Thanksgiving 2014

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I’d like to share a few of them with you.

Last year at holiday time, I was in boot camp and boarding, since I was new and my family didn’t know how I would react to having company over. This year, they are providing me with a leap of faith and I am home for the holidays. I may have to do some crate time, but at least I am home.

Home = Family and I am so thankful for my family. Last night I was having a terrible dream, crying and shaking, when Mom woke up and started petting and stroking me, talking to me the whole time, until I came out of it and licked her hand. The thing is, Mom didn’t act like I was inconveniencing her or anything, even though it was the middle of the night. The love that comes from family is truly a wonderful thing.

And friends. Where would we be without friends? I am grateful for your friendship, and I do consider you friends. 266 followers is a huge number for a simple (former) shelter dog and I am humbled and overwhelmed by you. A blog is no fun to write with no one to read it, and although people might laugh at the idea of a big old AmStaff Terrier sitting at the computer, it is true that I try to provide you with a quality blog that makes you smile at least once in your busy human day. After all, you take the time to visit me, so I certainly want to make it worth your while. I look forward to your visits – not to pump my numbers – but because I genuinely enjoy our interaction. Many of you have corresponded with me or Mom personally, and I know I can speak for Mom when I say that we are proud to call you friends and (Vanessa) family. Thank you, from the bottom of my Pitbull heart!

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you are a member of the military service, or some other profession (nurse, doctor, police, etc.) that keeps you away from your family this holiday, please accept my thanks to you for all you do for the rest of us. Sending you out a dogsmile, a big tail wag, and a happy Woof!

Love, Maggie


11/26/14 Holiday Crafts and Chicken Sticks

Mom is getting bored and restless. She is still on light duty, very light duty, and can’t do much around the house. I tried to get her to chase me and she would not, so I barked at her a little and she said, “Maggie, that is not going to fly!” She did pick up my toys and throw them to me though. I agree with Mom, it is hard to be patient! I do guess, upon thinking of it, that barking at her isn’t helping the situation.

Mom begged Dad to take her to the hobby store for a few items (she can’t drive for another week yet). I had to wait in the crate. Funny, I have hardly been in the crate at all since Mom came home from the hospital, and now, I REALLY hate going in there. I would much rather sit on my chair with my blankets. Dad says he can’t trust me, though, to be left alone (see my post, “The Spice Cabinet” for his reasoning!)

Anyway into the crate I went, and shortly afterward, Dad and Mom came back. They really weren’t gone long at all. They had a couple of bags that Dad carried and Mom had a happy look on her face. While at the store, Dad picked up a small bag of one of his favorite candies, “Chic-O-Sticks”, which he refers to as, “Chicken Sticks”, and started chomping them down with some coffee. They smelled like peanut butter, but he didn’t give me one.The nerve!

Mom unpacked the bags and Dad went to work. Mom says she misses her Liberry and the Wise Owls that are there, so she made some holiday ornaments to reflect her feelings:


She is also embarking on a hooked rug that she says she is going to give to the Liberry when she gets to go back to work. Meanwhile, Laurel stopped by and took me for a walk until my head turned pink from the cold. Then we came home and I felt much more relaxed. I didn’t bark at Mom anymore, but I did bark at Laurel when she stomped her feet to get my attention. Then they laughed at me, and I went and sat on my chair in a huff. Hmph!


Mom says she hopes her Wise Owls miss her like she misses them.

Other than some crafts, Mom has been working on 2 more Maggie books, doing a lot of word searches, and beating the pants off Dad at Scrabble. Mom told me today she would be very unhappy if she did not have me since I am good company, and with me, she is never alone.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/24/14 Thankful

Today, I am thankful the humans got the new roof put on the house.

Last night’s rain turned into big flakes of snow this morning, and some of it stuck to the ground.

It is very, very windy and there are a lot of scary noises coming from outside; mainly, garbage cans rolling around in the street, and the wind shrieking through the tree-less leaves. At least the sounds I am hearing do not equal shingles being ripped from the roof, like they were before.

Mom and I are tight and snug as a bug today. Erik and Jenny are coming over later and Mom cooked me up a juicy bone to snack on while they are here. It’s cooling off now. Erik is going to make Thanksgiving pies for Mom, who still cannot do too much. Today, Mom has to go get her stitches out. She is very nervous about it. I wish I could come with her. I guess I will let Dad take her. I should sulk about that, but I’m so cozy with Mom I’m in too good of a mood right now.

Mom was sad last night but is feeling better today. She says it will be good for her and Erik to see each other. I love company, so I can’t wait!

Here is a pic of me looking out at the snow:


Mom took the picture while she was on the couch. My, don’t I look regal!

Woof! Love, Maggie

Just a blog from the heart

It’s Elizabeth. I’m sad for my boy, Erik. Erik had to re-home his dog today because of considerations that were outside his ability to handle them. Oh, I know plenty of people who hop on the “never re-home my dog” bandwagon, but face it, sometimes sh** happens.

For one thing, Erik has a grueling working schedule. For another, he has moved in with his fiancee’s family and They Do. Not. Want. The. Dog. That means no help in letting the dog out, feeding it, etc. and he (a little JackChi cutie) would spend way too long in the crate since, as I have said, no one was willing to help with the dog.

Now mind you, I would have snapped that li’l cutie up in a second IF Maggie wasn’t so territorial and attached. She just was not properly socialized as a young age and because of that, the little dog was in danger here. So I could not take him, and that broke my heart. Talk about feeling helpless and powerless.

