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1/27/14 Lurking

Can you see me? 


I found a good spot under the dining room table that allows my face to be in the sun, my butt in the shade, and a good view (if I turn my head) of the front window so I can spot intruders.  I like lurking beneath the table.  It’s hard for my people to wrangle me into the crate from here.

The news has been slow lately.  I mean, really slow.  The “polar vortex” seems to have come back, and everyone is house-bound. The only thing amiss I saw on the street today was a garbage can that got blown over.  So I put up a barking fit about that, hair raised and everything!  I’m a good guard dog, and if I see anything out of place on my street, I let everyone know.  Then I go back to My Spot under the table.  The sun feels gooood.  I’m glad that it is out.  I don’t like when we don’t see the sun for days at a time.  I can’t wait for it to warm up.  An added bonus to under-the-table-lurking:  when I roll over, I don’t fall down the stairs.  I have a “spot” on the stairs, too, but sometimes, I roll over in my sleep and tumble right down them.  Ouch!

Today when Mom checked the temp in Zeus it registered -6.  That’s no wind chill, either.  It’s too cold to snow, but the snow that we do have has been blowing and drifting.  The place looks like a white desert!  I have to wade through it to get to a clear spot in the back yard to do my business.  And there is a clear spot:  the crop circle where Mom and Dad put the pool up last year.  The snow blows right off it and lets me have a nice, round, target.  However, that stiff wind blows right up my tail, and I’ve been putting up a good fight about going out.  You humans have it lucky.  I have to run around in a circle three times in the snow before I can “go”.  (Don’t ask.  It’s a dog thing.)

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m going to be 2 years old!  Wait – in human years, I’m 14!  Maybe it’s time to show some adolescent attitude!  (“Here, sir, let me chew that shoe.”)  I’m excited about my birthday.  My people bought me a bag of stuff, but when I went to inspect it with my nose, they told me to “go lay down” and hung it up.  I hate being told to go lay down.  I’ve been looking at that bag all day and wondering what is in it.  Mom said she was going to make me a special birthday dinner, too.  I hope it’s wet food.  I’m getting tired of dry.  I’ll post again tomorrow and let you know how everything went.  Thanks for reading!

Woof!  Love, Maggie




6/20/13 Sunrise

These sweet summer mornings with just Mom and me awake are rapidly becoming a favorite part of my day.  Today we woke at sunrise and, although I am color-blind, I could still appreciate the magic and excitement of the Sun gradually taking his place in the sky, and of the changes that I could see in the clouds and in the sky itself.  Mom scratched behind my ears and told me I was a good girl.  I felt happy and content.

Then a rabbit appeared out of the woods and began to hop happily in the yard – MY yard.  In a split second the moment of serenity was over and I was streaking off after it, muscles pumping and legs churning, determined to snatch this rabbit in my jaws and bring it home to my masters as a gift.  At the last second, as my teeth clamped together in the air over its furry tail, it scooted under the neighbor’s fence and I was denied again.  Drat.

Sometimes, on these quiet mornings like today, Mom will put her coffee that she’s been drinking down on the grass and relax in a chair out back while I explore the yard.  I take this opportunity to sneak up behind her and finish the cold coffee in her cup while she has her eyes closed.  Mom’s coffee is good to me because she puts something in it, while Dad just drinks it black.  I never steal his.  I never drink too much coffee or drink it too often because Mom and Dad are very careful about table food, but sometimes she slips up.  And I am right there to slurp it up.

Today, Donna and Paul are coming over to play in the pool.  From the looks of this morning, it’s going to be a very nice day!  Mom ordered me some pet sunscreen that she found online as well as some nose and paw protection.  That might sound silly and overprotective, but I have pink skin and thin white hair, and I love to be outside, so I am in danger of getting a sunburn now that the weather is heating up.

For today, Mom says I have to lie under the umbrella or in the shade next to the house.  No problem on my part!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!  I hope the weather is just as nice wherever you are.



6/7/13 Hot Dog!


I like to do everything in a big way.  That’s just the kind of dog I am.  You always know where you stand with me.  When I like you, I’m going to put my paws on your shoulders (or, at least try to reach your shoulders) and give you a slobbery kiss.  If I don’t like you…then, not so much.  But I haven’t met anyone I don’t like yet.

My “go big or go home” approach applies to playing Fetch, too, as well as chewing on sticks.  The tree in our backyard provides me with a lot of sticks to choose from, but personally, I prefer big branches that I can really sink my teeth into.  I guess people are kind of the same way.  They like a project they can really work on, something worth their time.  When I have a nice big branch to play with, I’ll be busy in the backyard for quite a while.  When I get tired, I’ll just lie around and bask in the sun.

And I am doing a lot of lying around in the yard.  Today is the first day of Summer Vacation.  Jamie is out of school and we are all home, except for Dad, who still has to work.  I love it because there is no rushing around to get out of the house in the morning!  No early rides to and from school or quick shoves into the crate.

However, all this lying around today, and that extra-large branch I was occupied with, caused me to stay out in the yard and get a sunburn.  Yes, a sunburn, who knew?  White dogs with light skin can burn in the sun and now I have a pinkish snout and face, and feel quite warm to the touch.  Not much I can do about it except for drink a lot of water and stay in the shade.  I’m a real Hot Dog!