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12/18/13 The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Erik is going to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party.  He searched, and searched, and searched, for the loudest, gaudiest, most garish sweater he could find.  Unable to find one that was satisfactory, he took matters into his own paws and made one:


Yes, it lights up.  Yes, those are jingle bells sewn on.  Yes, he made it himself from a sweater he bought at Goodwill.

When Erik showed off the sweater to Mom and Jamie, I honestly thought they were going to hurt themselves from laughing so hard.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It reminds me of something a human dresses a little dog up in.

Mom is really proud of Erik for being so creative.  She says she is “lucky and blessed” to have sons that are opposite personalities, because this way, she gets a parenting experience that covers the whole spectrum.

Making the sweater must’ve sparked Erik’s creative genius, because now he is writing a story that he hopes will be made into a movie someday.  If he lets me, I’ll share it with you.  Woof!

Love, Maggie

10/5/13 Friday Night Fright

Friday night was very eventful.  Jamie had a school trip to the State Capitol; which, remarkably, most things were open regardless of the Government Shutdown.  The day started at 4:45 a.m. Human Standard Time.  Jamie had to be at school by 5:45.  He wasn’t scheduled to come home until 9:00 p.m. (HST). 

When I saw Jamie, I was overcome with joy to see him.  I had missed him so much all day, and had been wondering where he’d got to!  I knew the day had started early, but it hadn’t registered with me how early.  Now he was back, and I showered him with tail-wags and affection.

Jamie told us all about the trip, and how he was touched and moved by the displays and interactive features regarding President Lincoln.  We all visited for a bit, then Mom said it was time for bed because “tomorrow was the 5Kibble”.  We all trooped upstairs to get ready for bed.  Jamie had taken out his contacts and was wearing his glasses.  As he was getting in bed, he suddenly screamed and grabbed his face below his right eye, knocking his glasses askew.  Mom did not know what was happening.  At first she thought he had somehow inadvertently scratched his eye.  But Jamie said it was his face that was hurting and he began to scream and hop around.  Mom grabbed a warm towel and started to bathe his face while she administered Tylenol and assessed whether or not Jamie was being stricken with paralysis or some sort of stroke.  Thankfully, he was not.  He was in terrible pain though.

During this time I thought it would be a good idea to grab some dirty socks and start running around.  Mom screamed at me in a tone of voice I hadn’t heard before.  I dropped the socks and slunk back into the room.  Mom turned back to Jamie and said she was going to call 911, but Jamie said the pain had started to subside.  Mom called the Triage Nurse at the Hospital anyway.  When the pain went away, Jamie fell asleep immediately.  Mom stayed on the floor by his bedside, crying.  I sorrowfully walked over and licked the streaming tears off her face.  I was ashamed of myself for thinking it had been playtime.  Then I jumped on his bed to be close to him.

Jamie is fine this morning.  Mom monitored him all night and so she slept in.  We didn’t go to Obedience School or the 5Kibble because of the sudden attack of pain that happened last night.  Jamie has to be watched right now.  But it seems that he was so exhausted, all the muscles in the right side of his face began to spasm at once.  The nurse said to make sure he stays hydrated.

He gave us both quite the scare.  Woof!  Love, Maggie

9/27/13 Undercover Angel/House Devil


Here I am, sleeping like an angel.  Move over, Mom!  Woof!

Whoever invented covers ought to get some kind of award.  They are the best things ever!  Now that I have found the covers, I don’t know how I ever got along without them.  Soooo comfy.

Mom was really sore at me, despite my leaving adorable pictures on her computer to soften her up. 

Jamie got sick in school today, and Mom had to run and grab him, and didn’t have time to put me in the crate since it was an emergency.  20 minutes flat and I destroyed the house.  I guess I still have my anxiety issues at separation. 

I don’t think Mom would have been so angry except that Jamie was ill and she had to deal with that, and on top of it I really left her a mess to clean.  She had just mopped the floors, too, and in hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best idea to toss the garbage can over.  But I didn’t realize Jamie was sick!  I thought Mom was just leaving me.  When Mom got Jamie home, I jumped into bed with him and rolled over so that the entire length of my body was pressing against him.  I wanted him to know that I was sorry he wasn’t feeling well.  I stayed with him until he got up.  Then we both had a snack and I sat with him on the couch.  I suppose Mom’s not too mad at me anymore, seeing as how I helped take care of Jamie.

Speaking of snacks, here’s a recipe for dog treats that was suggested by Far Fetched Friends (www.farfetchedfriends.wordpress.com):

 Homemade Dog Treat Recipe
Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers

2 cups whole-wheat flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 cup peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 375’F. In a bowl, combine flour and baking powder. In another bowl, mix peanut butter and milk, then add to dry ingredients and mix well. Place dough on a lightly floured surface and knead. Roll dough to 1/4 inch thickness and use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Bake for 20 minutes on a greased baking sheet until lightly brown. Cool on a rack, then store in an airtight container.  