In steps another family member: has the hookup of a good family who is looking for that type of dog. Today was the meet n’ greet and it went tail-wagging great. Everyone was happy, the dog was happy. Erik excused himself and had his breakdown in the car. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to the li’l guy since I can’t leave the house yet. I cried myself, out of sheer sadness of the situation. And I’ll miss the little guy! My fondest memory is him at the top of the stairs basking in the sunlight. That is the image I need to take with me. I hope my son finds one to hang on to, too.

The bottom line is, the dog will have a better life, never be alone, not put in a crate, and lots and lots of human attention and interaction. It’s the best thing to do for the dog. He needed a solid home. But it broke my son’s heart. He loved that dog. It broke my heart. There are so many ways this story could have ended differently. But it didn’t. I just ask: please don’t judge. My son would have taken his dog and lived in the car if he could have. But he couldn’t. So please, don’t judge. We don’t know other peoples’ circumstances and what they are going through.



11/23/14 Wearing a lot of hats

Woof! I’ve been wearing a lot of hats lately around here. First and foremost, I have to keep an eye on Mom. I also have to be ready for snuggles at a moment’s notice.

I also have to be extra-vigilant in Guarding the House. With Mom on the couch, I am on the alert for intruders, cats, racoons, the UPS man, you name it. :)

Also today I had to supervise Dad and Jamie with the Cleaning of the House. Things were going smoothly until the football game came on. Then Dad would fold a sock; go sit down. Fold a towel during a commercial; go sit down. Move the chairs to vacuum; go sit down. And so forth and so on. I finally had to give him a little bark to get him to finish the job and then go sit down. Lucky I would never nip him!

Mom stayed on the couch so I had to Inspect. Sniff, sniff. Dining room floor is clean. Sniff, sniff. No dust  bunnies under the couch. Sniff, sniff. Aha! A crumb on the kitchen floor. Slurp, slobber, just doing my part, sir.


In one of my hats…


And in another!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/22/14 This Recovery Is Hard.

Hi Friends,

Elizabeth here. As Maggie has told you, I am home from the hospital, where I underwent major surgery this week, and now am home recuperating.

This recovery business is hard. I feel horrible that I am on completely restricted duty – no lifting, pushing, pulling. No housework or vacuum. No bending to pick things up off the floor.

Now, that might sound like a rest cure for some of you. But for me, who perpetually has ants in the pants, it’s terrible. I’m going batty with boredom. And, I feel bad with my husband out working all day then he has to come home and do “my” stuff. But I guess it’s “our” stuff now. Jamie helps a lot. Erik came by and cleaned my whole kitchen. I’m very grateful.

My neighbor Tasha sent her daughter over with the most delicious sweet-potato pie I’ve ever eaten. No way that was going to last til Thanksgiving. My adoptive parents (2nd set) made us wonderful chicken soup. I’ve been sent the most beautiful flowers, given yummy-smelling candles, and a beautiful card and picture from Vanessa and my niece. Laurel is a Godsend, not only spoiling me with treats but taking care of Maggie. I’m blessed with good friends and family.

The Office Manager at my doctor’s office gave me very good advice: Take a heavy dining room chair and put one next to your couch and bed. When you need to get up, use it like hospital bed rails. Jim positioned the chairs for me. That has helped a lot with getting up and down.

Last night, I was able to sleep in my bed for the first time since Sunday. Maggie was kind enough to let me get settled in first. Then she jumped in the bed and snuggled right next to me. This dog loves to “spoon”. She did not kick me all night. She never even bumped my swollen belly. I relaxed then, petting her and petting her, and soothing myself into the bargain. Best sleep ever.

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. Maggie wags a tail “hello”.

Your friend,


11/21/14 Getting back to normal

Mom spent the first night at home yesterday. I thought she would go upstairs to the big bed, but she slept on the couch. She told Dad that she could not get in and out of bed yet. Mom has a ladder-back dining room chair next to the couch to help her get up and down. Mom is moving very slowly and I have to be careful not to jump on her. It’s hard, because I’m excited she is back.


Mom can’t chase me (I love to be chased!) and she keeps telling me, “Give me that toy.” Then she holds out her hand for me to give her my toy, or bone, and I refuse. When she does get it, she will toss it very gently and then tell me to give it to her again, but I am waiting for her to chase me. Mom says it will be a long time before she can chase me and I’d better learn how to play fetch instead. This is my answer to that:


Not going to happen. Thankfully, Laurel comes over and plays with me and wears me out:


Ooh! Big yawn.

Besides Mom sleeping on the couch and creeping around like a bug, things are getting back to normal. The men of the house had been reverting to Cave Man status while Mom was gone. Jamie actually said that for breakfast one morning he had a slice of bread, a small muffin, and a handful of nuts. This was because Dad did not know we were out of milk for cereal. Mom raised her eyebrow and gave him a Look. She said, “Foraging for nuts? You guys went Cro-Mag while I was gone.”

I am glad Mom is back, too, because I wasn’t getting nearly enough treats in her absence. Like I said, Mom can’t really play, but she is always ready with a smile and a pat and a treat for me. I know Mom will get better. Dr. M. said that cancer was knocking on Mom’s door, that everything was turning bad already and getting corroded. She said that Mom is safe now and doesn’t need chemo or anything like that. So, things are getting back to normal but it is going to be slow and take time. I hope I can be good and not jump. That’s my biggest job, besides keeping an eye on Mom.

Woof! Love, Maggie