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2/6/15 Update from Vet’s Visit

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie took me in the late afternoon to see my favorite Vet, Dr. Craig, over at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.

I LOVE going to the Vet! There are always new dogs to see, cats in carriers, many interesting smells, and lots of friendly humans.

One pretty dog that was there – I’ll call her Gingie – had a sad look on her face because she twisted her knee and tore something. Another very hairy dog, I think it was an Afghan, was there for a checkup.  A feisty Chihuahua came in to be boarded over the weekend, and when they went to take him in back, he put out his legs and put on the brakes just like I do when Mom tries to put me in the crate. It was an enjoyable experience to see fellow animals.

I waited my turn and even “sat” between Mom and Jamie. When it was my turn to be called, we went into the little examining room. I found a tuft of hair on the floor (probably from the Afghan) and started to eat it. Mom had a horrified expression on her face! She reached down and wiped the hair out of my mouth and said, “Yucky! Don’t eat that!” Sometimes I like to do stuff like that to Mom, just to keep her on her game.

Mom hoisted me onto the table when the Doctor walked in with his assistant. I immediately recognized him and went wild with joy. While he evaluated the bumps on my back, I tried to crane my neck around to kiss him. Eventually, he relented and let me lick his whole face and hands. Dr. Craig says that I am the happiest dog he ever saw.

Dr. Craig found some scabs mixed in with the bumps. These are from the thorn thicket that I ran through. So, since I have a mild skin infection from that adventure, he prescribed me some antibiotics and told Mom and Jamie to continue to bathe me with the Phyto-Vet shampoo. Then he poured some tickly stuff in my ears because he said they were “a little waxy” and he prescribed this ear wash for me, as well. So I have weekly baths and ear washes to look forward to (not), although I didn’t mind at all when Dr. Craig massaged my ears.

Dr. Craig then gave me a quick checkup and I scored very high. My teeth are good, and heart, muscles, eyes, and everything check out OK. Dr. Craig shook Mom’s hand and then Jamie hustled me out to Zeus while Mom paid the nice lady at the office and got my prescriptions.

Oh, the ride to and from the Vet’s office was uneventful since Mom had coated a motion sickness pill with peanut butter (yum!) and given it to me an hour before we traveled. My stomach is VERY touchy.

So, with nothing seriously wrong and a few baths in my future, I thought I’d post my after-Vet pic:comehither

I feel good! Have a great Saturday!

Woof! Love, Maggie


1/17/14 Another Visit to the Vet

I saw Mom putting on her coat and thought she was going to lock me in the crate.  So I started skulking around, looking up at her through the top of my forehead with my patented “pathetic” look.  But to my surprise, she put my coat on too, and drove me to see Dr. W. at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.  Mom had noticed a slight indentation on my side (well, actually, it looks like someone lobbed a tennis ball at me) and was very worried.  But it turned out to be nothing serious.

When we got to the clinic, I had a good sniff around, and then a nice lady with a big tabby cat in a carrier came in and sat down right next to us.  The lady asked if she could pet me, and I licked her hand.  I looked in the carrier, but didn’t say anything to the tabby.

Pretty soon, we were in the little room with the big table.  Mom says the big table is also a scale, but I have never seen any numbers.  Up I went onto the table and shortly thereafter devoted all my attention to trying to jump off.  Mom wouldn’t let me.  Then Dr. W. came in with his cheerful assistant. I stood right up and wagged my tail around and around like a propeller.  Unfortunately, Mom was standing directly behind me at this point, and she got her nose beat pretty bad.  Thwap!  Thwap!  Thwap!

Dr. W. and his helper spent a very long time with me.  He checked me carefully all over, including ears, eyes, nose, and teeth.  He rubbed and pressed on the little dent in my side, but it didn’t hurt a bit.  The doctor even checked between my toes and rubbed the pads of my feet.  He pinched little pieces of my fur and looked carefully at my skin.  I got all excited and wound up by this “play” behavior.  Dr. W. said I have one speed – fast.

Finally, he said that he thought I had sustained some sort of injury by bumping into something, either in play or by my Hairy Bullet behavior outside, and that caused the dent, which might fill in.  “We’ll keep an eye on it,” he said. 

Dr. W. also said he had never seen a dog with such great muscle tone, and gave me a “100%” for heart, breathing, weight, appearance, in short – he said I was a beautiful dog in perfect health (except for seasonal allergies!)

I’m very happy that I’m such a healthy dog!  Now…for some Hairy Bulleting around!  Woof!  Love, Maggie



8/7/13 I Get A Shot In The Butt

I haven’t wanted to complain, because I don’t have a lot of patience with whiners, myself.  But my allergies have gotten SO BAD that last night, Mom had to crate me so I wouldn’t hurt myself or anyone else – I was going bananas from the itch, tearing around the house with my hair standing on end…THIS IS NOT MY NORMAL BEHAVIOR.

Fortunately, Mom knew something was wrong (she learned from last time) and called Dr. W. right away.  He got me in to see him today, and he refilled my medication and gave me a shot in the butt.

Now, the shot in the butt wasn’t really so bad.  I was distracted by eating a (hypoallergenic) treat.  So I didn’t see the needle coming.  The next thing I knew, I was in mid-chew with a stinging pain in my rear end.  I looked around, but the shot was done already.  I didn’t bark or growl or whine.  Like I said, not a lot of patience with whiners.

Dr. W.’s shot was a fast-acting steroid, which would make me feel much more comfortable, really quickly.  And I do feel better.  Thank you so much, Doctor. 

