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10/30/15 The Hurtin’ Unit

I’d show you pictures, but it’s too painful.

The human Jamie is one hurtin’  unit.

First, he had the now-famous strep and sinus infection. This morning, he awoke to a red, swollen, itchy, rash on his arms, that quickly spread to his legs, feet, elbows, and knees. (Mom and the doctor are on it though, so no need to worry.) He’s just mighty uncomfortable.

Then, Mom had to take Jamie to get the bottom braces on. As long as he was in the chair, the orthodontist tightened his top ones, too. Food is now just a rumor to Jamie, he of the aching teeth and jaws.

To top it all off, Jamie must have picked up something on the floor of the locker room, because his toe is infected! Mom noticed him limping this afternoon. She took care of that quickly, and his foot feels better, but Mom assured him the toe will hurt for a couple of days. Re-reading this post, I think Mom is getting her “Doctor” stripes, while Jamie is getting his “Patient” ones! I did jump on the bed to lick Jamie’s foot and tell him I hope he feels better, but Mom shoed me away from his toes before I could give him a kissy. Foiled, again!

Erik, on the other hand, left early this morning ( it was still dark) for the airport. He and his friends are spending Halloween in Las Vegas (I know, I know) and he is excited to see Britney Spears. But there was a problem with the cabin pressure in the airplane, and they had to make an emergency landing and switch planes. Erik called Mom to assure her he was safe, but he said, “I swear, Mom, I’ve never had such pain in my head before – I thought it was going to explode like little chunks of watermelon.” A grisly image, to be sure!

As of this writing, Erik’s new plane has landed and he is off to enjoy exciting adventures in the desert. There seem to be no ill effects to his head. Erik and his traveling companions are going to investigate a refund from the airline.

Mom gave me a treat and says she’s lucky nothing has happened to me, since it’s been a ruff day for her sons!

Woof! Love, Maggie


12/21/14 The Hairy Terror

I’ve had an action-packed couple of days.

Besides the Marathon Cookie Bake, the toilet broke. Mom called Dad, freaking out that the water was running and running and running. Now, Mom has been after Dad for quite some time about the leaks in the toilet. But this time, the dam broke and the water flowed freely in the bowl with a loud flushing, rushing sound. Dad knew this would be costly in terms of the water bill, so he actually went into action and – pardon me if I use the “F” word – fixed something.

Dad on the ground was more than I could bear. The sight of him lying there with his head wedged between the wall and the toilet provided me with the flashmob opportunity of a lifetime. When Dad started hollering, in earnest, “Maggie, OFF!” Mom sprang into action, dragged me into the kitchen, and gave me The Look.

I couldn’t help it. When Dad said, “Get the paper towels” I took him literally:


Dad got the toilet fixed, but I had the Hairy Bullet mentality and I had it bad. So the next day (today), Mom and Dad had an afternoon appointment with some old friends. That left me and my nemesis, Jamie, alone in the house. I quickly turned into my secret identity, The Hairy Bullet.

While Jamie attempted to slip unobtrusively into the garage to get a can of soda pop, I darted through the sweet spot, nearly knocking him flat. Then I sniffed around the various piles of skateboards and junk until he pulled me into the house.


Feeling peevish that I was thwarted in my garage escapades, I snatched one of Jamie’s shoes that he had placed next to the back door. I ran upstairs in full bolt mode, and while chasing me, Jamie fell flat on his face. I was doing the typical terrier move of swinging the shoe around with my head, and I bashed Jamie on the side of his face, next to his eyebrow. I gave him a little black eye, but he put some ice on it and was OK. I, however, was summarily tossed in the crate and there I stay for quite some time.

When Jamie let me out to go to the potty, I dashed into the dining room, ears flat against my head, and grabbed up a gift that had been foolishly left on the floor (in a corner, next to the fish tank, supposedly where I could not get at them) and ripped the bow off the large box, and tore open the small box. Sailing past Jamie into the living room, I whipped Mom’s good Christmas fleece blanket off the couch and chewed a hole in the corner before Jamie could stop me.


Mom and Dad came home and I got a good berating and many scowls. No treat for me!

Mom says I do not behave for Jamie and the next time, she is going to crate me, so he doesn’t get another black eye from my Hairy Terror activities.

I guess I’m done for today. Tomorrow is another day!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/24/14 Thankful

Today, I am thankful the humans got the new roof put on the house.

Last night’s rain turned into big flakes of snow this morning, and some of it stuck to the ground.

It is very, very windy and there are a lot of scary noises coming from outside; mainly, garbage cans rolling around in the street, and the wind shrieking through the tree-less leaves. At least the sounds I am hearing do not equal shingles being ripped from the roof, like they were before.

