12/21/14 The Marathon Cookie Bake

I was delighted when Erik showed up early to start off the Marathon Cookie Bake. Mom had been prepping for a couple of days: cans of fruit filling, bags and bags of powdered sugar, brown sugar, an assortment of nuts (besides my family), flour, cans of milk, chocolate chips, and the like took up all the space on the counter top.

Every cookie pan of every size had been taken out of the cabinet and cleaned. Mom also cleaned out the fridge, gutting it of perfectly good (read: old, moldy, “science experiment” leftovers) that I probably would have eaten had she not had Jamie take the bags out to the garbage cans immediately. Mom said she needed the space to chill dough and candy. Candy???!!!

I peeked in the fridge and the only things left in it were: milk, eggs, and more butter than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Low-fat cookies? Not on your life!

Erik arrived at 9:30 and they immediately went to work making Grandma’s Ice Cream Kolacky. They made two full batches. They moved immediately to Mexican Wedding Cakes, shortbread, spritz cookies, gingerbread, Pecan Tassies, chocolate chips (with and without nuts) and finally, the candy: fudge and peanut butter balls. Patiently, I waited to be the Official Tester, but had to satisfy myself with the crumbs and powdered sugar that ended up on the floor. Foiled again!


Jamie ended up being the Official Taster because so much chocolate was involved. He says the cookies passed muster and washed them down with a little milk:


But the real treat was Dad, who came home from work and said, “COOKIES MINE!!!”


I did get a couple of Marrow Bone treats for being a good dog. We had a great time visiting, dancing, listening to music, and baking. I love when the humans dance, because I get up on my hind legs and dance along. Mom was laughing so hard she didn’t get a picture. Overall, it was a great cookie bake!

At the end of the marathon, Mom said she was sore and felt old and couldn’t stand up straight. She said she thought she’d absorbed sugar and butter through her skin and felt like she’d OD’d on sweet stuff. She said, “No more cookies!”

It’s going to take her a couple of days to eat some, I think. Meanwhile, I keep looking slyly at the containers, willing them to fall off the table. Then I’ll be able to say, “cookies MINE!” Woof!

Love, Maggie

12/18/14 Santa Paws Is Coming to Town

Today, I got so excited because I got to  play Santa Paws for my friend, Laurel:


This was a sweatshirt hoodie with a big dog pawprint on it that read, “Walk With A Friend”. Laurel really liked it and tried it on right away. I was so happy to give her a gift. She is a wonderful person and a great friend!

Being in a “Ghost of Christmas Present” mood, I opened a gift I found under the tree, but alas! It was not for me, it was for Jenny. The ruined remains of the gift bought me a Polar Express ticket to the crate, but I was out before too long, wagging my tail so hard I knocked a few (plastic) ornaments off the tree. Woof!

Speaking of the Ghost of Christmas Present, Mom is reading the original version of Charles Dickens’ famed A Christmas Carol to Jamie aloud. I get to listen in, too, and lean against Mom when she gets to the sad parts. Mom says if there’s hope for Scrooge, then there’s hope for Dad too, but I don’t quite get her meaning.

Tomorrow, Erik is coming over for a marathon cookie bake. Jamie is taking his last final (his final final,  ha ha) and will be home very early from school. So everyone is chipping in and baking their favorites. Mom and Erik are also making 2 types of candy, which she has already told me I cannot have since Demon Chocolate is involved. Foiled again!

Hoping that all is well with you and yours, and whatever holiday you celebrate, I am sending you out a big dogsmile and tail wag. Woof!

Love, Maggie

12/15/14 What a Wonderful Dog

(please read to the tune of “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong)

They think Pits are mean

Ferocious, too

I see their tails wagging, to please me and you

And I tell myself, what a wonderful dog

I tell myself, what a wonderful dog

I see Pits of Blue

Red nosed ones, too

Crowding the shelters,

They really need you.

And I tell myself, they deserve a good home

Yeah I tell myself, they deserve a good home

I see Pits of Black,

And Pits of White,

I see the spot my Pit sleeps in all night.

And I tell myself, that she’s a good girl

Yeah I tell myself, that she’s a good girl.


