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5/11/13 The Operation

Some people from the Shelter came and took me into a room with bright lights and made me sleepy.  They were very nice to me, but I knew something was up.  When i woke up the hair was shaved off my tummy and it hurt and felt tight.  I heard one of the Shelter people say that the lady from the day before was coming with the happy boy to pick me up – they really did want me!  I’m so happy, but I’m so sleepy.  The lady and the boy were worried about me, and kept calling the Shelter about me, so the doctor said I can go home with them tonight.  If I could stay awake, I’d be excited.

They’re here!  They came back, just like they said!  I’m still sleepy, so much is happening at once and I could barely wag my tail, but I knew their smell from yesterday.  A man was with them this time, and he smells like them.  Jay, the big man from the Shelter, gently picked me up and put me in their funny little car with wheels, Fee-yat they called it.  I’ve never seen one like that before.  They had all the back seats pushed down so I could stretch out.  The nice people are called Mom, Dad, and Jamie.  Dad drove home very carefully and Mom helped me out of the car.  They had a nice bed for me and lots of toys and stuff but all I saw was the soft bed and I slept all night and Mom stayed with me so I wouldn’t cry.