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8/18/16 Birthdays and School

My young human is getting old. Yesterday he turned 16. He would have gotten his driver’s license yesterday on his actual birthday, but the day before, Mom discovered a snafu with the driver’s ed class that he took in the summer last year. When that discrepancy is fixed, he’ll be able to get his license. Jamie was disappointed and frustrated, but he acted like an adult about it and said he understood that these things happen. Personally, I think he took this disappointment much better than most adults I know! Woof! He should be able to get his license in about two weeks.

Sunday, we had a birthday party for Jamie and his friends. Lots of nice young humans came over, and we spent most of the time outside. They swam, played bean bags, badminton, volleyball, and pickle ball. Naturally, I got in the games where I could. I also tried to sneak some birthday cake. I was so tired out by the time the last one left that I fell asleep on the couch. Mom practically dragged me upstairs.



Yesterday was, besides Jamie’s birthday proper, the first day of school. He had to wear his shirt and tie, because they were taking ID/yearbook pictures as well.


Here is my young human, all ready for the first day of school as a Junior.

The cool thing about it is, today he did NOT have to go to school, because it is the day the Freshmen have the school to themselves to figure out where they are going for classes. The schools did not do that when Mom was in high school back in the stone age. Way back then, they just threw everybody into the school and let them sink or swim. I think it is nice that the new kids have a day to get grounded in their new surroundings before the pressure of crowded hallways and trying to get to class on time. It’s much better on the nerves, I think.

Tomorrow is going to start early; that is, getting up at 6 a.m. for the first full day of school. Mom says that for her, “summer is over” because school has started and the daily grind of Fall is here already. She says she’s going to keep the pool open for as long as possible, though, and try to hang on to Summer for a little bit longer.

Best of luck to everyone starting school or a new venture!  Woof!

Love, Maggie





5/28/15 I’ve Got A Lot Of Catching Up To Do!

Hello, friends!

I  have a LOT of catching up to do. This blog post is going to be kind of random, so I can fill you all in on what has been going on.

We had a Memorial Day get together. Mom said it was going to be a “test” for me to see how I did around lots of humans without being crated. Usually, if we have people over, I have to be crated because I really jump. However, things went off well with my new medication, and I did not jump too much. For the most part, I listened when given a command. Especially from Uncle Rick. He is very good with animals.

Uncle Rick and Mom took me on a long walk to see the horses at the stable. I have to say, it was good to be out and stretching my legs. When we got home, I drank deeply from my water dish, and sprawled on the kitchen floor to maximize the coolness on my belly. Then Mom and Uncle Rick took me outside and I relaxed in the grass. My medicine is good, and I think my ear infection is almost cleared up, too. It was nice not to be crated.


*     *     *     *

Today, the weather was really very pleasant, about a balmy 84F. Mom took me for a ride in the car to pick Jamie up from school. I did not get anxious in the car, because Mom told me what we were doing. I sniffed and sniffed out the window. I could smell flowers on the breeze. The cottonwood trees are shedding their fluffy white stuff, and all around me I could see the cottony tufts floating in the air, kind of like Summer Snow. Mom told me it was so good-smelling and green it was hard to believe we were driving into the city, and that with the sun on her and the wind, she felt like she was back in Kaneohe.

When we got to the school, the boys trickled out, first a few here and there, and then a big throng. Some took their sweaters off; others chased one another; some were smiling (they had probably aced their finals); and some were scowling (maybe did not ace the final). I was soaking up the rays on the back seat with my head down, but when Mom opened the locks for Jamie, my head went up like a shot. Boy, I was glad to see him. He was glad to see me, too. Jamie has one “final” final tomorrow, at 8:10 a.m. Then he is off for Summer.

*     *     *     *

We got home and Mom and Jamie went into the pool to cool off. They put out a bowl of icy water for me, and popped up an umbrella so I did not get too much sun.


I fell asleep, but woke up when the wind blew the umbrella over. This is me, with my eyes half open.

This is Jamie, in the pool.


My humans enjoyed the pool. Mom says as far as she is concerned, tomorrow is the first day of Summer for her, since Jamie is going to be home from school.

*     *     *     *

Mom got an email from her agent. Three more rejections for the book. Mom is feeling a little down about this, but I am still hopeful.

*     *     *     *

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. Thank you to the Veterans who served to make us free. “All gave some, some gave all” – thank you.

Woof! Your dog, Maggie

5/19/15 (Terrible) Tuesdays

Tuesdays are usually terrible around here. Dad has a meeting every week, and that means Mom has to drive Jamie to school. Which means that, right after breakfast, I’m popped into the crate. In what seems like a long time, Mom comes home, but before I know it, I’m back in the crate for her to go pick him up. Then, they’re back, but before I know it AGAIN, I’m back in the crate so she can drive him to tutoring. (sigh) It’s a ruff life.

I have a lot, I mean a LOT, of anxiety, so Mom can’t leave me out of the crate, or I might hurt myself. However, I also get severely car sick, so she doesn’t have much choice in locking me up since the medicine takes about an hour to work.

Today, however, when Mom put me in the crate to drive Jamie to school, things were worse than usual. I crouched on the ground and started to shiver. Mom knew I was having an anxiety attack, and she messaged Dad, “could he get Jamie from school since there is early dismissal” but Dad said, “Not today.” Mom knew that meant less time out of the crate in between trips. She was so upset about my anxiety attack, that when she came back, she hustled me upstairs and under the blankets on the human bed. Then she brought me some car-sick medicine slathered in peanut butter, and stayed with me for over an hour.

