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7/4/13 Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!  I love everything about this holiday except for the fireworks.  Not a big fan of loud booms.  Or New Vacuum Cleaner.  Mom took him out today before company came over and I went into “football player” tackle mode.  Determined to out-bark the machine, I found myself given the boot to the backyard.  I don’t know why; I only charged the darn thing and tried to chew through his cord to shut him up! 

Mike came over and Dad made the most delicious food on the fire outside.  Mom lounged in the pool, but it was too chilly for Jamie.  His stomach is still tender, too; Mom says he had food poisoning yesterday and that is why he was so sick.  I chased Dad around with a stick and when I got pooped out, I lay in the grass next to Grandma, who reached down and stroked my back.  I watch over Grandma.

I was very good today.  I didn’t jump on anyone and I wore Dad out.  I behaved with company and didn’t eat any bones from the dinner table or the garbage.  I sat nicely with everyone outside.  It was fun to be included in the festivities. 

This holiday makes me proud to be a free dog in a great country.  The USA may have its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  The other day, we went for a ride in the car and Mom pointed out a bumper sticker on a van that said, “My son is a soldier in Afghanistan.  Enjoy your freedom.”  Mom told Dad she doesn’t like bumper stickers as a rule, but she liked that one because it reminded people that freedom isn’t free.

Happy Independence Day, America!  Thank you to all our military people, Veterans and those presently serving.  I tail-wag salute you!  We couldn’t have made it this far without your service and sacrifice. 

Now, if we could only get rid of the loud firecrackers!  Where’s my Thundershirt?!

Love, Maggie

7/2/13 Thundershirt


(Does this shirt make me look fat?)

Tuesday I got my Thundershirt as promised.  Dad put it on me and I wore it for 10 minutes per the instructions.  It felt…weird.  While I did feel calmer at first, I found it difficult to walk because I’m not used to wearing any type of garment.  I mean, it’s not like I’m one of those Toy Poodles who dress up all the time!  Mom took it off and I gave myself a good shake.

I wish I’d had the Thundershirt a few hours earlier, when Dad was messing around with Vacuum Cleaner.  Barkfest 2013!  Dad couldn’t get Vacuum Cleaner to work, so it was just making a lot of noise for nothing, and he ended up taking it to the shop.  Dad came home with a new Vacuum Cleaner and my old nemesis, which Mom promptly ordered out of the house and into the recycling bin.  One down, one to go!

I have a new job as Security Guard Dog.  This afternoon, I lay on the floor near the couch, watching over Grandma (who is here for a couple of days) while she rested and whispered quietly to Ghost People that I could not see.  Mom says Grandma is talking to people who have passed on before us, but I didn’t see anybody come into the room.  But I’m watching all the same.

At dark-time, after tucking Jamie in bed, I patrol the house, double-check on Mom and Dad, give a pass by Grandma’s room, then bunk down in Jamie’s room to keep a sleepy eye on him all night.  His room is at the end of the hall and if anyone comes in, I’ve got a vantage point.  I’m on guard til morning watching over my humans.  And if you’ve got dogs, I’ll bet they are watching out for you, too!

Love, Maggie