Mom and I are tight and snug as a bug today. Erik and Jenny are coming over later and Mom cooked me up a juicy bone to snack on while they are here. It’s cooling off now. Erik is going to make Thanksgiving pies for Mom, who still cannot do too much. Today, Mom has to go get her stitches out. She is very nervous about it. I wish I could come with her. I guess I will let Dad take her. I should sulk about that, but I’m so cozy with Mom I’m in too good of a mood right now.

Mom was sad last night but is feeling better today. She says it will be good for her and Erik to see each other. I love company, so I can’t wait!

Here is a pic of me looking out at the snow:


Mom took the picture while she was on the couch. My, don’t I look regal!

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/25/14 A Perfect Day That Ended In Disaster

Erik came over and the humans put up a volleyball/badminton net.  I had no idea how fun badminton was until I chased that birdie all over the yard!

Dad made a delicious cookout and Mom gave me some scraps.  The day was perfect and I spent the whole day chasing sticks, balls, and the birdie.  Until I found something more fun to play with.

Mom wandered over to the badminton net to check things out and noticed I wasn’t there.  She scanned the yard and did not see me.  She eventually found me in the shade by the pool with my new chew toy that I was destroying.

Except…it wasn’t a chew toy.  It was Erik’s glasses.  They fell off his shirt and into the grass, where I saw them winking in the sun and decided I just had to have them.

I have never seen Mom go nuclear before.  But I did today.

Dad managed to get one of the lenses put back into the frame.  The lens was damaged but Erik was able to at least drive home.  Mom and Dad are buying him a new set of glasses Tuesday.

I ended up on the tether after that one.


No more catching birdies for me.  The end of a perfect day, that ended in disaster!

(droops tail) Love, Maggie

4/6/13 Confirmation Weekend

Saturday, Jamie made his Confirmation.  He took the name of St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals.  One of the things Confirmation does is reaffirm your baptism.  And I gave Mom a baptism by fire on Friday night, right before the big day.

I’ve mentioned that Mom was power cleaning the house and getting things ready to have people over on Saturday.  Friday night, after it got dark, I really wanted to go out.  Earlier, Jamie had taken me out on the lead but I was dancing at the back door.  Mom knew I had lapped up some water and figured I had to “p”.  But I had other plans.

I could smell that little critter out there beyond the swingset.  I just knew I could get her this time.  Mom opened the door unsuspectingly, and was actually watching out the window when…

The skunk sprayed me again.  This time, in the left eye.

Mom yelled, “Oh, no, not today!” and made a giant leap for me as I made a hairy bullet entrance into the house.  I ran straight to my blanket and tried to rub the skunk off.  Mom quickly attached the lead, dragged me upstairs to the big shower, toweled me off (that takes off most of the skunk oil and leaves less smell) and then gave me 3 baths plus a deodorizing face wash.  Dad helped.  I was wet, miserable, and sorry.  Mom was furious and near tears, thinking of the occasion the next day.

Mom spent the next two and a half hours cleaning the smell out of the house.  She wouldn’t let Jamie near me as she did not want so much as a whiff on him for church the next day.  I knew I had messed up and skulked about underfoot, eyes wide and pitiful. 

Thankfully, Mom knew what to do from the previous skunking.  The last time, I had a chance to rub my face in the carpet, rug, blanket, towels, and bath mats before I made it into the shower.  This time, it was just the blanket and pop! that and the towels went into the washing machine right away. 

Mom sprinkled some deodorizing crystals on the floor and opened all the windows.  Dad sat with his coat and hat on and watched TV because it was cold and drafty in the house from the windows being open.  Mom disinfected the bathroom and turned on the ceiling fans.  She took out the smelly Pine-Sol and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors.  She sprayed Febreze all over.  At 11:30 at night, she sent Dad out and then back in to see if any skunk odor remained.  There was not.  Exhausted, we all went to bed.  I for one, had a droopy tail. 

Saturday came with the sun shining brightly and the house smelling clean.  Mom served up an appetizing tea when company came over:


I sneaked a pic before they confined me to my crate, but I didn’t get to nab a sandwich.  Mom was still sore at me from the skunking the night before and she said she didn’t want me jumping all over everyone dressed in their best.  They went to church and were gone a long time.  Mom shared this picture with me from the Confirmation:


I am so proud of Jamie for taking the name of a saint who cared for animals.  It was quite a day for surprises, as Mom told me later that when she was seated in church, she looked up and who was standing in the doorway of the vestibule with blue hair glowing – but Erik?

Mom says Erik apologized, and sat with his arm around her during the ceremony.  Mom cried and cried and said what a beautiful day it truly was.

Congratulations, James (Francis).  I love you!  And welcome back, Erik!  I love you, as well!

Woof!  Love, Maggie