Once I was nice and relaxed and rested up, Mom put my “jewelry” (collars) on, and I jumped for joy. I knew she was going to take me out in the little car.

Then, my anxiety got the better of me. Where were we going? Was she dropping me off somewhere? Were we going to the Vet? Where was everybody? I yawned, and licked my lips, and whined, and cried, but I did not throw up. The whole time, Mom kept talking to me in a soothing voice. She kept saying, “Jamie” and “school”, but I didn’t make the connection until we pulled up to the building and Jamie appeared out of thin air.

I quieted down right away, having put two and two together. I gave a big sigh, and stretched out on the blanket on the back seat of the car. I could relax. We were just getting my young human, and bringing him home.

Woof! Love, Maggie


5/16/13 Catlick School

I feel bad because Mom had a really rough day today, and not just because when she left to go to her Liberry, I broke two bowls and got into the pantry again and ate half a jar of peanut butter.  I know, I know.  I couldn’t help myself.  I panicked.

I guess from what I heard Mom saying to Dad is that they are going to close the Liberry.  There isn’t enough money at the school to keep it going.  So Mom and her boss, whom she really, really likes, are going to be out of work.  Mom told Jamie that she would try to raise money for the school but it would be hard to do it in time, and that it was a “Catlick” School so they couldn’t get public money.  I didn’t know Jamie went to school with cats!  I have sniffed him carefully a lot of times and never smelled one single cat!  Maybe my nose isn’t working right having been in the Shelter for so long.  Anyway, I tried to be on good behavior, seeing as Mom was so upset.

Mom says she found a Pet Sitter for me and she is going to come by tomorrow and meet me.  She has lots of experience with nervous dogs and lives in the neighborhood.  Today I’m doing better.  I went into the backyard all by myself!  I even stood by the back door when I wanted to be let out.  Mom was proud of me today, peanut butter breath and all.

2/11/14 Guest Blogger: Jamie – A Swashbuckling Day at School

Maggie has been sleeping on her blanket all day, and she said I could take over blogging for tonight.  So, hopefully, the WP community will get a pleasant surprise:  Me!

Today I will be sharing with you a swashbuckling day in the life of myself.  You can decide for yourself how much swagger I actually have at the end.

I got up at 7:30 a.m. today to the sound of my Mom’s voice, the jingling of collar tags, and Slurp!  a wet flap of leather against my cheek – no, that was just Maggie’s tongue.  OK, OK, I’m up already!

I seem to have inherited my Padre’s terminal stiffness because I fumbled around like Frankenstein a little bit, then when my legs finally decided to work, I headed downstairs.  I ate a bowl of Apple Cheerios mixed with Double Chocolate Krave.  Mmmm, tastes like apples dipped in Nutella.  And if that’s not enough to make you hurl, it’s time to get ready for school.

While getting dressed, I listen to a little bit of my favorite band, “Knife Party”, on my new “Beats Mixrs”.  I love my headphones.  The sound quality is awesome, the bass is beautiful, and…they’re shiny.  The kids at school recoil when I tell them that my favorite kind of music is techno and dubstep.  They say it’s not real music, that music made with computers is fake, then they turn around and listen to “Rush” or some other oldie.  You wouldn’t believe what people say to me about that.  But I say, I don’t want to listen to my Grandpa’s music, I’m me.

Not much to say about school today.  They announced on the big PA In The Sky that the Honor Society will be selling “Heart Grams”.  A Heart Gram is a small piece of cheap construction paper that  you send to another student for Valentine’s Day.  It also comes with a cheap lollipop, like the kind you get if you’ve been good at the doctor’s office. 

I really don’t know if I should send one to anyone.  On the other hand, I highly doubt I will get one this year.  When it comes to the ladies, I am not a very lucky guy at this point in time.  I’m not a mean person, but many of the chicks like the big, (dumb), sweaty guys that really seem to plague our school.  These dudes are (drumroll please)…The Jocks.  As with most cliche grade school stories, the girls never go for the kind, level-minded nerds like me (until we make a lot of money), but they do go for Jocks.

Sometimes, I’m a bit miffed that my friend Libby isn’t in my class.  She and I are like a mirror of each other.  Anyway, about making a lot of money…I’m in the running for “First To Be A Millionaire” in the yearbook.  The suspense is killing me!

Nothing happened in Math today, which is just as well.  Proportions, percentages, and a bunch of other garbage that you probably won’t ever have to use outside of school.  Today was also Art Day, so I got to spend forty minutes making decorations for the upcoming Jr. High Dance (which I do not have a date for).  I also got to write my name in really snazzy slanty letters that actually looked pretty cool.

I got some papers back and was really bummed about two grades that I got.  My parents were OK with it, so it could have been worse.  If I wasn’t worried about the Terms of Agreement on WP, I’d have some choice words to say though. 

Not much else happened until we were changing classes, and, swept along by what was like a stampede at a concert, I was body-surfed into a slush puddle, nearly slipping and getting trampled.  I came out of it OK except for some ice water sloshing into my shoe.

Mom and Maggie came to pick me up from school today and I was really glad to see them.  Mom brought me a Capri Sun to drink and I dropped the straw between the mechanical parts of the seat.  Drat.

Anyway, to wrap things up:  judging by my boring day, my horrid grades, my lack of a date, the hour’s worth of homework, and the fact that I almost died in the Slush Puddle Incident, today could have been worse.  Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, which was much the same, with the addition of getting nailed in the face with a basketball in Gym. 

I’m just glad play practice isn’t tonight.  We’re doing “Willy Wonka” and I’m an Oompa Loompa.  Enough said!

Your friend,