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3/7/15 The Sporn Halter and Other Adventures

Mom was in a sour mood for most of the day. She has uncovered a new, battery-powered nemesis: Bathroom Scale. Mom visited Bathroom Scale for a short time this morning and was scowling for a long time thereafter.

It warmed up considerably today, to about 40 degrees F, and Mom took me out in the early morning sunshine to the Frozen Turdra that is our backyard. However, the snow was softer and the sky was blazing blue and the birds were singing in the trees. This made Mom’s dark mood evaporate and she soon became cheerful again. Me, I was just happy to not be freezing while I did my business!

Back upstairs, we found Dad shaving in the bathroom. Mom felt energized from the crisp morning, and decided to change the sheets on the bed. After she pulled me off the bed twice, she managed to strip the sheets. Naturally, I obliged her by jumping back on the bare mattress:


Beginning to feel bad again, Mom enlisted Dad’s help to evict me once and for all, and to get the new sheets on the bed. Seeing the storm cloud over Mom’s head, Dad, clad in his shorts and T-shirt, quickly obliged, and between the two of them, they got the bed made while I looked on.

Later in the day, Grace, the Mail Lady, brought Mom a package, and she was delighted. Mom does not want to use the prong or choke collar, so she had purchased The Sporn Halter online, and had been waiting for it to arrive. She promised a New Era of dog walking with The Sporn.

Wisely, Mom waited until Dad came home from work to try to figure out the puzzle that was this halter. As Dad pieced it together, I, sensing a game, jumped all over and ran about the kitchen like a mad dog. Oh, this was fun! Dad changed my collar and everything!

Finally, after many attempts, Dad got the halter together and then he tried to put it on me. Gleeful that my Alpha Male wanted to play, I jumped with paws on his shoulders, licked his hands, and flopped to the floor, rolling over on my back to show my belly. Dad struggled mightily to adjust the halter and get it under my two front legs and then attach it to the new collar. I chewed the soft faux-Sherpa lining, swiped everyone with my paws, and tried to nibble Dad’s sleeves. “Maggie, knock it off!” Dad huffed, his glasses coated with dog slobber.

Mom said the bad words to Dad, “Jim, I think you might need to BEND DOWN to put it on her.” Dad attempted to bend and took the kitchen chair with him. Crash! More fun!

It took all three of the humans to pin me down and get the halter on. Nobody could get a picture because everyone’s hands were on me, and I grinned and grinned from my position on my back, thumping my tail steadily on the floor. Mom said, “I don’t think Laurel is going to like this very much.” No one answered her.

After the chairs were righted, and I shook myself off, and the humans brushed themselves off from dog hair and slobbery goo, Mom announced that it was Time To Try It Out and to Go For A Walk. I dashed about happily when I saw the leash, and after Dad fastened it to the halter, I tried to pull but was caught up short.

We all went out and, although the halter felt weird and will take some getting used to, I have to say, it was much better than the prong. Jamie took a picture, here it is:


Mom said Jamie took a great picture, and Dad said, “Maybe Maggie’s just a good model!” Everyone agreed.

Well, goodbye for now. I am going upstairs to rumple up all the fresh sheets on Mom and Dad’s clean bed. Then I am going to make a nest and have a nap. Dad is already sleeping on the couch, snoring his head off. I think I wore him out!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/12/14 Why so freezing??

OK, OK, I get it: it’s November. But it’s not January! It is ridiculously cold outside. On days like today, I wish I’d let Mom put a coat on me. Alas, I am stubborn.

Mom and I went for a brisk (and I do mean brisk) walk this morning. I got in lots of good sniffs, peed on Blue’s lawn, and everything was fine until we got to the second block. Then the wind shifted, and blew right up my poor tail. I was ready then and there for Mom to carry me back (not going to happen)! We hustled it back to the warm house, and Mom gave me a treat for walking so nicely.

My humans have put up a new tether in the backyard. It’s taken me a few days to get adjusted to it. At first, I thought they were just leaving me out there. Then I realized I can walk around quite a bit. The lead on the tether is about 25 feet, so I have lots of room to sniff around and take care of business. But I can’t get under the fence or chase anything. I suppose the human plan is to shovel around the tether when the fluffy white stuff falls, and scoop me out a little roaming area. Not that I plan to stay out in that kind of cold for too long! But Mom remembers when I chased a squirrel all across the frozen pond last year, and she says she’s not going through that again this year. Speaking of which…

Mom was revisiting some blogs from last year around this time and hoo-boy, was I misbehaving! Knocking over lamps, taking chunks out of the walls and floor, barking at Jamie, and generally being a four-legged nuisance. Mom actually thought she would have to re-home me, I wasn’t listening at all. Then I went to boot camp and things improved. Thank goodness. I nearly “hairy bullet-ed” myself out of a good home. I’m so glad that didn’t happen.

In other news, Mom has a strange little bag packed in the kitchen. She says she has to go away soon to a far-away place called, “The Hospital”. I know it is far away because I can’t see it from the front windows or out the back yard. So it must be far. Mom says she is OK with having “The Operation” but she is worried about all of us back home. She is making lists for Dad and Jamie so no one forgets to feed me or the fish, change the filters on the tank, let me out, and things of that nature. Mom will be away most of next week, and I am going to probably be in the crate a lot. But I’ll update you when I can.

Til next time, I’m cold and tired from being outside and going to snuggle with blankie and take a little nap. Have a great day!


Woof! Love, Maggie

5/18/14 A Surprise Walk

Thank you to all my friends who wished me a Happy 1-Year Family-versarry!  Sending you all a big Woof! and Tail Wags!