Woof!  Love, Maggie

7/24/13 Today’s Visit to Dr. W.


(Now that the doctor visit is over, I can relax!)

Today’s visit to Dr. W. went a lot better than I expected.  First of all, I did NOT need a shot in the butt like Mom said.  I just got an oral vaccine that Dr. W. squirted in my mouth.  It didn’t taste too bad, then I got a lot of treats afterwards.

My hernia that I have just squeezed toward the front of my tummy a bit.  I’m in no danger.  Dr. W. says he can take it out no problem, but Mom said she wanted to wait a bit as long as I wasn’t uncomfortable, seeing as how I just had a major operation in May.  Whew.  I get to keep my hair a little bit longer! 

Dr. W. checked me all out and said that I’m in fine health, that my weight and muscles and heart and breathing are great.  One problem that remains is my allergies.  I’m going to have to take human Benadryl in addition to the veterinary medicine I have, as well as change my food.  And no table scraps!  My humans have to change my treats, too.  Dr. W. said it was very common for dogs to be allergic to chicken and beef, so my people are probably going to put me on Science Diet, which is lamb & rice, salmon, buffalo, that kind of thing, just no beef or chicken.  We’ll see how that goes.  Kinda bummed about the table scraps tho, not that I get a lot but still.  It’s nice to have as an option for a snack.

Overall, things went a lot better than I was anticipating.  Dr. W. is very, very good with animals.  I really like him and behaved on the table. 

Interestingly, the Animal Clinic is right next door to a doggie boarding place, like a day care for your dogs. All the dogs were out in the yard, and although I perked up my ears and took notice, I didn’t feel aggressive or really, even much interested.  I didn’t strain on the lead to go over there or anything.  I suppose I’m just territorial at home, protecting my family.  Maybe Uncle Wayne is right when he says I’ll be OK meeting Rufus at the Forest Preserve.

In other news, Mom says the pool is still a tad bit green, but it’s OK because the weather is cool today, about 77 degrees.  Last week it was 100.  Today Mom has all the doors and windows open so the breeze can come in.  It feels like a Fall day, and I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, making up for the lost days when it was too hot for my pads on the ground, and too hot for me in my fur coat to be outside.

What a wonderful day!  I’m hoping you are having a wonderful day, too!  Woof!

Love, Maggie





7/23/13 Contacts!


(Look deeply into my eyes…)

Jamie and Mom went out this morning and thus I had to go into the crate.  It wasn’t too bad.  When they came back I had to look twice at Jamie.  No glasses!  He had been to the eye doctor and came home with contacts!  I mean, I really looked at him.  He looks great!  And I can see his whole face, just begging to be “washed” in my own special way.

I’m glad Jamie’s doctor appointment came out OK, because I’m kind of worried about mine.  I go see Dr. W. tomorrow at the animal clinic for a follow-up on my allergies.  But I heard Mom on the phone saying I needed a kennel cough shot so that I can stay at the Pet Hotel in a few weeks.  It’s bad enough that I need a shot, but I’d developed this little, tiny, belly-button hernia that Dr. W. said should have been fixed when I got my “spay”.  It’s gotten worse.  Although I’m not in any pain or discomfort, Mom was rubbing my belly the other day and noticed that it was twice as big.  She really freaked out and called Dr. W. right away.  So he’s going to have a look at that, too, besides the shot.  I hope I don’t need another operation.  My hair just grew back from the last one!  You know how we women feel about our hair.

I’ll keep you posted. 

Love, Maggie


6/29/13 Visit With Dr. W.

My behavior has gotten erratic lately and I’ve been scratching a lot.  Mom knows I don’t have fleas, so she gave me a grooming and a close inspection, and announced it was time for an emergency visit to Dr. W.  Dr. W. is the Vet who used to come to the house and take care of the Greyhounds.  He’s a very nice doctor who works out of the animal hospital near our house.  Mom made up her mind last night and had me in by this morning.

I was all excited to take a ride in the car!  I haven’t been out in the car for a while.  When we got to the facility I was impressed by how clean it was and how good it smelled.  Even though I could detect the dogs and cats and other animals that have been there, it didn’t have that “hospital” smell.  The waiting room was large enough and bright and airy.  I was perky and interested in everything that was going on around me, and a nice gentleman gave me a pat on the head when he came in to get medicine for his dog. 

When it was my turn to see Dr. W., it was like a reunion between him and Mom.  He asked her how many dogs she had this time and she laughed and said, “Only one, we are not doing multiples!”  Mom lifted me onto the table which was also a scale and Dr. W. said I weighed 49 pounds, and that my weight was perfect.  I was 36 pounds when I was adopted and very skinny.  But Doctor said I am suffering from a bacterial infection and allergies, and he examined me very thoroughly as well for everything else, including mange.  He does not think I have mange.  Thank goodness. 

Mom was quite relieved and told Dr. W. that this explained a lot, because my behavior has been odd for the past couple of days, and she thought it might be because I was uncomfortable due to some problem.  She told Dr. W. that I was biting my leg and chasing my tail a lot too, and that she was worried about these new behaviors.  Dr. W. agreed, and prescribed some medications for me that Mom mixed with some yummy canned food.

I have to admit, I am feeling less itchy and wired and jumpy already.  Mom washed my soft blanket and I’m going to go for a nap in a minute.  I’m feeling very mellow.  I’m very glad I have nice humans who care about me.  Jamie helped a lot at the Vet visit, holding the lead and petting me the whole time.  It was great to meet Dr. W. today.  He’s a good doctor and has a great way with humans and animals. 

Love, Maggie