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2/5/15 Bath Time

I should have known something was up when Mom cheerfully (overly cheerfully) called me upstairs to her room. Happily I followed along, thinking maybe we were going to have a cuddle session. No such luck.

Mom’s henchman Jamie was waiting behind the door and when I walked in, he ominously shut it. It was at that time that I heard the water running in the walk-in shower. Drat. I knew what was coming next. I sat on the bathroom floor, not making eye contact with Mom, hoping she would change her mind. But, again, I should have known better. Double drat!

Let me backtrack. I have to see the Vet tomorrow. Since I ran away the other day and rolled in the mud and dashed through the thorn trees, my back is all broken out. Mom is worried so she is hauling me in for a checkup.

Earlier in the day, Laurel came by and took me for a quick walk. Although I begrudgingly wore my coat, it was still very cold and we didn’t stay out long, but long enough to get my belly and legs slushy. So put those facts together and the equation equals, “bathtime”.

Mom grabbed me under the shoulders (the indignity of it all) and then shoved my behind into the stall. Her partner in crime, Jamie the Goon, manned the water. Mom soaped me up with the Phyto-Vet medicated shampoo but good. Then Jamie showered me off.

You can’t argue with success; look at how clean I got:


It took two of them to towel me, but Mom knows I don’t like the blow dryer. Suddenly, I decided I had to pee. Mom didn’t want me to go out because of the cold, but I jumped at the back door, so Jamie took me out for a quick whiz and when I got back in I could barely walk. They threw a blanket over me and pretty soon I was feeling good again.

Mom gave me a new collar. It’s blue and pink and has Hawaiian flowers on it. Can’t see it too well:hawaiian

Then Mom told Jamie to give me a couple of treats for my ordeal. I hid behind the coffee table and gave him “the eye”:


Heck, I could smell the treats so I went for broke. I totally flashmobbed Jamie on the couch. I even jumped on the sofa – which is against the rules – to get the treat. But once I had secured it I jumped off.

I guess I’ll forgive Jamie and Mom, since they did give me treats, and I do feel and smell a lot better. Jamie got a shot of me in hurricane mode. Mom thinks this picture is very funny because my feet came out so clear and the rest is a blur. She says I look like a big hen with chicken feet. Very droll, ha ha, we are all laughing:


I’ll give you all an update tomorrow on what Dr. Craig says. I will be glad to get my back taken care of, because, truth be told, it IS somewhat itchy.

Woof! Love, Maggie Not-A-Chicken


11/17/13 Severe Weather and a Shower Ahead

As some of you may know, up to 70 tornadoes ripped across the Midwest today.  There was a tornado close to my house, and thank goodness, it did not touch down in our neighborhood.  My thoughts go out to those who weren’t as fortunate.

We did get a very good soaking, and when I went outside to use the “facilities”, I got head-to-tail dirty.  Filthy.  So, Mom and Jamie gave me a shower:


Much better!

Mom is going to call Daryl tomorrow, since I am more comfortable again already and jumping a bit.  So she wants advice about that and about me crying at night in the crate.  Hopefully, I do not have to go back to bootcamp.  I don’t think that I do.  Mom was going to send me to school Saturday, but thought that the shock of going back into the building so soon might have been a bit much for me.  So we are probably going to class Wednesday.  We have 8 classes to use in the year.

For now, though, I am snuggled up in the soft bed Jamie picked out for me.  The wind has finally died down and the weather is not threatening anymore.  Tomorrow, Mom is going to check the ground to see if the shingles came off the house.

Hoping this blog finds everyone safe,

Love, Maggie



10/6/13 To Finish My Story…

Now to get back and finish my story without interruptions.  Jamie hasn’t had a relapse, so I am supposing all systems are go here for me to finish the story of my return home after the escape from the back yard.

So…I ran all around the woods and the swamp, and returned sheepishly home.  As I mentioned, Mom cleaned me off and hauled me to the Vet.  Dr. W.  tch-tched over all my cuts and scratches (there were 2″ thorn trees in the woods – ouch) and Poison Ivy.  I don’t think I got Poison Ivy but I am broken out with little spots on my back from an allergic reaction to all the plant growth.  Dr. W. gave me a HUGE shot in the butt.  This one hurt!  I actually turned around and snapped a bit!  Then of course I kissed his hand and wagged my tail.  Dr. W. said that the shot was for all the allergies that were acting up and that it should make me feel better right away.

Dr. W. also gave Mom a big bottle on antiseptic shampoo and antiseptic flush for the cuts and scratches.  Then he told Mom to give me a bath every 2 or 3 days, no blow dryer (yay!) and to let the shampoo sit for a few minutes – and that THAT would be the trick.

So, we went home, and Mom and Jamie prepared to give me a bath. First they cleaned out Dad’s walk-in shower.  Then Mom started the hand-held shower head and let the water get to the perfect temperature.  Finally, she and Jamie led me into the bathroom, into the water, and removed my collars.

Surprisingly, I didn’t give Mom too much of a hard time.  I was pretty submissive during the bath.  Mom scrubbed and Jamie held the shower head.  When Mom soaped me up, I shook hard all over.  Dr. W. was right.  It’s hard to keep the shampoo in!  Jamie didn’t get wet, but Mom got a good soaking.

When I came out of the shower, Mom towel-dried me and I really liked that.  Mom flushed the cuts with antiseptic and it didn’t sting.  Then they let me walk around until I was dry, without my collars.  Jamie said I looked funny without my “bling” on. 

After the Vet visit and the bath, I’m feeling better.  And I haven’t run away since.

Love, Maggie

6/8/13 I Do Not Have Dog Breath – and other thoughts


I do not have dog breath.  I know this because I snuck into the laundry room and got out the box of Carpet Fresh that Mom uses on the living room rug, brought it out into the backyard when no one was looking, and sprinkled it all over the grass.  I’m feeling mighty fresh, myself.

Jamie caught me shaking out the box (Mom was in the shower; I’m determined to never let her bathe again) and ran after me with the hose once he took the box away from me.  I hadn’t eaten much, and Mom said it was mostly Baking Soda anyways.  So I got a nice shower out of the deal, too.  My people keep sniffing the air as I walk by.

* * *

Pitbull.  Mom cannot get enough of him, Skrillex or Will.i.am.  Fortunately, I have gotten over my fear of music, because she is playing it constantly!  Suddenly, she starts dancing around, and I like to join in on my hind legs.  I think I make a good partner.  Even though I’m not supposed to jump, Mom laughs and dances with me, but I usually give up first.  Mom tells Dad that if Pitbull, Bruce Willis, or The Rock shows up the house, she’s out the door.  I don’t know who those people are, but I’ve been keeping an eye on the front window, just in case anybody comes over.  I like to give everybody a good welcome.

* * *

Bad things happen to my tummy when I steal Brussels Sprouts out of the garbage.  Bad, bad, things.

* * *

If you’ve left me a comment or feedback, and I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m sorry, I’m still very new to this site and I’m learning.  I don’t mean to be aloof or unfriendly.  Give me some time and I’ll get back to you, just have to figure things out.  And I have to finish my nap and chew up this Rawhide.  Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! 

* * *

I’m adorable!  And I love my blanket!  It’s the best blanket in the world.  Someone please come give me a belly rub – I’m about due for one.  Woof!