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1/17/17 The “Mischief With Maggie” Series has launched!

Dear Readers,

Maggie and I have been quiet a while. We have been busily reworking our previous manuscript. I am proud and pleased to announce that the first book in the “Mischief With Maggie” series is published in both ebook (Kindle) format and paperback. They are available at Amazon.com.


The paperback edition is available for $4.00 US. This book is not illustrated because the photos I had were not high res enough for the software. A disappointment, but nonetheless, I humbly offer it to you.

This is the picture you will see for the ebook:


The ebook sells for $1.50 US.

This first story outlines the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of adopting not just a shelter dog, but the longest-term resident of the shelter, and a dog classified as a “Pit bull” to boot.

Thank you to my WP family for all your support. It has been a very long time coming from page one to publication.

I will write more news soon. In the meantime, Maggie and I are going to go collapse!


Liz and Maggie





10/30/15 Newsletter From Our Agent, and a Thank You

Hello, Maggie and her human Liz here,

Today we received the October 2015 newsletter from our agent, Nancy Rosenfeld. Her agency is called AAA Books Unlimited, and she did a very nice feature on Maggie. Our hope is to find a publisher for the book, “Maggie: A Shelter Dog Finds Her Home” soon! Maggie and I are honored to have Nancy as an agent!

(We actually wanted to enclose the first two pages of the newsletter, but they are long and we can’t upload them. So if anyone has advice on this, please go ahead and advise! We’d love to share the newsletter with you!)

We seemed to be close to a book deal earlier in the month, but it did not go through. Nancy was understanding, kind, encouraging, and moreover, is determined to find a house for our book. Her strength is an inspiration.

Anyone who has struggled to get a book published knows the highs and lows of this journey. It’s hard to put into words how one pins one’s hopes to a submission! It’s wonderful to have a great agent beside you every step of the way on the road to print.

Maggie and I would also like to thank all 340 of our followers. We hit the 340 mark last night. Thank you so much for your follows, likes, and comments. It’s hard to believe that Maggie has come so far from the floor of the shelter to now. Thank you, and Woof! from us to you.


Maggie and Liz

Thanksgiving 2014

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I’d like to share a few of them with you.

Last year at holiday time, I was in boot camp and boarding, since I was new and my family didn’t know how I would react to having company over. This year, they are providing me with a leap of faith and I am home for the holidays. I may have to do some crate time, but at least I am home.

Home = Family and I am so thankful for my family. Last night I was having a terrible dream, crying and shaking, when Mom woke up and started petting and stroking me, talking to me the whole time, until I came out of it and licked her hand. The thing is, Mom didn’t act like I was inconveniencing her or anything, even though it was the middle of the night. The love that comes from family is truly a wonderful thing.

And friends. Where would we be without friends? I am grateful for your friendship, and I do consider you friends. 266 followers is a huge number for a simple (former) shelter dog and I am humbled and overwhelmed by you. A blog is no fun to write with no one to read it, and although people might laugh at the idea of a big old AmStaff Terrier sitting at the computer, it is true that I try to provide you with a quality blog that makes you smile at least once in your busy human day. After all, you take the time to visit me, so I certainly want to make it worth your while. I look forward to your visits – not to pump my numbers – but because I genuinely enjoy our interaction. Many of you have corresponded with me or Mom personally, and I know I can speak for Mom when I say that we are proud to call you friends and (Vanessa) family. Thank you, from the bottom of my Pitbull heart!

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you are a member of the military service, or some other profession (nurse, doctor, police, etc.) that keeps you away from your family this holiday, please accept my thanks to you for all you do for the rest of us. Sending you out a dogsmile, a big tail wag, and a happy Woof!

Love, Maggie