We have been busy over here with lots of school obligations.  We finally calmed down a bit today.  My humans surprised me with a long walk in the Pilcher Woods in Joliet, IL.  It was a surprise, because when I saw Mom getting her light jacket on, I skulked under the table, figuring I was crate-bound on such a nice day.  However, Jamie came downstairs with my training collar in hand, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going for a ride!  I was so excited, I bounded over to the back door, wagging my tail and encouraging my humans to hurry it up.

It was a perfect day for a road trip; not too hot, not too cold, with the sun shining and a cool, but not chilly, wind blowing gently.  I was very happy to hop into Dad’s van, because that is a much cusher ride than little Zeus, who jounces me all over and sometimes, I get carsick.

I settled down onto the soft back seat and sprawled out my hindquarters.  Then I realized Jamie had to get in, so I scooched over a bit, but not much.  Mom said to share the seat and then I moved a little bit more so that Jamie could buckle his seatbelt.

I had my rear in the shade and my face in the sun.   I was surprised at how long we were in the car!  It was an enjoyable ride.  Dad is a careful driver.  Mom says he is slow like an old man, but me and my tender tummy appreciate his caution.

Dad took the lead and we headed off into the woods:


You can see the black spot on my tail. 

Pretty soon, we came to a scenic bridge, where we got out of the way of a couple of humans on wheels:


We walked 2.2 miles.  We stopped for a rest at the halfway mark and Mom gave me a cold drink of water and a treat.  She said I was walking very nicely!  Whenever we saw people, I wagged my tail and perked my ears up, but I did not jump or pull.  Dad said, “Look, she thinks everyone is here to pet her!” and I could not argue that logic.  Why shouldn’t everyone be there to pet me?  I love people!

Finally, we got back to the van (another drink, another treat) and on the way home I was so tired that I put my head on Jamie’s lap and fell fast asleep.


I didn’t mind sharing the seat this time!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

PS, Mom reports that the dent in my side that looked like I had been hit with a tennis ball – hard – is nearly completely filled in and I am just as beautiful as ever!  Woof!  -M.


12/2/13 Sleep Tight

Just a couple of fun notes today.  This morning, the milkman delivered something in a weird looking container and it smelled like t.r.o.u.b.l.e.  I crouched low to the ground, ears back, sniffing intently, a growl in my throat, lips peeled back to show a tooth here and there.  But, nothing sinister popped out.  Mom finally put the thing away in the garage.  I’m going to be keeping a look out for it.  (Mom’s note:  the milkman delivered a portable, styrofoam cooler containing ice cream.  It had a block of dry ice in it!!  Thought Maggie was going to have a fit!)

Later, after everybody came home, Jamie took me out back to play.  He had a long pole with a “fur tail” on it.  He kept swinging the pole around for me to chase.  But I gave a tremendous leap and snagged it right out of his hands!  I ran full-blast, Hairy Bullet style through the yard, around and around.  I was really getting my speed up when I ran right into the side of the house.  Smack!  Mom heard my big ole head hit the brick wall and she came out, worried, a dishtowel in her hands.  But I just shook it off and made for the swingset.  Had a little headache, but I’m fine now.

So Mom said, “That’s enough playing in the yard for one day!”  Thus, Jamie took the lead and we went for a walk. While we were out, I encountered the round cardboard that a frozen pizza is packaged in.  It was just lying out in the open on a lawn en route to the park.  Today was garbage day, and it must’ve blown away from the garbage truck somehow.  Treasure Time!  Pounce!!!  I grabbed it in my jaws and chewed off the shreds of frozen cheese before Jamie could stop me.  Deee-licious!  Jamie stopped and pointed in my direction, intent on telling me to “leave it” but I surprised him by jumping up and licking his outstretched finger.  That’s me, Maggie, with Point-and-Lick technology.

Finally, Mom said that I wasn’t sleeping when I was put to bed at night in the crate.  Dad doesn’t hear very well, so Mom lay there listening to me whine night after night while Dad snored away.  She pleaded and pleaded with Dad to let me come back to their room IF I sleep on the dog bed.  Dad finally relented:


Mom took off the prong collar and all I can say is, “Aaaaaah.”

Sleep tight, humans, sleep tight.


Love, Maggie




11/18/13 Flour Power

I’m only eating in the morning now.  So naturally, I’m scouring for food the rest of the day.  I’ve found some very interesting stashes in the far corners under the counter. 

Mom was reaching into the spice cabinet to retrieve a bag of flour when the bag slipped out of her grasp and broke, sending up a poof of white dust all over.  I was standing right there, but being rather albino-esque myself, it didn’t show.  Mom was not so fortunate as she was wearing dark clothes and got a liberal sprinkling of the white stuff.  While she retrieved the broom and dustpan, I helped myself to a couple of mouthfuls of All-Purpose Flour.  Pasty!  But not bad.

Mom shooed me away and cleaned up the mess.  Foiled again!

Laurel came by to take me for a walk and, “feeling my oats” er, flour, I went into complete flashmob mode.  Mom popped my chain and put me in “sit”, then asked, “What is wrong with you?  Are you gluten-intolerant?”  (Not to mock anyone’s allergic reactions.)  Mom told Laurel that I was showing relapse behavior and that I had to go to school Wednesday night.  Mom’s very serious about my manners.

I went for a loooong walk and felt much more relaxed.  Thank you, Laurel!

Now it’s time for a snuggly rest:


Goodnight, everyone!  Love, Maggie