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4/14/15 Update on Maggie’s Condition

Hello, Friends:

Got a phone call this morning from the Big Man himself, Dr. Craig, from Oak Forest Animal Clinic. He called personally to check on me and his patient. I was honored! I explained to him that I was hanging in there, Maggie was sleeping a lot, but wasn’t drinking nearly as much as I would like.

Dr. Craig told me the good news that Maggie’s CBC came back great and all her internal organs were fine and undamaged. Her stool sample was negative for any bad stuff. Dr. Craig told me to continue her medications and fluids and treat her like a baby for the next couple of days. He said the hospital would call me next week to check up on her again, and in the meantime, if I should need to, give him a call.

Maggie did have an accident in the house last night, but under the circumstances, I didn’t even mention it to her. Frankly, I was glad she was eliminating. Maggie slept all evening and is resting as we speak. Her ears are up and her nose is wet. She is giving kisses but not much tail wagging.

I fixed her a light breakfast of strained hamburger, rice, and the chicken “pedialyte”. She ate it well, but is not going after her water bowl. On the doctor’s suggestion, I have tried apple juice/water, Gatorade, and plain water. Zip. I even tried feeding her with a baby bottle. No way was she going for that!

The only time she is drinking is when Jim puts a little peanut butter at the bottom of a bowl and adds a small bit of water to it. Then she will drink. And eat the peanut butter. But only for her human father! I will try “Jim’s trick” later and see if she goes for it. In the meantime, I have bowls of liquid out for her, whatever she chooses.

Thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you for your thoughts, prayers, good wishes, suggestions, and advice. Both Maggie and I appreciate it. I will keep you updated as the days progress. I am sure she is going to have a lot to write about when she feels better.

Your friend,