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4/27/14 A Shot In the Butt, Part 2

Between all the painting (which is now thankfully done), re-covering the kitchen chairs, and general weekend havoc, I paid a trip to Dr. W. at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.  It was time for my yearly vaccinations and a physical and dental check-up.

Jamie, Mom and I arrived a little bit early.  We were shown into the exam room and then it was time to wait for the Vet, just like you humans wait for your doctors.


I was a little nervous but excited.  I didn’t know what to expect.  The door shut and suddenly, I heard a very deep, very loud, WOOF from behind the closed door.  The WOOF!ing kept up.  I heard the doctor talking to this very vocal patient.  I know the dog was big.  I just don’t know how big!  Anyway, when I realized I couldn’t open the door and take a peek, I flopped down on the floor to wait.

Soon the barker left and a short time later, a very nice, good-smelling young lady came into the room and helped Mom lift me onto the table.  I was very affectionate and gave lots of kisses.  Within a couple of minutes Dr. Craig Welbourne came into the room and the exam started.  He exclaimed over my good muscles and teeth.  He tried to take my heart beat with the silver necklace, but I thought he wanted to wrestle and so I played around a bit.  Dr. W. looked at the dent in my side and said it was OK. 


(You can see the dent a bit in this picture.)

Dr. W. gave me two injections, for Rabies and Distemper, and then came the surprise.  I needed a blood test!  I had never had one.  Dr. W. wrapped a piece of a rubbery band around my foreleg and stuck the needle in.  Jamie said, “You should have seen the look on your face!” It hurt a bit, and I realized in my Pitbull wisdom that it would behoove me to sit very, very, still.  So I did.  Mom was shocked!  She thought I would fight the good Doctor, but I did not.  I got a lot of tasty treats for behaving, and Mom got a little bottle to put a poop sample in the next time I went outside.  Lucky Mom!   I was ready to go home.


(Can we leave yet?!)

Overall, I had a great visit with the best Vet in the world!  Mom got all the test results back the next day and I am fine from teeth to tail. 

Thank you, Dr. Welbourne and Oak Forest Animal Clinic!  Woof!  Love, Maggie

10/6/13 To Finish My Story…

Now to get back and finish my story without interruptions.  Jamie hasn’t had a relapse, so I am supposing all systems are go here for me to finish the story of my return home after the escape from the back yard.

So…I ran all around the woods and the swamp, and returned sheepishly home.  As I mentioned, Mom cleaned me off and hauled me to the Vet.  Dr. W.  tch-tched over all my cuts and scratches (there were 2″ thorn trees in the woods – ouch) and Poison Ivy.  I don’t think I got Poison Ivy but I am broken out with little spots on my back from an allergic reaction to all the plant growth.  Dr. W. gave me a HUGE shot in the butt.  This one hurt!  I actually turned around and snapped a bit!  Then of course I kissed his hand and wagged my tail.  Dr. W. said that the shot was for all the allergies that were acting up and that it should make me feel better right away.

Dr. W. also gave Mom a big bottle on antiseptic shampoo and antiseptic flush for the cuts and scratches.  Then he told Mom to give me a bath every 2 or 3 days, no blow dryer (yay!) and to let the shampoo sit for a few minutes – and that THAT would be the trick.

So, we went home, and Mom and Jamie prepared to give me a bath. First they cleaned out Dad’s walk-in shower.  Then Mom started the hand-held shower head and let the water get to the perfect temperature.  Finally, she and Jamie led me into the bathroom, into the water, and removed my collars.

Surprisingly, I didn’t give Mom too much of a hard time.  I was pretty submissive during the bath.  Mom scrubbed and Jamie held the shower head.  When Mom soaped me up, I shook hard all over.  Dr. W. was right.  It’s hard to keep the shampoo in!  Jamie didn’t get wet, but Mom got a good soaking.

When I came out of the shower, Mom towel-dried me and I really liked that.  Mom flushed the cuts with antiseptic and it didn’t sting.  Then they let me walk around until I was dry, without my collars.  Jamie said I looked funny without my “bling” on. 

After the Vet visit and the bath, I’m feeling better.  And I haven’t run away since.

Love, Maggie

5/17/13 Lawn Mowers and Pet Sitters

I had a great day today!  Dad had another meeting this morning, and I was a “good girl” when Mom took Jamie to school.  I got lots of attention, petting, and treats for not misbehaving in the house.  Happy time!  Then I met Lawn Mower.  Mom took him out of the garage.  Lawn Mower is low and growly, but he’s not growly all of a sudden like Printer, so he was actually OK. And, he ate the grass and the tops off the dandelions, which made it easier for me to run around in the backyard.  Mom kept an eye on me and I kept an eye on her and Lawn Mower.  The yard is very, very big so we spent a lot of time out there today.

Later, after Lawn Mower went back in the garage, and Jamie came home from school, a very nice lady who smelled really good named, “Laurel” came over.  Laurel is my new Pet Sitter.  Laurel knows a lot about dogs and has a few at home.  Mom was really happy and relieved to talk to her.  Laurel is lots of fun and she threw the tennis ball to me in the backyard til I was tired.  Laurel says I need lots of exercise to help me “transition” – whatever that means.  But I think it means help me not be so nervous.  I liked Laurel right away and let her scratch my tummy right off the bat.

We had to go to the Vet to get my ears cleaned, too, because Mom says I am shaking my head too hard.  Dad showed me how to get into the car the easy way instead of having to be picked up.  But the way to the Vet seemed very familiar, and when we got out of the car we were at the Shelter!!!  I put my tail between my legs and my heart sank.  They were giving me back!  I knew it!  I felt sick.  But, Mom and Dad had me by the leash and we went in through the side door and there was a doctor’s office there.  After a really long wait, and lots of other dogs and cats making a LOT of noise, I was seen and told I have an ear infection.  After another long wait, Mom got some medicine and then we were going home, sweet home.  They weren’t giving me back!  I could have cried!

Later, I heard Mom tell Dad that they were going to start using the Vet by our house and not the Vet at the Shelter because it is too far away and the wait is too long.  So I never have to go back there again.