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5/30/13 50 Shades of Gray Dog

It has rained so much that my nice bath is a thing of the past.  Every time I go out in the yard, I turn a new shade of gray on my underside.  Mom keeps trying to towel me off but she knows it is a losing effort.  I flopped down on the kitchen floor and left a huge mud puddle behind.  It has been raining for days now, so Dad says there is really no point in giving me another bath until things dry up again.  Until that time, Mom just keeps coming at me with the towel.

I have made friends with two dogs in the neighborhood, Hotchi and Blue.  Hotchi lives next door and Blue lives down the block.  Hotchi is smaller than me and very furry and looks a lot like a fox.  I see him almost every day.  Blue is black with white paws.  She is older and a guard dog I see when I am out walking.  Jamie says Blue has one blue eye and one orange eye.  I, of course, cannot see this.

Laurel says if I was an old fighting dog, I wouldn’t be getting along with anybody, but the fact that I can get along with other dogs proves that I am not a fighter.  Well, I know that.  I’m a lover!