8/19/14 The Marshmallow Catapult

Let me begin by saying I’m not the biggest marshmallow girl.  When my humans have bonfires, they usually toss me a raw one and I’ll mess around with it, but that’s about all.

However.  When Jamie was at Renaissance Faire, he picked up a cool catapult for Nerf bullets and mini-marshmallows.  This, I like!  He got the catapult from “Siege the Day” (www.siegetheday10@gmail.com).  It’s all hand made and cool and stuff:


Here, he has a Nerf bullet in it.  I’ll chase those, but I really am interested in the mini-marshmallows:


(Now, that has my attention!)

When Jamie shoots the mini-marshmallows, I chase them and gobble them up.  Except for the yellow ones.  I don’t like those.


Sniff, sniff!  Smells good! 

Woof!  Love, Maggie

8/19/14 Mom’s Mini-skis

I think I mentioned about 2 weeks ago that Mom had hurt her knee at the gym and went to the ER and got a big shot.

Her knee is not getting better, so Mom went to the doctor today.  It took a really long time and I had to stay in the crate.  Jamie went with Mom for moral support.  He said the clinic smelled like rubbing alcohol and old Lean Cuisines.  I guess the staff has to eat sometime.  But Jamie said it kind of smelled like bad curry in his nose for a couple of hours.

Dr. M. put mom on the table and manipulated both knees.  The left knee is the hurt one.  Mom came home limping really badly and said that the Dr. thinks she tore her “mini-skis”.  I didn’t even know Mom had skis!  And it’s not snowy time out yet, so I’m unsure of the whole “ski” thing.  Anyway, Mom was worn out from the doctor visit and put her leg up on a pillow and fell fast asleep.  Naturally I jumped into bed to guard her.  When she woke up, she felt a little bit better, and I got a treat.

So, Mom has to go for an MRI.  The VA hospital will call her.  Then she has to take some funny pills (Mom does not like enclosed spaces) and go in this tube that sounds like it is being hit with a hammer.  That’s how she explained it to me.  Then Dr. M. will know how bad the knee is.

I’ll keep you posted!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


8/18/14: Taking an unauthorized stroll

Since I had done some crate time yesterday, and it was a nice sunny day today, I decided to go out in the yard and sunbathe for a while.

After a leisurely soak in the sun, I took a little tour of the yard.  Boy, that garden is choked with weeds.  Shame on those humans.

I wandered over to the spot where the fences don’t meet.  I could see a clear path through to the woods.  I thought, “What the heck?!  I was in the crate yesterday sooooo….think I’ll go steppin’ today.”  I looked around, and no one was watching from the windows.  Carefully I picked my way through the underbrush and slipped through the fence.

I walked all around the woods, the swamp, and the noisy neighbor’s (who is always blaring his loud ’70’s rock) fence.

Jamie was the first to realize I was gone.  He grabbed the leash and sent up the alarm.  Jamie went one way into the swamp and Mom the other into the woods.  After a great deal of name-calling, whistling, clapping, and other general noise, I realized the humans were on to me, so I came tiptoeing out of the trees.  Mom was none too happy and Jamie wouldn’t talk to me because of my unauthorized walk. 

Mom says we have to get an electric fence to supplement the fence that is up.  Until then, if I want to sunbathe, I have to go on the tether.  I hate the tether!  So for now, I will sunbathe in my chair.

Woof!  Love, Maggie



8/18/14 Renaissance Faire

My people took Jamie to the Renaissance Faire for his birthday.  They got dressed up like steampunks, pirates, and a salesman (dad refused to dress up) and went.  I was sadly in the crate, but Mom had arranged for Laurel to come spend some time with me so I wouldn’t be cooped up and bored all day.


Jamie tried his hand on the “Jacob’s Ladder” but ended up in the hay.


There was a lot to see and be seen!  A lot to eat and drink!  And they came home happy and smelling like sweat and dust.


Woof!  Love, Maggie


8/16/14 Guest blogger: Mom “Dalek Under Construction”

It’s a bit early to be thinking about Halloween, but if you want a complex costume, this is probably a good time to start working.

I’m really proud of my kids Erik and Jamie for jumping in there and building a Dalek costume for Jamie.  Jamie’s been talking about doing one for years.  The fact that his older brother came all the way over just to take him supply shopping for the costume and help with the building warms my heart.

The Dalek is still under construction.  Here are a few pictures of their progress.

This was the model they worked from:


Here is the head so far:


And here is the body as of now:


(note the little Dalek on the counter, watching the proceedings!)

The costume is made of foam and cardboard.  It is very light weight.  The boys basically went to Hobby Lobby, looked around, and “winged it”.  I think the head looks really good.  I was pleasantly surprised at the results so far and their combined creative genius.

I had them spray paint in the big side yard next to the woods.  That way, Maggie (who was constantly underfoot, and wanted to sit on the foam) wouldn’t end up with a gold racing stripe down her back.

I will post more pix as work progresses, and of course, the end result.  I wonder if Erik will dress like Dr. Who to accompany Jamie?

Your friend,