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4/6/13 Confirmation Weekend

Saturday, Jamie made his Confirmation.  He took the name of St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals.  One of the things Confirmation does is reaffirm your baptism.  And I gave Mom a baptism by fire on Friday night, right before the big day.

I’ve mentioned that Mom was power cleaning the house and getting things ready to have people over on Saturday.  Friday night, after it got dark, I really wanted to go out.  Earlier, Jamie had taken me out on the lead but I was dancing at the back door.  Mom knew I had lapped up some water and figured I had to “p”.  But I had other plans.

I could smell that little critter out there beyond the swingset.  I just knew I could get her this time.  Mom opened the door unsuspectingly, and was actually watching out the window when…

The skunk sprayed me again.  This time, in the left eye.

Mom yelled, “Oh, no, not today!” and made a giant leap for me as I made a hairy bullet entrance into the house.  I ran straight to my blanket and tried to rub the skunk off.  Mom quickly attached the lead, dragged me upstairs to the big shower, toweled me off (that takes off most of the skunk oil and leaves less smell) and then gave me 3 baths plus a deodorizing face wash.  Dad helped.  I was wet, miserable, and sorry.  Mom was furious and near tears, thinking of the occasion the next day.

Mom spent the next two and a half hours cleaning the smell out of the house.  She wouldn’t let Jamie near me as she did not want so much as a whiff on him for church the next day.  I knew I had messed up and skulked about underfoot, eyes wide and pitiful. 

Thankfully, Mom knew what to do from the previous skunking.  The last time, I had a chance to rub my face in the carpet, rug, blanket, towels, and bath mats before I made it into the shower.  This time, it was just the blanket and pop! that and the towels went into the washing machine right away. 

Mom sprinkled some deodorizing crystals on the floor and opened all the windows.  Dad sat with his coat and hat on and watched TV because it was cold and drafty in the house from the windows being open.  Mom disinfected the bathroom and turned on the ceiling fans.  She took out the smelly Pine-Sol and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors.  She sprayed Febreze all over.  At 11:30 at night, she sent Dad out and then back in to see if any skunk odor remained.  There was not.  Exhausted, we all went to bed.  I for one, had a droopy tail. 

Saturday came with the sun shining brightly and the house smelling clean.  Mom served up an appetizing tea when company came over:


I sneaked a pic before they confined me to my crate, but I didn’t get to nab a sandwich.  Mom was still sore at me from the skunking the night before and she said she didn’t want me jumping all over everyone dressed in their best.  They went to church and were gone a long time.  Mom shared this picture with me from the Confirmation:


I am so proud of Jamie for taking the name of a saint who cared for animals.  It was quite a day for surprises, as Mom told me later that when she was seated in church, she looked up and who was standing in the doorway of the vestibule with blue hair glowing – but Erik?

Mom says Erik apologized, and sat with his arm around her during the ceremony.  Mom cried and cried and said what a beautiful day it truly was.

Congratulations, James (Francis).  I love you!  And welcome back, Erik!  I love you, as well!

Woof!  Love, Maggie




2/21/14 A Great Day…Until I Got Sprayed

I had a wonderful, great day today…until I got sprayed by that skunk.

Dad had come home from work and my humans were thinking of taking in a late movie, (“Robocop”).  Mom thought I might need to go outside for a quick “p” before they left.  She let me out with instructions to Dad to let me in, and then lock the door, and went upstairs to put on her new lipstick. 

Mom was halfway down the stairs when all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose.

The little furry thing I was going to bring in to Mom as a gift made a growling sound and then sprayed me right in the face!

I banged into the house, slamming the door into the wall behind me.  Dad (who can’t smell anything) let out a bellow that, “I think the dog got skunked!!!”  Mom came running the rest of the way down the stairs, and I had my blanket in a stranglehold, rubbing my right eye on it to get the burn out.  I also rubbed my face on all the carpets before Mom could frog-walk me into the bathroom to give me a quick inspection (no noticeable oils on my body or anywhere but my eye) and a shove into the walk-in shower. 

Quickly sudsing me up with two Oatmeal baths (and being very careful about my eyes), Mom shouted to Dad and Jamie to go the store and get some carpet cleaner, a new blanket, and any deodorizing treatment they could find.  Mind you, they have gallons of the stuff at Capital Dog Food, but by now it was 10:20 p.m. and Wal-Mart was the only game in town.

Jamie, who made a quick appearance in the bathroom with a napkin rubber-banded over his nose and mouth as an improvised gas mask, apologized to Mom from between the tissue that he couldn’t be of more help, but was wheezing.  Mom dismissed him with a curt nod.

After my two baths, Mom set about deodorizing the house, and I can tell you, it still smells despite her efforts.  She also gave me a few deep sniffs and ascertained that it was my face that still smelled like burning plastic.  Mom also gave me some Benadryl in a teaspoon of peanut butter to help with my irritated eyes.  She said she didn’t know if it would do anything but calm me a bit, but she had to do something.  And to tell the truth, I did feel better after it kicked in.

The guys came back, and I was corralled upstairs to the shower again.  I got another bath (this time with a 3-in-1 Odor Removing Shampoo) and for this round, Dad came in to help.  Mom already had me good and wet and was scrubbing my back when she asked Dad to  get her a washcloth for my eyes so she could wash my face well.  Dad hemmed and hawed, and said, “What kind of washcloth?”  By now the soapy water was running down my snout and Mom screamed, “Any washcloth!  Just get me a !@#&(! washcloth! The soap is going in her eyes!” 

Under this intense pressure, Dad tripped over the remaining bath mat, nearly putting his head through the closed bathroom door, and finally managed to right himself to give Mom the washcloth.  Mom turned to Dad and said, “No offense, but you’d make a really !@#tty battlefield nurse!”  I was appalled at Mom’s sailor mouth but she ended up collapsing in laughter.

Now, I am clean, my collar is hanging up to dry, I’m relaxed from the Benadryl, and Mom has cleaned the carpets, taken a shower herself, and is doing numerous loads of laundry.  Dad is getting ready for bed.  Jamie has un-rubberbanded his face.  All is quiet.

Do you see the extents I go to, to keep my family home from the movies?  Sheesh!