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6/30/16 A Trip to TX, Pt. 3 “saying goodbye”

With the awards banquet over, the team headed back to the hotel. Most of the group had an early flight out in the morning, but since we booked on our own, were leaving separately in the late afternoon.

We had bid our goodbyes to cb, which was hard to do. We had all “clicked” and it felt odd to know that tomorrow morning, we wouldn’t be having coffee together. I told cb that if we couldn’t get together for Robotics next year, we’d come back to Texas to “haunt” him.

The next morning, we slept in and then went to the Waffle House for breakfast. We looked around for things to do in Uptown Houston to fill the time we needed before going to the airport.

We visited the Galleria (I believe that is it), a very upscale mall which holds an ice skating rink on its lower level. The first floor is chock-full of designer boutiques like Chanel. I for one, felt a little intimidated in this luxury shopping paradise, and soon we were back out in the heat.

We found The Gerald G. Hines Water Wall Park not far away. This multi-story sculptured fountain circulates 11,000 gallons of water per minute. The effect is refreshing and fascinating. When one approaches through the archways, it looks as though the circular bottom piece is moving. The spray coming off the fountain was very refreshing, and we took some pictures there:


(the very top of the Water Wall)


(The bottom of the Water Wall. The round platform they are standing on appeared to move.)

Jamie also took this fantastic picture (no filters or effects added), I believe it is the Williams Tower:


After our sight seeing, we got back on the expressway and hit the airport. Went through the checkpoints with no problems, and soon were seated on Spirit for our return flight home. One of the flight attendants was particularly hilarious, and made the trip very enjoyable with his banter. He reminded us not to tamper with the smoke detectors because it was a $5,000 fine and said, “Face it, if you had that kind of money, you’d be flying United….just sayin'”. The plane roared with laughter.

We rolled in about midnight, and picked Maggie up bright and early the next day. I was so sad to see her bitten up face from where she got in a fight with another dog at the animal hospital. She’s back to her normal self now, but I am worried about how they are going to remove that staple from her snout. I am also looking for another Vet.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading this long, 3 part blog. Congratulations to the Brother Rice Crusader Robotics Team, who placed in the top third their very first time going to Internationals! (If you are interested in sponsoring the team, please send me an email at: elizabethtmcmanus@yahoo.com)

I would also like to thank cb (www.contrafactual.com) for his hospitality while we were on his turf. We love ya, “Uncle Chris”. I would also encourage you to get out and meet your fellow bloggers. It’s a wonderful experience! We’re all “WP family” so get out there and get to know your family! It’s Texas-sized fun.

Also, a link to my son’s sci-fi blog: http://www.tophat17.wordpress.com  If you like sci-fi action and adventure, you will like his stuff.

Again, thanks for reading and I’ll turn this blog back over to Maggie (who is recovering nicely and sleeping a lot!)

Your friend,