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8/19/13 Getting Ready for School

Jamie starts 8th grade Wednesday, the 21st.  This morning was a flurry of activity as Mom and Jamie went through forms, wrote checks, unpacked, sorted, and repacked supplies, and ironed uniforms.

I helped out any way I could; namely, by snatching hangers, stealing markers, grabbing Kleenex, that sort of thing.  I would capture my quarry and take it to my favorite spot on the landing and chew, chew, chew.  All in good fun, of course. 

Jamie was having a case of the end-of-vacation blues, so he set up the Hot Wheels track again.  He’s got this little car that is actually a video camera and was taking footage of the cars rolling down the track.  I have to admit, these little cars just drive me to a frenzy.  I got so excited that I just started snagging anything I could find.  Finally I grabbed Dad’s plastic box of paper clips from the counter, and they fell out of my jaws and smashed loudly on the kitchen floor.  Paper clips flew everywhere and when Jamie bent down to retrieve them, I mercilessly “flashmobbed” him, licking every square inch of his face and his ears as well.  Jamie rolled helplessly on the floor while I continued to give him a good washing.  Finally I relented and rolled over on my back for a belly rub, which he happily gave me.  My tail beat on the kitchen floor and we both grinned.  I guess I helped with his bad mood, too!

Woof!  Love, Maggie