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5/26/13 A Great Day

Today makes up for yesterday.  It is Sunday, and Dad is home all day.  I love Dad, and Dad loves me.  I can tell.  He is very strict with me, but I know he is fond of me.  I don’t see him as much as I see Mom, so when I do, it is Special Time.

Today, Jamie had the idea of going to the Growly Mill and the woods around it for a very long walk.  Mom called the PetSmart to see if they could give me a bath after.  It’s been 2 weeks since my operation, my stitches are gone, and I am all better now.

My family cleaned out Dad’s work van and we all hopped in.  We rode in the big van for a long time.  It was exciting, but I didn’t ride in the back.  I stayed up front with my people. I like to be near my people.  When we got to the woods, Dad took my lead this time and he walked me.  I tried the tugging and pulling game, but Dad is strong.  I figured out pretty quickly that he wanted me to walk by his side, and I did.  We walked and walked and walked.  Then we had to walk all the way back.  It was deeper woods than by our house; very beautiful and good-smelling.  Not a lot of humans around.

When we got back to the van Mom offered me a drink, then we drove to the PetSmart where a nice lady named, “Heather” took my lead and gave me a bath.  She was very friendly and even though I was nervous without my people, it wasn’t too bad because a lot was happening at once.  I’m just glad I didn’t need my nails clipped.  I did NOT like the hair dryer.  So, Heather let me dry myself in a big cage.  I worried about what would happen next, but sure enough Mom and Jamie showed up with big smiles and treats!  Everyone said I did a great job.  In the back of my mind I was worried they weren’t coming back, even though I saw the other dogs going home with their people. 

Dad was waiting in the van and was full of praise.  That made me feel so good inside!  I realized how tired I was and fell asleep with my head on Jamie’s leg.  When we got home, Dad gave me a new collar that matches my leash.  Everyone says how clean and white my coat is.  I feel like a new dog!