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3/4/15 Chunkster

Dear God, this winter NEEDS to be OVER. Mom took a full body photo of me and I am losing my girlish figure! I’m turning into a total chunkster!


Just look at that neck! And that belly! We are supposed to “spring ahead” this weekend (I don’t really understand Human Time), but I don’t think the weather knows it. I could use a long walk in the woods to get some of the weight off.

Dr. Craig is going to shake his head and tell me I’m not a “5” at the rate I am going, so it needs to warm up!

It’s been quiet the past few days. I’ve been keeping my eye on the Cat Sanctuary from the window (I have a spot underneath the computer desk) and, for the first day or two, the cats stayed away. However, I spotted one of the black and white ones sashaying out of there today. I barked to alert Mom and she said that made her feel happy.

Mom was really excited because she was looking for sunglasses in Zeus and she opened up one of his compartments that she hadn’t been in for a while, and while she was rooting around, she found some old CDs that Erik made for her. So she’s been listening to some older mashups like Rihanna/Deadmouse, Christina Aguilera/The Riddler, and Nicki Minaj “Va Va Voom”. We had a lot of frisky play to the music, and as a matter of fact, I came barreling down the stairs with a toy in my mouth when I streaked between Mom’s legs, went into a headlong skid, whacked my ribs on the floor, and cracked my tail against the wall. Mom tweaked out, saying, “Oh, girl, are you all right?” but I just got up and kept running because, well, Mom threw the tennis ball.

I think I’d better get my nails clipped so that I have better traction in the house.

Woof! Love, Maggie


3/1/15 Feral Cat Sanctuary!

I’ve been writing about the predominance of feral cats around our house this winter. In seasons past, we’ve seen a “swamp kitty” or two roaming about, but this winter is exceptionally harsh and we have about 5 or 6 (depending on the orange one) “regulars” in the woods next to the house. The cats crawl under the fence and sun themselves in my yard.

Our house is the last house on a dead-end street. To the left is a wetland, and in the Spring we have geese. So the geography is “retention pond/wetland/woods” and then our yard. We actually have a large side yard that is not fenced in and the woods border up on our property.

I’m telling you all of this so that you know where Mom put the Feral Cat Sanctuary. We’ve all been worried (yes, even me) about the cats since it has been such bitterly cold weather. Paws2Smile (http://www.paws2smile.wordpress.com) had a great suggestion that we build some sort of feral cat house. Mom remembered that Erik had a large crate in the basement, and thought that would make a good sanctuary for the cats. She spoke to her friend Lisa, and Lisa (being a cat expert) told Mom not to put blankets in the crate because if the cats got wet, they could freeze to the blankets. Lisa told Mom to get clean hay that the cats could burrow in, instead. That sounded reasonable to Mom.

So, Mom enlisted Dad and Jamie to hunt down a bale of hay. She enlisted Erik to bring up the crate from the basement. I sniffed it curiously but slunk away at the sight of, well, a crate.

Erik brought up the crate and took the door off. Mom said she didn’t want someone who was cruel to animals to trap the cats inside and starve them. Then Mom cleaned the crate and sprayed it with disinfectant.


Mom wrote on the top of the crate in big letters so that no one would mess around with it:


Then Mom and Erik went outside and filled the crate with the fresh hay that Dad and Jamie had delivered on the doorstep (I watched from the dining room window):


Finally, since Mom had boots and Erik just had shoes, she dragged the crate to the spot that is in the woods, but still on our property. She added a tin full of dry cat food (with vitamins and minerals). This cat sanctuary is close enough to our fence that Mom can monitor it from the back door window:


Mom trekked through 10 inches of snow to put out the Feral Cat Sanctuary. She said she hopes that, with it being technically on our property, no one will dispose of it or vandalize it.

Now I can watch the kitties, too! And since they have a place of their own, they can stay out of MY yard. It’s a win-win situation!

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/12/15 I’m in trouble…

I’ve been a very, very bad dog today, and now I’m in so much trouble.

We are having below zero temperatures again. I cannot stand this cold weather. It hurts my back leg when it is so cold like this and I have to go potty in the snow. Pitbulls are prone to knee problems.

