no incidents, although a few houses down, two little yappy dogs and a big Boxer were staring at me from inside their front door. Mom told me, “Leave it” and popped my chain just a little to break my stare. Then I trotted forward and everything was fine. I got a nice petting and some treats when I got home for listening to commands.

Mostly, I was happy that I could be out and supervise my young charge as he handled his crutch. I think we both did beautifully!

Woof! Love, Maggie