The Sweaty Freak

Mom took advantage of the in-between storms to give me a bath.  She noticed my tummy was very broken out with allergies and the backs of my legs were, too.  Soon I was standing in the walk-in shower, covered with apple-scented oatmeal shampoo.  I always stand very still and quiet in the bath, but when I get out, it’s Hairy Bullet time!  I always go crazy without my collar on.

First I gave myself several good shakes.  Then I found a bone to grab (this shot is right before I took off):


You can see the look of pure mischief on my face!

Mom had a basket of laundry she was folding.  Now, people have a lot of different names for these kind of T-shirts:


But Jamie refers to them as “sweaty freaks” (as in, “When I wear one, I feel like a sweaty freak!”)  Casually, I snatched the Sweaty Freak from the laundry basket and took off like a bottle rocket upstairs.  I ripped around, leaving gauge marks in the carpet.  Whoo-hoo!  I’m naaaaked without my collar!

Finally, Jamie retrieved the Sweaty Freak (which had to go back into the laundry) and I went into Guard the House mode:


I like this shot, because you can see my muscles.  Dad says I’m getting fat but he should talk.  The other day, he accidentally put on one of Jamie’s T-shirts (not a sweaty freak) but you should have seen what he looked like.  He was all, “I’ve got to lose weight” then when Jamie told him it was his shirt he’s all, “Let’s get ice cream.”

I’m almost dry now, so Mom’s going to put my collar on soon.  Woof!

Love, Maggie


9/10/14 Flash Floods!

We’ve had all the windows open and have been enjoying the cooler breezes in the evening, but last night Dad checked the weather and it said we would have flash flooding, possibly 5 inches of rain, starting at 1 a.m.

Mom and Dad closed up the house tight.  They were worried about the rain, because the (insert clever insurance jingle here) company had denied fixing the roof, and there is a tiny leak.  (Just FYI, Mom wrote a blazing letter, and sent several copies around, and like magic, the insurance company reversed their decision.  Now Mom and Dad are waiting for the new roof.)  “Maybe the weatherman will be wrong,” Mom said hopefully.  Like she said all winter with the tons of snow.

BOOM! Woofwoofwoof!  “It’s OK, Maggie,” Mom soothed, as the storm hit around 1 in the morning.  (See, “they” are never wrong!) It’s been pouring since that time.

There was a tiny break in the action and that gave me the opening I needed to run to the backyard and “p”.  Then the rain started up again, so violently and the wind blowing from every direction, that it actually looked like snow from the window.  The magic weather also said there was the possibility of both large hail and a tornado.  Mom continues to hope they are wrong.  She turned on the TV (which usually means she is going out) so she can monitor the storm.

As for me?  I’m taking it easy on my chair.  At least until Mom says it’s time to take cover in the basement!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


9/9/14 Mom’s hurting

Mom’s hurting right now, so I have been very careful to take good care of her and watch over her.  Not only is her left leg paining her (she doesn’t know when the ortho doc is going to call; the VA moves slow, as  you may have heard) but yesterday she popped her left shoulder out of place and it’s taking a while for the residual soreness to go away.

Mom says she’s a “bad luck Chuck” right now.  She also says, “At least it’s all on one side!”

Jamie got his tin whistle (that’s practice, before bagpipes) and has been tootling around the back yard while Mom giggles like a madman.  I took my chewbone and high-tailed it upstairs! I wasn’t sure such noises were possible.

So, things are OK here right now, just taking it a little easy for a day or two.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

9/7/14 The Outlaws

My humans were going to go back to the orchard today, but then Dad got a call from his brother and the next thing you know, Dad was hustling Jamie out to the car to go visiting.

Mom dug in her heels and said she is not going to see “the outlaws”.  She says she is highly allergic to the (toxic) in-laws and hence the new name for them. So she and I stayed home to relax.

We opened all the windows to let the cool breeze in.  The sun shone brightly, spilling all over the kitchen floor.  I sank down with a sigh and lay with my belly in the sun and my head in the shade. I started dozing. Life is good!

Mom turned off the noisy TV and we moved into “my chair”, and just sat near each other for a while, happy to be together and enjoying some quiet time. Last night, Mom had popped a headache rather late in the evening, and I’d lay down to guard her.  Mom had slipped her arm over me and fell asleep. Today, she is grateful for my company both last night and this afternoon.  It’s good to be loved.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


9/6/14 What A Great Saturday!

Woof!  (tail wags) What a great Saturday.  Sunny skies, plenty of cool breeze, and I ran around and around the back yard for pure joy.  That and I saw the rabbit, ducking under the fence.  Foiled again!  But nothing could spoil my great mood.

Mom gave me a chew bone and I was at a loss for words:


However, after my initial speechlessness, I got down to business:


Yummers!  Woof!  Hope you had a great Saturday!

Love, Maggie

9/3/14 Just Woofing Around

I tried to post yesterday, but in the middle of it, POW!  All the lights went out.  So here I am again, hoping for better results this time.

Mom had her MRI.  She took a Funny Pill before she went, and when she came home from the hospital, was a little sleepy.  Other than that she said, “It didn’t make a dent!” Whatever that means!  But she said the nice lady tucked her in and put her in the machine feet first, so her head was sticking out, and that was OK.  I kind of know how Mom feels about sticking her head into the machine, because I feel that way when I have to wear my muzzle.  Woof!

Jamie is sick with brown-chitis.  We always say brown-chitis thanks to Mr. James Herriot, who described it perfectly in one of his stories.  So Jamie is hacking away.

Speaking of Jamie, he has joined “Irish Music Club” at school so that he can learn to play the bagpipes.  Mom is cackling with joy and rubbing her hands together at this, because we have an arsehole neighbor who is constantly blasting “classic rock” to the point that we can’t open the windows.  Jamie has to learn the tin whistle first, then on to the pipes.  Mom says she can’t wait for the day Jamie has to practice bagpipes, because she is definitely sending him out in the backyard to “entertain the neighbor like he entertains us”.  Top o’ the morning to you!  Woof!

Other than that…no new news.  Just woofing around.  You know, rumpled up the rug and shredded some napkins out of the trash…just my usual stuff.

Til next time!  Woof!

Love, Maggie