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7/2/13 Thundershirt


(Does this shirt make me look fat?)

Tuesday I got my Thundershirt as promised.  Dad put it on me and I wore it for 10 minutes per the instructions.  It felt…weird.  While I did feel calmer at first, I found it difficult to walk because I’m not used to wearing any type of garment.  I mean, it’s not like I’m one of those Toy Poodles who dress up all the time!  Mom took it off and I gave myself a good shake.

I wish I’d had the Thundershirt a few hours earlier, when Dad was messing around with Vacuum Cleaner.  Barkfest 2013!  Dad couldn’t get Vacuum Cleaner to work, so it was just making a lot of noise for nothing, and he ended up taking it to the shop.  Dad came home with a new Vacuum Cleaner and my old nemesis, which Mom promptly ordered out of the house and into the recycling bin.  One down, one to go!

I have a new job as Security Guard Dog.  This afternoon, I lay on the floor near the couch, watching over Grandma (who is here for a couple of days) while she rested and whispered quietly to Ghost People that I could not see.  Mom says Grandma is talking to people who have passed on before us, but I didn’t see anybody come into the room.  But I’m watching all the same.

At dark-time, after tucking Jamie in bed, I patrol the house, double-check on Mom and Dad, give a pass by Grandma’s room, then bunk down in Jamie’s room to keep a sleepy eye on him all night.  His room is at the end of the hall and if anyone comes in, I’ve got a vantage point.  I’m on guard til morning watching over my humans.  And if you’ve got dogs, I’ll bet they are watching out for you, too!

Love, Maggie