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1/3/14 Saying “Goodbye” to Christmas

Mom and Jamie packed up all the Christmas trees and other household adornments, and stripped the big tree of its shiny ornaments and toys.  Mom put on a pair of rubber work gloves so the needles of the tree wouldn’t scratch her, and carefully took off the lights and wrapped them up for next year.  I watched all the proceedings, and just got underfoot.  There’s nothing quite like carrying a big box of Christmas decorations and tripping headlong over a large dog.  So, Mom put me in the crate to allow her and Jamie to freely run up and down the stairs, stacking everything in the little storage room (or so I heard).   I feel a little sad that Christmas is over, and I miss the forest of trees, but I had a great “First Christmas” with my family (of 8 months!)  

Mom was feeling “down” that Christmastime had come to an end, so she hung up Valentine’s Day decorations.  I have to admit to you, the heart she hung from the back door absolutely terrifies me.  It moves.  So I refuse to go near it.  This poses a problem for potty time.

Fortunately, after all the work was done, Jamie set up his little Hot Wheels racetrack around the kitchen area, complete with a jump over the fruit bowl on the table (I told you, the humans are trying to diet).


Grrrr!  Foiled again!  I’ll catch that little car next time, I promise!

Woof!  Love, Maggie