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6/29/13 Visit With Dr. W.

My behavior has gotten erratic lately and I’ve been scratching a lot.  Mom knows I don’t have fleas, so she gave me a grooming and a close inspection, and announced it was time for an emergency visit to Dr. W.  Dr. W. is the Vet who used to come to the house and take care of the Greyhounds.  He’s a very nice doctor who works out of the animal hospital near our house.  Mom made up her mind last night and had me in by this morning.

I was all excited to take a ride in the car!  I haven’t been out in the car for a while.  When we got to the facility I was impressed by how clean it was and how good it smelled.  Even though I could detect the dogs and cats and other animals that have been there, it didn’t have that “hospital” smell.  The waiting room was large enough and bright and airy.  I was perky and interested in everything that was going on around me, and a nice gentleman gave me a pat on the head when he came in to get medicine for his dog. 

When it was my turn to see Dr. W., it was like a reunion between him and Mom.  He asked her how many dogs she had this time and she laughed and said, “Only one, we are not doing multiples!”  Mom lifted me onto the table which was also a scale and Dr. W. said I weighed 49 pounds, and that my weight was perfect.  I was 36 pounds when I was adopted and very skinny.  But Doctor said I am suffering from a bacterial infection and allergies, and he examined me very thoroughly as well for everything else, including mange.  He does not think I have mange.  Thank goodness. 

Mom was quite relieved and told Dr. W. that this explained a lot, because my behavior has been odd for the past couple of days, and she thought it might be because I was uncomfortable due to some problem.  She told Dr. W. that I was biting my leg and chasing my tail a lot too, and that she was worried about these new behaviors.  Dr. W. agreed, and prescribed some medications for me that Mom mixed with some yummy canned food.

I have to admit, I am feeling less itchy and wired and jumpy already.  Mom washed my soft blanket and I’m going to go for a nap in a minute.  I’m feeling very mellow.  I’m very glad I have nice humans who care about me.  Jamie helped a lot at the Vet visit, holding the lead and petting me the whole time.  It was great to meet Dr. W. today.  He’s a good doctor and has a great way with humans and animals. 

Love, Maggie