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1/26/17 Mom writes: Kicking RA’s Butt!!

Hi, it’s Liz. Maggie has been kind enough to lend me her blog so I can post about my RA journey so far.

First, though, I need to tell you how much my physical activity had fallen off.

3 years ago, I was a Tae Kwon Do student, active with a personal trainer at the gym, and went horseback riding and bike riding with Jamie whenever we could.

A little at a time, I noticed it at the gym first, my ability to do the exercises diminished. Also, I had a sharp increase of pain in Tae Kwon Do. Sitting on horseback became impossible – much less mounting the horse in the first place. The bike was out of the question due to hip pain. Eventually I had to stop all these activities. Soon, I could not sit, sleep, or walk properly because of pain. The pain in my left hip was to the point that I was limping or dragging my leg behind me. My toes were awful and I was limited in my mobility, limited in my choice of footwear, and unable to stand on tiptoe.

The weight came. Boy, did it ever. I’m only five foot one (and a half!) and so, being small, the weight looked and felt enormous. Then came my RA diagnosis. I had such a difficult time walking after riding in the car that Jim advised me to ask my doctor for a handicap placard. I couldn’t believe how quickly my life had degenerated to this.

On January 3, I saw an RA specialist who kept me on Celebrex and put me on Hydroxychloroquine. He advised me that he would evaluate me in three months, because it would take about 10 weeks for the meds to kick in and make me feel better. Oh. Great.

Now, I have been in contact with cb from http://www.contrafactual.com, and he strongly urged me to get the book, The Wahls Protocol. I’ve blogged about it, but to sum up, Jim and I (because it’s always better to do things as a family unit, although I am more lenient with my son) bought the book, jumped right in, and on Monday of this week, started the Paleo Plus protocol and eliminated inflammation-triggering foods, i.e., dairy, eggs, gluten, and sugar.

Has this been easy? No. My go-to comfort food is a piece of toasted French bread slathered in light olive oil and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. This was hard to give up, and my mouth is watering just thinking about its toasty deliciousness.

But I can’t argue with results. Yesterday (Wednesday), after 3 days of following this diet, I went to a Pilates class and was able to do most of the exercises, and kept up for the entire hour. I didn’t limp, I didn’t drag, I was able to stand on my tiptoes, and I felt GREAT. This morning I have a little muscle soreness from the regime, but nothing major, and NO arthritis pain at all! That’s right. NO ARTHRITIS PAIN! Oh, and I’ve lost 8 pounds since Monday.

I don’t take a lot of supplements, a CAL/MAG/ZINC, Lutein, Krill, and B3 vitamin was all I was taking. However, since Wahls demands that you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, and that much fiber comes with its own set of issues, I have incorporated a Juice Plus+ regimen. I take 2 capsules of the Vineyard, Garden, and Orchard once a day with a meal (usually dinner) and a full glass of water. Company literature says Juice Plus+

“…helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day, by providing whole food based nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables”.

If you’re suffering from poor health, an autoimmune problem, or if you’re interested in any of this, The Wahls Protocol or Juice Plus+, I urge you to visit cb at his blog, http://www.contrafactual.com and check it out. You have nothing to gain but getting your life and health back.

Game changer. Life changer. Thank you cb.

Thanks for reading,