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9/30/16 Taking the weekend off

It’s been raining so hard and frequently around here, I feel very lazy and like sleeping all day.


So I’m  taking the weekend off. Here’s a picture of the first apple cobbler Mom baked (she said it was easier than a pie):


And here is a serving for you!


Enjoy your weekend, see you back on Monday!

Woof! Love, Maggie


4/28/14 “Gimme Dat!”

Probably my favorite game to play with my humans is, “Gimme Dat!”

The game starts by me choosing a toy, bone, rope, stick, or the like, and prancing over to my respective human with my ears up and my eyes bright.  I take a couple of graceful little leaps to let them know I am in a playful mood.  They always fall for it.

Immediately, said human says, “Gimme dat!” and makes a grab for what I have in my mouth.  Tonight it was one of the indestructible Nylabones.  Mom tried to get a pic of me mid-air but alas, only had the following fuzzies to show for it:


Note, butt in the air, tail waving.  Mom says, “Gimme dat!” and I make a mad dash for the upstairs:


At this point, Mom was able to get the bone away from me and toss it down the hallway.  Scramble!  Pounce!  I win!

My humans are pleased with me, as I tended to be very mindful of my toys, and now I have learned to not be aggressive about them.  Mom has even taken a toy right out of my mouth with no repercussions from me.  I have learned that she is going to throw the toy, and then I will get it back.

Gimme dat!  I love this game!  I can play it all night.  Until I get tired, then I want to crash in my chair.  Unfortunately, tonight, I chose the ottoman, and rolled right off it.  Thump!

I played it off, though, by going into “belly rub” mode.  After I got my belly rub, I climbed back on the chair and settled down.


I’m a sleepy, good girl!  Woof!  Love, Maggie

9/13/13 If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It!


(Look!  I found Dad’s pillow!)

Today has been a great day for doing absolutely nothing.  The heat wave finally broke and it feels like cool Fall weather.  Mom has the back door and the windows open and a good breeze is going throughout the house.

Not that I’m using the back door much.  I’ve been sleeping up on the Human Bed all day.  Then maybe, I’ll lounge downstairs for a bit, possibly saunter outside for a moment, then back up to the bed, or possibly the couch.  I have recently discovered Furniture.  What a day!

Mom ate some lunch and heated up a flour tortilla on the stovetop.  It smelled interesting and I took my usual spot on the rug to wait for a tidbit.  Mom’s pretty good about sharing.  She gave me a small piece, and I sniffed at it gingerly, consented to take it with a face like that tortilla was killing me, walked near the kitchen table, and dropped it on the floor.  Then I came back to see if there was anything better in the offing.  There wasn’t.  “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!” Mom said severely.  I caught up another piece of the tortilla, walked over to where the first one was sadly lying on the tiles, gave each piece a bit of a chew, then promptly spat them out.  I don’t think I like tortillas too much.  Mom cleaned up the gooey, pasty, mess, scolding the whole time.

Time for a siesta!  Ole!  Woof!  Love, Maggie


7/9/13 Rainy Day Mood

Geez, it’s another rainy day.  The sky opens up and buckets of water come pouring down. We can barely see across the street.  Jamie is bummed because we haven’t had any true sunny weather.  I, too, am feeling bored and restless, cooped up indoors.  

However, the Thundershirt is working out nicely.  I definitely recommend it for all nervous dogs.  Too bad it doesn’t relieve boredom!  Mom says that when I go to school on the 27th, the trainers are going to address my anxiety and give her tips to deal with it.  I am really looking forward to school and being the best dog I can be for myself and my family.  Plus, it’s something to DO.  Perhaps when I finish school, I won’t have to be crated when my humans leave the house.  Right now, I know I am anxious and tend to chew and perhaps have the odd accident here and there due to stress.  But I’m actually quite housebroken.  It’s just the stress that gets to me.

One of the things I’m excited about for school is the fact that this particular facility has a LOT of experience with Pitbulls.  The people understand that Pitbulls don’t have to be a “bully breed”.  I am a very loving and intelligent dog who enjoys the company of humans.  I really have no interest in fighting or seeing who’s “boss”.  I know that if I excel in school, Jamie and Mom will take me a lot more places and I’m really pumped for that!

I just wish the weather would clear up.  I understand that there is a heat wave in parts of the country, but where we are, the temperatures have been below normal and a lot, lot, lot, of rain.  All this rain makes me sleepy and then when I do have a burst of energy, I’m usually getting into mischief.  Mom understands that, though, because we are limited to the amount of time we can spend outside.  She’s been cutting me a lot of slack.  For example, today I went upstairs at top speed and found a shoe box full of wadded-up tissue paper.  I took that out and shredded it in no time flat.  Mom said, “Maggie!” and cleaned it up, but I think she understands that I’d really rather be outside, chasing the sticks and chewing them up, too.  After all, there’s constructive chewing and destructive chewing.  I’d rather be doing the former but I’m getting so stir crazy, I’ll take what I can get.

(yawn) Time to go back to sleep!  Stay dry, everybody!

Love, Maggie