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3/22/15 A Big Saturday

We had a big Saturday. Mom and Jamie worked hard around the house to get things ship-shape. Between painting, washing the floor and windows, and doing some work in the yard, the humans exhausted themselves. It was no mean feat to get the dog nose slobber off that middle window, let me tell you!

While Jamie and Mom washed windows outside, I took a walk on the tether:


It was nice to see the grass starting to turn green! Unfortunately, the weatherman says we may get some slight snow Monday. I hope not!

Jamie went out in front to place the solar lights in. While he was out there, he broke up some bread and fed it to the geese. They are now great friends. I used to bark at the geese, but I understand we are friends now. Jamie says he knows where their nest is and is keeping an eye on it. I’m proud of him for that.


Dad came home from work and got right to hanging the curtain rod and curtains in the dining room. The funny thing I’ve noticed though, is that Dad just starts working. Mom will check to see what tools she needs, and lay everything out first. Dad dives right in and then hollers at anyone who is around, “Get me a pencil! Get me my tape measure! Where’s my drill bits? Someone get me coffee.”

This drives Mom bananas. I think it is very funny.

I helped Dad with the hanging of the curtains:


Well, I guess staying out of the way is helping. Dad drove Mom nuts, but in the end he got the curtains hung and she was very appreciative.

Mom took this picture of the dining room when it was finished.


I think the humans will rest tomorrow. But you never do know!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/12/14 Why so freezing??

OK, OK, I get it: it’s November. But it’s not January! It is ridiculously cold outside. On days like today, I wish I’d let Mom put a coat on me. Alas, I am stubborn.

Mom and I went for a brisk (and I do mean brisk) walk this morning. I got in lots of good sniffs, peed on Blue’s lawn, and everything was fine until we got to the second block. Then the wind shifted, and blew right up my poor tail. I was ready then and there for Mom to carry me back (not going to happen)! We hustled it back to the warm house, and Mom gave me a treat for walking so nicely.

My humans have put up a new tether in the backyard. It’s taken me a few days to get adjusted to it. At first, I thought they were just leaving me out there. Then I realized I can walk around quite a bit. The lead on the tether is about 25 feet, so I have lots of room to sniff around and take care of business. But I can’t get under the fence or chase anything. I suppose the human plan is to shovel around the tether when the fluffy white stuff falls, and scoop me out a little roaming area. Not that I plan to stay out in that kind of cold for too long! But Mom remembers when I chased a squirrel all across the frozen pond last year, and she says she’s not going through that again this year. Speaking of which…

Mom was revisiting some blogs from last year around this time and hoo-boy, was I misbehaving! Knocking over lamps, taking chunks out of the walls and floor, barking at Jamie, and generally being a four-legged nuisance. Mom actually thought she would have to re-home me, I wasn’t listening at all. Then I went to boot camp and things improved. Thank goodness. I nearly “hairy bullet-ed” myself out of a good home. I’m so glad that didn’t happen.

In other news, Mom has a strange little bag packed in the kitchen. She says she has to go away soon to a far-away place called, “The Hospital”. I know it is far away because I can’t see it from the front windows or out the back yard. So it must be far. Mom says she is OK with having “The Operation” but she is worried about all of us back home. She is making lists for Dad and Jamie so no one forgets to feed me or the fish, change the filters on the tank, let me out, and things of that nature. Mom will be away most of next week, and I am going to probably be in the crate a lot. But I’ll update you when I can.

Til next time, I’m cold and tired from being outside and going to snuggle with blankie and take a little nap. Have a great day!


Woof! Love, Maggie