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11/12/14 Why so freezing??

OK, OK, I get it: it’s November. But it’s not January! It is ridiculously cold outside. On days like today, I wish I’d let Mom put a coat on me. Alas, I am stubborn.

Mom and I went for a brisk (and I do mean brisk) walk this morning. I got in lots of good sniffs, peed on Blue’s lawn, and everything was fine until we got to the second block. Then the wind shifted, and blew right up my poor tail. I was ready then and there for Mom to carry me back (not going to happen)! We hustled it back to the warm house, and Mom gave me a treat for walking so nicely.

My humans have put up a new tether in the backyard. It’s taken me a few days to get adjusted to it. At first, I thought they were just leaving me out there. Then I realized I can walk around quite a bit. The lead on the tether is about 25 feet, so I have lots of room to sniff around and take care of business. But I can’t get under the fence or chase anything. I suppose the human plan is to shovel around the tether when the fluffy white stuff falls, and scoop me out a little roaming area. Not that I plan to stay out in that kind of cold for too long! But Mom remembers when I chased a squirrel all across the frozen pond last year, and she says she’s not going through that again this year. Speaking of which…

Mom was revisiting some blogs from last year around this time and hoo-boy, was I misbehaving! Knocking over lamps, taking chunks out of the walls and floor, barking at Jamie, and generally being a four-legged nuisance. Mom actually thought she would have to re-home me, I wasn’t listening at all. Then I went to boot camp and things improved. Thank goodness. I nearly “hairy bullet-ed” myself out of a good home. I’m so glad that didn’t happen.

In other news, Mom has a strange little bag packed in the kitchen. She says she has to go away soon to a far-away place called, “The Hospital”. I know it is far away because I can’t see it from the front windows or out the back yard. So it must be far. Mom says she is OK with having “The Operation” but she is worried about all of us back home. She is making lists for Dad and Jamie so no one forgets to feed me or the fish, change the filters on the tank, let me out, and things of that nature. Mom will be away most of next week, and I am going to probably be in the crate a lot. But I’ll update you when I can.

Til next time, I’m cold and tired from being outside and going to snuggle with blankie and take a little nap. Have a great day!


Woof! Love, Maggie

11/3/14 How My 1st Halloween Went

I had my first Halloween in a furever home this year. Last year, I was training. This year, I got to see the trick-or-treaters. And there weren’t many. Mother Nature played her Trick and all our nice Fall weather went away, the cold came, and the fluffy white stuff fell from the sky. By the next day the weather was beautiful again, and Mom said they should have called a “Mulligan” and let the kids do it over. She doesn’t know what to do with all the candy.

Mom and Dad said I behaved very nicely. Jamie had his special friend over, and for the early part of the evening, I sat in the crate (and cried) just to get used to everything.  Soon enough, they let me out and I minded my manners well.

The few times the doorbell rang, I barked an alarm, then “sat” and “stayed” on command. Then I asked for a treat since I was being good and guarding the house.

Two Halloween incidents that stand out in my mind are: 1) when I was in the crate, our first trick-or-treater came around with one of the neighbor dogs. This dog took a sniff of MY Mom and shot into the house. Mom grabbed the dog in a bear hug and said, “No! No! Maggie’s in the crate and she’ll have a fit if you are here!” and she gently pushed the dog back outside. I cannot BELIEVE that when I was incarcerated, someone tried to get on my turf. I tell you, one cannot slack off for a second around here. Woof!

2), Mom had this annoying light (she called it a “strobe light”) in the kitchen and was taking it outside. I didn’t like it and started backing up when I saw it. But then it let out a werewolf howl, and I tucked my tail in and ran like heck for my spot upstairs. I guess I’m kind of a fraidy cat sometimes. Mom realized it was upsetting me and switched it off. Then she put it in front of the door with the motion sensor on, so the trick-or-treaters could enjoy it.

I guess the howliday was OK. Jamie was bitterly disappointed when the Dalek costume fell to pieces bringing it upstairs. Luckily, Mom had bought a “Blues Brothers” suit for him just in case that happened. So Jamie dressed like Joliet Jake and later put the tie on me and called me, “Elwood”:


My sweet home, Chicago!

Woof! Love, Maggie

4/14/14 Aloha Chicken

Mom whipped up a dish for dinner that she calls, “Aloha Chicken”, since she learned how to make it when she was serving in the Navy in Hawaii.  Basically, she takes a bunch of sauces, pineapple, and chicken, and either cooks it in the crock-pot or bakes it in the oven.  She serves it with rice (white or yellow) and a steamed vegetable. 

I didn’t think I was going to get a taste, even though I licked Mom and Jamie’s respective elbows.  I was sitting there, thinking, “Aloha, chicken” when Mom gave me a few tidbits off her plate.  While I devoured it, I thought, “ALOHA! Chicken!”  We could use a bit of the tropics right now, considering it has started to snow.  AGAIN.

This weekend, we had mild temperatures and sun.  So, I lay down in the back yard next to Mom and watched some robins.


The sun felt warm, and good, and I was happy to be outside for a bit.  I’ve pretty much given up on chasing robins, or other birds (except for the geese) because they are fast and fly away quickly.  So, now when I go outside and see some birds, I put on fierce stance, and give them The Look, then let them fly away.

Up on the sloping part of the back yard that we call Breed’s Hill, some flowers are budding:


But, now it is snowing, and everyone is worried about our tender little blooms.

We are supposed to get 1/2″ of snow.  It’s enough that I don’t want to go outside.  Mom gave me a new chew bone, and I think I’ll stay in, curled up on my blanket and chewing on my new acquisition.

Hope the weather is better where you are,

Woof!  Love, Maggie

2/17/14 Guest Blogger: Jamie: “UFOs over Kneehigh Valley”

Due to positive feedback from my last post, I decided to take another crack at the WP community!

Kneehigh Valley:  Today is President’s Day.  In a faraway place called Chicago, February 17, 2014, meant at least 8 more inches of snow.  Our area got slammed with the 8″ and it is still snowing.  Due to the height of the snow, I christened our town Kneehigh Valley, after a famous railroad called Lehigh Valley.

Today, which is my half birthday (that is, halfway to my birthday) was “hella” boring.  The bright side:  I went to this golf clinic at my school and got to work on my swing.  I’m not an avid golfer, but there is a golf course by my house and I thought I should hone up on my golf skills.  When I get a car, golfing is something I’ll try to do more often.


UFOs:  I am a believer.  Our universe is infinity, and scientists already discovered like, a billion hospitable planets and counting.  And, those smart guys already said that where there is water, there is life.

When I was shoveling snow ( you know you live in Chicago when you dig snow off your driveway, not shovel it), and I looked up to see a football-sized blob of what appeared to be snow fly about 30 feet above me in an arc.  It was so huge that it blocked out the nearby streetlight’s beam before it crash-landed in between the streetlamp and my neighbor’s lawn.

Five minutes later, another one (slightly larger) took the same flight course.  Mind you, it was snowing at the time, and the flakes were drifting towards me while the objects were flying away from me.  After I finished shoveling, I wandered over to try to locate the two fast-movers.  I could not find them.  Were the two objects simply a weird snow-day coincidence, or were they some sort of alien device?  Maybe they were some kind of recon drones, used to see if we humans are a friendly race.  Maybe they were some sort of disguised flare, plotting a landing site for the mothership.

Our world may never know.

Your friend, Jamie