When Mom bakes the treats, she’s going to post a picture!  That is, when I’m out of the doghouse!


Love, Maggie




8/24/13 A Ruff Day In School

Today started out well enough.  Mom did our usual routine of let-me-out/feed-me/let-me-out again, and I got to smooch Jamie’s face until he woke up.  I started in on Dad’s feet, but found out he’s quite ticklish.

Mom got the car ready and I was excited to take a ride.  Oh, no, Obedience School!  The first thing I wanted to do was take on that big German Shepherd who was looking at Mom.  This started a cycle of chain-yanking that surpasses anything I have known.  Mind you, if the instructors don’t think Mom is doing a good enough job of popping that chain, THEY come around and do it.  Mom felt pretty bad about it.  I guess it’s effective, because believe me, I started to “sit” when told!  Secretly, I don’t think Mom likes Obedience School, either.  There is a lot of yelling and chain-popping.  While I realize we have a goal in mind, that doesn’t mean we have to like the steps to make it.  When we finally made it out to the car, I collapsed in Zeus and slept all the way home.

After our arrival, Mom and Jamie gave me treats and lots of attention.  However, soon they had to leave because Jamie was supposed to work the “block party” at his school.  See, Jamie has to do community service hours as part of the Junior High requirements.  Today he had to work the duck pond, where the little kids turn over the duck to see if they won a prize.  Let’s just say, “sportsmanship starts at home” and leave it at that.  I was in the crate for 3 hours – Mom told me so.  All I know is, it was a long time.

It was hot today, about 94 degrees F here, and my humans were outside in the heat and humidity.  I guess I’m kinda glad I wasn’t with them, looking back on it, because my paws definitely would have been blistered.  But I was so lonely!  

When Jamie and Mom came in the door, Mom said her head was pounding and she felt like a “sweaty gelatinous mass”, whatever that means.  I was delighted to see them and, after being released from my crate, charged around the house in true Hairy Bullet fashion until I dropped like a stone on the kitchen floor.

I am hoping for a peaceful evening.  Mom put the training collar away and said no homework tonight.  Woof!  Love, Maggie


8/22/13 Tipping

Today has been cloudy and rainy all day.  I’ve been cooped up inside and feel edgy and frustrated.  So some things are getting under my fur.  Today, the nice dog is going to vent.

Erik came over today and I was happy to see him.  Erik wasn’t overly happy, though.  He told Mom some stories about clients who come in for his services and then do not tip, in essence, forcing him to work for free.  Erik and his soon-to-be wife Jenny are both stylists.  They live on tips, or commission, if they make sales of product.  Both work long hours and are on their feet all day.  Plus, they work with their hands up over their hearts, which, if you don’t think is hard to do, put your hands up in the air right about… there, and hold them like that for five minutes.  Then come back and tell me how you’re feeling.  Erik is probably the top stylist in his salon.  He has the highest weekly goals of any employee.  The goals are set by the manager, who runs two salons. 

So Erik goes on to tell Mom about this lady who came in with long hair.  It had been longer, except she decided to cut it off herself.  She had synthetic hair extensions and they were old, unconditioned, and completely matted up.  They were also totally uneven from the home hack-job.  Erik could not get a comb through it so he finger-combed her hair, took about two inches off to even it out, styled her up as best he could, and had her hair decent-looking whereas before it was a hot mess.  When the lady was leaving, she announced loudly that she was not going to tip because she “didn’t think he did anything to deserve it” and then told him, “don’t play with matches”.  Erik told her thank you and to have a nice day.  I’m sure he wanted to tell her something else.

That was the conversation as I overheard it from my blanket in the living room.  I don’t understand humans.  When you get something and don’t pay for it, it’s called, stealing.  When you make someone work and then don’t pay them, it’s called, slavery, unless you are using the barter system.  Because Erik works for tips, and didn’t get one, this lady essentially stole his labor.  She told him she was happy with what he did.  She didn’t start cracking on him until it was time to pay up.  Erik has seen this many times.  Erik is very professional.  He has done $130 services on people and received a $5 tip.  He thinks maybe people run out of money.  But sometimes they’re just rude.  I can understand why Erik was upset.

Pretty much all you humans have smartphones, which have an app that tells you how much to tip.  There’s an app for that, right?  I don’t get why people don’t tip if the service was good.  From what I, as a dog, understand, that far away place called the “IRS” taxes people who work for tips at a set rate, whether or not they make that actual amount.

I further understand that TIPS means, “to insure prompt service”, and that tipping is voluntary.  But still, if you get a service, and especially if you are happy with it, you should tip the person who provides it.  Chances are that is the only money they are getting.

Thanks for letting me vent.  This really set my hair on end.

Love, Maggie