2014 E.T. McManus

Woof! Love, Maggie and Mom

12/12/14 My Big Ole Head

This hasn’t been a good week for my head. Fortunately, I have a thick skull!

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was playing with Mom and clocked my face on the coffee table.

I also banged my head on the kitchen table. Hard. It’s a tough racket, begging for table scraps!

Tonight, while Mom was throwing me the bone, I ran underneath it (I am proud of how fast I can run), picked up my head, and got conked right in the noggin with the flying chunk of plastic. I didn’t cry or squeak or anything, but Mom about had a fit, running up to me and checking my head and fussing all over me. She said she didn’t throw the bone AT me, she threw it TO me, and I came up underneath it. I gave her a kiss to let her know it was all right.

Once Mom had made sure that I was OK, she started looking critically at the hallway. Now, I admit that I tend to run with the shoes or worse, boots, upstairs, and flail around with them. Hence, there are a LOT of scuff marks on the walls. Big, thick, black, scuff marks. It looks like heavily booted little people were running up and down the walls, playing “tag” or something.

Additionally, Mom found numerous “dings” in the wall where, perhaps, a bone or toy, once thrown, smacked the wall a tad too roughly. Determined to set things right, Mom trooped downstairs and out to the garage (with me close at her heels), and brought out a weird-looking tool and a jar of “spackle”.

Mom set to work spackling up the holes. This bothered me much more than the shot to the head. I felt like Mom was plastering over our good times, and, as I watched her, I let out a whine and put my head in my paws. She gave me an odd look, but kept on going.

Mom told Jamie she is going to have Dad bring home some “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers” to un-do the scuff marks. I like those scuff marks. It reminds me of good times. Mom says we all have to live in the house, and that we will restrict the upstairs area to soft-toy-and-tennis-ball throwing.

Hmpf. I guess she has a point. Look behind me in the picture. It’s a small scuff mark!


Woof! Love, Maggie

12/11/14 Saying Goodbye to Bubba

Our family of fish has been steadily dwindling for one reason or another. Holding steady have been the two large (LARGE) goldfish, Spazz (our first fish) and Bubba, who quickly grew to Spazz’ size. Pumpkin, a fancy goldfish, and a pleko, appropriately named, “Turd” (he used to be very mean but mellowed out), are all that remains. I like to look at the fish swimming around – they are very pretty – and I especially like when Mom accidentally spills some flakes on the floor. Yummy!

Bubba had a large growth that seemed to be getting bigger. There are no Vets around here who specialized in fish; so Mom has been researching and trying antibiotics, Lifeguard, speaking to the fish guys at the pet store, etc. For a while, Bubba lived in a Hospital Tank. He rallied and was doing great. Yesterday, he was swimming all over the tank and eating every flake in sight. Spazz and he were inseparable. Aside from the lump, he looked great.

This morning, Mom and I went down to do our usual jobs (feed me, feed the fish, water the tree, start making breakfast and lunches) and Mom stopped up short in front of the tank after she switched the lights on. Bubba was lying on his side, in that dreadful upside-down “C” shape of the dead fish.

She looked at the growth on his side and it seemed worse. Mom cried for Dad to come and retrieve Bubba’s body before the other few remaining fish began to nibble on him.

Dad managed to extricate the large, floppy body with a pair of old barbeque tongs (I told you he was big) and place him in a gallon Ziploc bag. Flushing was out of the question, even for the Titan toilet upstairs that can allegedly handle a bucket of golf balls. Dad threw the tongs away.

Mom disposed of Bubba’s body and hugged Jamie hard. It is always hard to lose a pet, even a fish. The whole family reassured Mom that she had done all she could for Bubba. But I must admit, the tank looks pretty empty without him.

Mom says when these fish are gone, she’s not getting any more.

Woof! Love, Maggie


12/9/14 Multitasking

Women are great at multitasking. I see Mom doing at least 3 jobs at once while Dad pokes along in the kitchen, bent on one thing at a time.

Here’s MY idea of multitasking: Chewing my toy while getting my soft belly rubbed!


You can’t see Jamie rubbing my belly and taking the pic at the same time.

Here’s to a productive day!

Woof! Love, Maggie