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10/10/15 A Minor Mishap with the Hot Tub

So, Mom has had the dream of the tiki bar ever since Dad popped and bought the portable, inflatable bubble spa (PureSpa by Intex) over the summer. Dad said, “In the winter, we should put this in the basement,” and thus the dream began to take on reality.

The tiki bar is finished as you all know. Now, on the other side of the tiki bar, the partially-inflated spa has been sitting. Until today. Mom rallied the troops after Dad came home from work, and off they went to Menard’s to get a special outlet, and some more little pieces of hardware. I wasn’t in the crate very long, so the shopping trip was not a big one.

Dad bolstered the shelves and the bottom of the bar. Mom constructed a wooden table that she got on clearance for $17. She put the vintage-style phonograph player on it. I watched everyone closely, in my supervisory position (as usual). Jamie helped out where needed.

Dad refilled the spa with air and hooked it up. Everything seemed to be going fine. They cracked open a basement window and Jamie fed a flexible hose through it and into the hot tub. Soon the water was filling! Everyone was very excited.

Mom was baking dinner in the kitchen and the upstairs of the house smelled wonderful. Dad and Jamie went upstairs to wash before dinner, and Mom double-checked the filling of the spa. The water was just a little bit over the filter, and so far, so good.

We all had dinner and then Dad went down to relax with some coffee. Jamie followed him and took a seat at the tiki bar. Mom had noticed some leftover grass in the spa, and came down with the strainer net to clean it out. The spa was nearly filled. That’s when she noticed the leak.

“Why don’t you come over here and relax?” called Dad. “Because we’ve got water! You’d better come over here!” was Mom’s anxious answer. Dad knelt down next to the controls of the spa. I sauntered over, stuck my head under his elbow, and enthusiastically licked his face. Dad pushed me away absently, saying, “Not now, Maggie.” I knew I was going to be in the way, so I hid on the rug behind the tiki bar. I didn’t want to get my paws all wet! And the water was coming out!

Dad, Jamie, and Mom tried like heck to get the leak to stop. Mom noticed the water was still rising in the spa, and realized the hose was still on. Dad screamed at the top of his lungs (because he is terrified of water, and absolutely hates getting wet). Jamie dashed out in the dark and ran to the side of the house. He made sure the water was off, but disconnected the hose anyway.

Downstairs, Dad was extremely wet and very angry. But they all worked together, and with a lot of silicone tape and pool n’ spa lube, the leak was finally stopped.

Then Mom shooed everyone upstairs and took care of the water on the floor. It wasn’t really a big deal to her, since the last time the sump pump failed, the entire basement flooded and she and Jamie had to clean it all up. “This was a puddle in comparison,” she said. “Plus, now the floor is nice and clean!” I guess there always is a silver lining!

Mom says this tiki bar/spa thing is a dream of hers, and she’s willing to work hard for her dream. Even if it means getting soaked in the process!

Woof! Your damp friend, Maggie

10/4/15 The Tiki Bar

Mom survived the party with the Outlaws yesterday, and took her “revenge” on Dad today by making him complete the Tiki bar. Not that she didn’t let him watch the football game, but still. Today was a day of “recreational working”.

This isn’t exactly a how-to, but I want you all to know that I supervised this project very closely.

To recap, first Dad procured some pallets from his job (free) and the humans painted them with some deck paint.

Once dry, they moved them to the basement where Dad assembled them in a semi-L shape. I say “semi L” because the pieces weren’t completely flush for stability purposes.

Dad got out his handy power screwdriver. It’s noisy, but gets the job done.


Mom doesn’t like the sound of the drill – too much like the dentist.


As you can see, I’m keeping a close eye on Dad.

Once the pallets were stabilized, Jamie stapled on some grass skirting that the humans bought at the hobby store in the party section. The grass table skirts were about $6.

Dad and Mom went to the home improvement store, and bought a kitchen counter that was a little over five feet in length. At about $44, this was the most expensive part of the Tiki bar. Dad and Mom attached the counter to the skirted pallets with L brackets and screws.

Mom finished decorating the Tiki bar with things she’d bought at the dollar store. She took the stools from the kitchen that weren’t being used for the front of the bar. In total, the bar cost about $65 to make.


Because Mom hung a boogie board (also from the dollar store) behind the bar, she christened it, “The Boogie Board Bar”.

Here’s Dad, Erik, and Jamie all smiling for the camera! Everyone listened to some Hawaiian slack-key guitar music and had some refreshments.


On the other side of the basement, Dad put up the inflatable hot tub. We’re going to fill it next week!

Mom says it will be summer forever in the house. She says she’s very proud of everyone for getting this project accomplished (and for under $80, too!)

Woof! Love, Maggie

9/20/15 Tornadoes and Tiki Bars

Friday night was Jamie’s Homecoming Game. His school won, but we in the ‘burbs were hunkered down in the basement, riding out a tornado that had briefly touched down nearby. (Get it? “touched down” woof woof woof!)


(This is me, cowering in the basement like a chicken.)

Today, the sun is shining and the sky is so clear it’s practically sparkling.

The humans are busy, cleaning up and storing the pool, and building a Tiki Bar out of pallets! Here is Jamie, sanding down the pallets in the garage:


Here is the general shape of the Tiki Bar. We are not using the pallet on the left as it is slightly taller and would throw the top of the bar off. So, Mom is looking up instructions on how to make shelving from the leftover pallet.


Let the construction begin!

Woof! Love, Maggie