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9/16/15 I Swear, I Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Mom was feeling tired and run-down today after the punctuation test yesterday.

She woke Jamie up this morning only to find that he had stubbed another toe (“I think I broke it, Mom!”) and he had a sore throat to boot (“I just finished antibiotics Sunday!”)

Mom grabbed the little wooden flashlight she got at Menard’s for a birthday gift and told Jamie to Open Wide and Say Aaah. Jamie took a big gulp and proceeded to say, “Aaah”, something that is always difficult for him for some reason and results in a gag reflex. “Hmmm. Jim, his tonsils are all white. I think he has Strep. Can you take him to the urgent care clinic while I call the school?”

Dad grumbled a bit but took Jamie. The odd thing is, when Jamie was a young pup, he never got sick. Ever. Now that he’s 15, every sneaky germ that slides by ends up making him ill. Mom can’t figure it out. Anyway, back to the story.

Dad called Mom from the doctor’s office with a Tone in his voice. “It’s allergies,” he said somberly. “Bullsh**,” said Mom. I perked up my ears. “Allergies don’t turn your tonsils white.” “Wait, wait, here comes the doctor…he’s positive for Strep,” Dad said, the Tone in his voice magically disappearing.

Mom hung up the phone. “Don’t mess with Dr. Mom,” she said to herself.

So, Mom went to get some medication. I sat in the bed watching over Jamie. We heard some growly, kind of grumbly, noises from the neighbors who live in the side-woods. I went on high alert:


Suddenly, there was a Crack! and a Thump! And a huge, dead tree fell over our fence! Quickly, Jamie texted Mom. “Maybe the neighbor will move the tree,” she said, hopefully.

Mom came home and surveyed the damage.


Just then, the Jesters pulled up to mow the lawn. Mr. Jester told Mom not to worry, they would throw the tree back over the fence. Then he saw it and said, “Nothing doing.”

Mom called the City, and they said it was Not Their Jurisdiction. Mom called the Police, and asked if it was OK for citizens to just randomly drop trees on other peoples’ property. The Police sent Mom’s call to Code Enforcement, and now we are all waiting to see what happens next.

The upshot of the story is: Mom says she can’t leave the house without trees falling on our property or some other disaster. Mom swears she will never, ever, leave the house again, but I know she has to pick Jamie up from school tomorrow, because he’s going back.

I swear, I can’t make this stuff up!

Woof! Love, Maggie

7/29/15 Insurance, and Yard Work

I have been exposed to the interesting world of “insurance”. Apparently, “insurance” is something you pay for in case you need it. Then when you need it, the “insurance” tells you to stuff it and find another “insurance carrier”.

Hmmm. My mind boggles, at times, with the human world.

Mom and Dad (as the homeowners) were victims of bad weather last year. They had two claims on their insurance. They recently got a letter from the insurance company saying that they didn’t want to insure Mom and Dad anymore. Because of storms and hail. Not because Mom and Dad were neglectful, or negligent, or did anything wrong. Too bad Mother Nature doesn’t write insurance policies. She usually has a good laugh about everything.

Soooo….Mom and Dad started the arduous work of finding another company to insure their home.

Apparently, one has to have insurance or “The Bank” gets angry and takes your house. This seems like a game that a 5 year-old on a sugar high made up. Anyway. They finally found another company, and this company is going to come do an “inspection” in about a week.

Hence, Mom decided the yard needed some sprucing up. You will recall, not long ago, they tackled the front of the house. Today, Mom and Jamie, armed with hedge clippers, a tree trimmer, an axe, and a saw, went to work in the back. Jamie tethered me up and gave me a bowl of ice water. I found a spot in the shade where I could see all the action.

Mom sent Jamie up Breed’s Hill (the part of the yard that is raised) to tackle the big tree branch that was cracked off in a recent storm. Jamie took the axe and the saw, and began chopping things down to size.

While Jamie was perfecting his Paul Bunyan act, Mom tackled the vines and weeds and tiny trees (thanks to the little helicopter thingies) that were growing through the fence. “I hope none of this is Poison Ivy,” she called to Jamie, while she pulled vines with weird berries growing on them out of the fence. She chopped at the thick vines with hedge clippers, and used the tree trimmers to take down the little wild saplings that were growing against the fence.

A giant helicopter flew overhead, low and loud. “Incoming!” Jamie hollered. Mom ducked accordingly, and they both laughed. Then they got back to chopping and pulling and hacking.

Mom and Jamie were really sweating. Today was another 91 degree day and, although it had been cool and overcast this morning, the sun was now blazing away in a clear blue sky. Jamie and Mom agreed that the pool would feel very good when they were done working.

We took a break – I was happy to get on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor for a while – then Mom and Jamie cleaned up and put the tools away. They drank some sports drinks and water and toweled themselves off. Once they were done, they changed into their swim suits and hit the pool. The dragon and damsel flies were out again today, and as my humans floated happily on their inner tubes, they watched the insects weaving about in a complicated dance. “It really is a beautiful world,” Mom said, looking at the sky. Jamie agreed.

Me? I found a clever place to take a nap in the air-conditioning. Woof! Love, Maggiedogyoga2

3/30/15 Timberrrrr!

Today was an interesting day. There were human men climbing up the trees in the woods that back up to our house.

We could hear their buzzing saws early. Mom had opened the windows to let in some fresh air, and she let the noise in, too. (Yesterday, it was hailing. Today, it was beautiful. Go figure).

I perched myself on the side of the human bed where I could keep a close eye on the activity. Mom thought they were going to cut the whole tree down. She said, “Maggie, I hope they don’t disturb the Feral Cat Sanctuary!” But, as you can see from this picture, they did not.


They also did not cut down the whole tree. Just trimmed the branches. I think they were from the utility company.

There were many men outside, and we could hear them from our room, talking in mixed English and Spanish, whistling, laughing. Bzz! Bzz! Bzz! They were very busy until about lunchtime. Then they all went away.

About an hour later, they came back and moved on to a different area. I thought for sure they were coming in the yard this time, and I stood at the kitchen window, with my hackles raised and a few soft but serious, “Woofs” to warn them away. Mom patted me and said everything would be fine, and I turned my head and smiled at her, wagging my tail, and put my hair down again.

Finally, I’d had enough of sentry duty and curled up and took a nap. By that time, all the workers had left the woods.

Woof! Love, Maggie