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5/9/14 Guest Blogger: Mom, “Mexican Getaway”

Maggie has forgiven me for the unexpected trip to the College (she had a super fun time, but still likes to act miffed at me), and kindly let me hijack the blog to briefly tell about our wonderful Mexican getaway.

My husband was awarded the trip from his company.  We were thrilled at the opportunity to go to Mexico and this time, take Jamie with us!  Unfortunately, Erik and Jenny had work schedules that would not permit them to go.  But at least I had my youngest with me, and that was a true blessing. 

The plane trip had Jamie a little nervous from the outset, and at first he just wanted the middle seat.  Once we really got moving, however, we switched seats so he could look out the window.  He loved flying!

We stayed at the NOW Sapphire Resort in the Riviera Maya area.  The resort was, of course, breathtakingly beautiful, and our room was right on the waterfront.  We could literally walk out our door and onto the white, “sugar sand” beach. 

We took a day trip to visit the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza.  It was fabulous to learn so much about Mayan culture and see the amazing pyramids and structures that the ancient civilizations built.  That was probably the best part of the trip.  While we were out in the scorching sun, it suddenly turned very grey and ominous, and out of nowhere, a bursting downpour was upon us.  Our guide, Manuel, told us that, “In this part of the country, the rain is a blessing” and he was right!  It cooled everything off.  We were soaked to the skin, but as Jamie said, “We were wet in the pool and happy, so why not now?”

Why indeed, not now?  Here’s to hoping that you are happy at this very moment!

Your friend, Elizabeth