Everyone has been very good about taking me out as soon as I prance or sit by the back door. Mom has even spoken sharply to Dad when he says I can “wait”. “How would you like it if you had to wait? I’ll just take her,” Mom says. I think Dad is winning that one.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. Dad got off work relatively early and ran Mom over to the store. I stayed home with Jamie, who was working on the computer. Now, when Mom and Dad leave, the Hairy Bullet comes out and this time was no exception. I had both of Mom’s yoga gloves, then one of her good ones (I am very thorough about rooting through the basket Mom has hidden of gloves, scarves, etc.), then I stole her boot, then her shoe.

The trouble started when Jamie tried getting the shoe away. I got a little feisty and scratched him below the eye. In fact, any closer and I would have either scratched his eye, or poked it out. Jamie texted Mom and relayed the scratch incident. Mom and Dad immediately came home.

One look at Mom’s face and I groveled on the ground. She hadn’t said a word and she didn’t need to! She looked at Jamie’s eye and assessed the damage (and near damage). Dad gave me a treat anyway and Mom scolded him. After a little while, Mom settled down, grumbling to herself (it didn’t help that she didn’t have a stellar day at the job). I danced near the back door and Mom took me out. I relieved myself “#1” and ran for the door.

A short time later, I was dancing again. Mom told Dad, “Jim, you take her this time. I have a feeling she has to go poop since she didn’t go for me.” Since he had already been scolded, Dad put his boots on without complaint and out we went. I went “#1” again and Dad just shook his head.

After Mom took the leash off, I quickly darted around the family room and into the hallway by the front door. This was more like it! I could poop without my knee hurting, in the warmth and comfort of my own home. Dad and Jamie went upstairs and Mom was downstairs alone when the smell hit her.

Mom went to investigate, and when she saw my offering, she was furious. I rolled over onto my back and showed my belly but she dragged me over there and put my nose by it.  Then Mom ran for the disinfectant and Febreze, all the while yelling, “Bad Dog, No Poopies In The House!!!!”

I’m in the doghouse with Mom now. I really wish it would warm  up soon. I think we’d both be happier.


Your imprisoned friend, Maggie

12/9/13 Fluffy White Stuff

It’s bitterly cold.  It’s about seven degrees, and I can’t stand it!  I hate this fluffy white stuff that is all over the ground.  I heard it was called, “snow”.  Whatever it is, it compacts in my paws, freezes my feet, and is so cold it hurts my pads.  Mom is threatening to buy me booties!  She did buy me a coat, though, and it’s hard to complain about it because it’s keeping me warm:


(I must say, I am a good-looking dog!)

It’s so cold, that it’s hard to check for messages outside.  All I’m doing is my business and running back in the house.  Then I shake, shake, shake, off the pesky flakes. Since I am not burning off much energy outdoors, I am (kinda) running through the house.  Mom is being understanding, though.  I really know I am not a winter dog.  Yep, definitely no Husky in there.  Except, I do like to come in and warm up on my soft bed.  That part is OK.  If I was a human, I’d be the one sitting in front of the fire at the ski lodge, drinking cocoa while everyone else hit the bunny slopes.

Mom says this is hardly any snow and I haven’t seen anything yet.  Oh, brother!  I thought I would like the snow, but I don’t!

Woof!  Love, Maggie (shiver)

12/5/13 It’s C-ccccold!

My fur coat is thin.  I have lost 5 pounds.  Can I just say, “IT’S COLD OUT THERE!”  (teeth chatter).  I do not want to go outside to use the facilities.  I do not want to go for a walk because the wind is going right through me.  I want to lie on my pillow in the warm house with all these pretty lights on, and with the good smell of the woods to tickle my nose indoors.

I am so grateful I have a warm home this year.  I admit, I was twitchy and itchy and a little wild the last few days.  But I love my family, and I am so incredibly grateful to be homed for 7 months and counting.  I can hardly believe I was that skinny, bony, shelter dog.  My birthday is coming up in January.  I am going to be two years old.  Mom says that “puppy energy” is one of the reasons I am still having my wild spells.  But they are fewer since I have been to Boot Camp. 

Jamie says we are going to PetSmart tomorrow to buy me a coat.  Mom had bought one, but it was too small.  Naturally, I thought she was playing a game with me and I wrestled her back when she tried wrestling me into the coat.  Woof!  She figured out pretty quick that it didn’t fit.  She was thinking of getting me booties, but I gave her A Look.  She put them back.  I’m not a poodle, you know.

Woof!  Stay warm!  Love,  Maggie