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1/30/15 Choppers!

Today has been an odd day. Both civilian and military helicopters filled our skies starting at 0600. That’s military time for 6:00 in the too-early morning!! It was so very noisy. I didn’t know what to do! I ran from window to window barking, but those choppers stuck around for hours. Obviously, those eyes in the sky were looking for something (or someone), but we don’t know what.


It was pretty sunny today, and I kept asking Mom to go out so I could sniff around. She took me out several times, but no walk since she doesn’t want to leave Jamie alone too long. I was hoping Mom would let me run off-lead as there is something I am interested in one yard over. But Mom says, “No way!”

Jamie is still very sick, although he is feeling better. I can scarcely recognize his voice. He sounds a lot like Batman talking to the Joker. His school called today to check up on him. Mom and I thought that was very nice!

I have been behaving pretty well, and for the most part, guarding my young master, who seems to be glued to the couch. When he did get up, however, I nabbed his pillow and made a run for it:


He took it back. I didn’t slobber on it too much. All in fun! See my tail wagging?

Aside from Jamie’s recovery, I am very, very concerned about Laurel. I cannot see her right now, but I won’t say more to guard her privacy. I hope to see her very soon. I love Laurel a lot, and miss our cuddles and walk time.

Speaking of cuddles, here’s some snuggles from me to you:


Woof! Stay healthy. Love, Maggie