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5/30/15 Guest Blogger, Mom: 2 year anniversary on WP and the book I wrote

Hi, all! Elizabeth here. Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Maggie has recovered from her ear infection and is doing very, very, well on the anti-anxiety medication. She is eating well, sleeping regularly, much more calm, and not eliminating in the house. We cleaned out the garage today, and propped the kitchen door open (which leads to the garage). Instead of fussing, crying, whining, and trying to escape, she just lay down by the open door and observed us. So I would say, she is making improvements by leaps and bounds. Maggie is still very playful and loves her long walks and rope toy. Thank you all for your support of her!

Today marks Maggie’s 2 year anniversary on WP. In this short amount of time, she has garnered 324 followers on WP and more on FB. Maggie (who will blog later) loves her interaction with her human friends on WP, and says thank you to all her followers, new and old.

These last two years have brought great changes to our household. We adopted Maggie May 12, 2013, and started blogging May 30, 2013. Last year, I completed a children’s book entitled, “Maggie: A Shelter Dog Finds Her Home”. It has not been published yet, but I have a fabulous agent who is working diligently to rectify that situation. In the meantime, I have completed two more manuscripts and am in the middle of a fourth. Being a former Library worker in a grammar school, I geared my books toward the K-2 grade level. My fingers are crossed and Maggie’s paws are crossed that we can reach our target audience.

I had a dream last night, maybe it is of some significance; maybe not. I dreamed that my book was published, and there was a score of little “Maggie” toys that were for sale. Mr. Fred Rogers (yes, THE Mr. Rogers!) was there, he was wearing one of his blue sweaters, and he had an old-fashioned kite with the wooden inserts. On the wooden part of the kite, he wrote something in black Sharpie marker about, “the love of children being opened up and floating on a breeze”. Then I woke up. I had been stressing about the last three rejections I had received, and I was flooded with a calm, relaxed feeling. Like I said, maybe it has significance, maybe it doesn’t; all I know is, our favorite Neighbor made me feel a whole lot better.

Thanks again for all your support of Maggie, and by extension, of me. We appreciate all of you.

Your Neighbor, Elizabeth