10/21/14 Chrome Dome

I am not sure how to feel about all this Halloween nonsense. The candy and caramel apples smell good, but Mom won’t let me have any! She wants to put me in a “Rufferee” costume, and I’m having none of that!

Jamie’s Dalek costume is pretty much done except for maybe a little more spray-paint. However, he wanted something a little more portable for when he was out of it, so he purchased a costume fez and a chrome mask. He put it on and looked at me. I did not like this one bit! For one thing, what happened to Jamie’s face – it completely disappeared! And another – where did that strange dog come from who was looking out at me from that mask?

I put my rear end down and backed up against Dad. He put his hand on me and told Jamie to take off the mask because it was “scaring her”. So Jamie pulled off the chrome mask and was just Jamie again. The reflection dog disappeared, too. Mom took a picture of Jamie’s chrome dome and you can see why it gave my tail a turn:


I’m not sure I like this spooky stuff, where humans start looking like something else!

Last Halloween, I was in Boot Camp, but this year I’m going to be home. It’s really my first Halloween. We shall see how it goes! Mom says I’m going to “freak” because of the doorbell.


Woof! Love, Maggie

Autumn Eargasm Day 5 – McMassacrE – Welcome to Space


Positive review for Jamie’s music! Thank you James Revels III

Originally posted on Audio SeXXX:

This song was submitted by long time follower Maggie0019. She sent this piece made by her 14 year old son. That’s right I said 14 years old! Its a great ambient, electronic piece that flows and varies in a way even well known professional may be scared to try or  haven’t grasp till years into their practice in their craft. Welcome to space is probably album worthy in my opinion.

Bio: James McManus
James McManus, aka McMassacrE, is a 14 year-old DJ and music producer from Chicago, IL. McMassacrE has released a handful of tunes on SoundCloud.com, and has his first album on Carpet Stain Records set to release on 10/31/14, called “Kill It”.  Musical influences include: Knife Party, Skrillex, Muzzy, some classic rock, and Jazz. If you’d like to become a Victim of McMassacrE, you can reach him atmcmassacre0817@gmail.com

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10/19/14 Quickie Update on Mom

Just a quickie update. I don’t want to drag anyone down with this. Mom went to the doctor and she told Mom that a total hysterectomy (through the abdomen with 6 to 7 inch incision) is necessary.

Surgery is scheduled for mid-November. Mom will be in the hospital 3 days and 8 weeks recovery.

Naturally, this is not what Mom wanted to hear and she’s a tad bit depressed. I’m taking good care of her though.

Thank you all for your kind wishes for good health to my human.

Woof! Love, Maggie

10/18/14 Pumpkin Carving

Hi, it’s Maggie. Mom was feeling up to it so the humans had some fun “carving pumpkins”. They seem to have had a blast doing it:


This was Jenny’s second pumpkin carve and Vanessa (closest to you on your right) first. Jenny did a magnificent “Sailor Moon” that I didn’t get a shot of, but check out Vanessa’s first carve!


I think it’s great, even if it IS a cat. Here is a shot of the whole pumpkin family (minus the Sailor Moon, I think she was still working on it):


There’s Mom’s Jack, Dad’s angry face, “Elsa” by Erik, and “Mr. Hyde” (Jamie’s).  Another shot of “Ella” is here:


A little blurry on the pic, but a great carve by Erik!

The humans also made some tasty-looking caramel apples. Naturally I got a sniff but didn’t get a bite:


Finally, to round out their Fall Festivities, they put up the lawn decorations:


The Wiener Dog behind the witch says, “Happy Hallowiener!”

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS – update on doctor news re: Mom coming soon!

10/17/14 Guest Blogger: James “Good Evening”

Today’s blog is a study in messed-up emails.

I mentioned in my last post about the student teacher for my English class, (General Monty). Well, tonight I did a very long assignment online for the class, and there was supposed to be a quiz to follow.

I searched all over for the quiz and could not find it. So, like the brainiac that I am, I decided it would be a good idea to email good ol’ “General Monty” and see if, perhaps, the quiz hadn’t been posted yet.

Now, I’m not as prolific a keyboarder as Mom, but I do better than hunt and peck. I started out my email to the General with the greeting, “Good Evening,” and that’s as far as I got. I must’ve hit something with one of my flying fingers, because the email disappeared.

Naturally, I started another one. This time, I got past, “Hello” and a couple of sentences before the email disappeared into cyberspace.

Frustrated, I started a THIRD email, saying that I was sorry, the other email disappeared before I could complete my thought. Then I asked my questions and sent it.

At this point, Mom peeped over my shoulder and said, “You’ve sent all three. You must have been hitting “send” by mistake. See, this one only says, “Good Evening,”. Then she said, “Good Evening, this is your student stalker from period Four” and started to roar with laughter. Then she said, “Good Evening, I am the Count. Do you know why they call me the Count?” More laughter. “One, one laugh! A-ha ha ha! Two! Two laughs! Hee-hee-hee-hee!” Until she practically fell off the couch.

Maggie could feel the energy in the room and rushed over to where Mom was (collapsed) and started to lick her whole face. I had to pull her off Mom.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this blog and tell you all:


Your friend,


10/15/14 Guest Blogger: James

Hello. I’m James. Despite what they tell you in books, attending an all-boy’s school is actually quite humorous at times.

Situation 1: Period one, Spanish. Someone slowly pulls out their smartphone and uses a fart app on full volume during a quiz. Later, it was unearthed that the culprit set it to ‘Brown Mosquito.”

 Situation 2: Math! My teacher’s pretty cool. Everyone mispronounces his last name. Rather than ‘el – geht’ everybody says ‘egg – let’

Vince, aka ‘Big Vinny’: “MISter EGGLETTE, (voice cracks noticeably) wouldn’t the answer be *Mathematical mumbo – jumbo*”

 Mr. O’C: Yo Egglette, we need (student name here) to host a shadow.

James: *says name right*

Mr. E: *satisfied look* “Yeah Jamie?” Score!

Situation 3: Period three, Theology. Not much to say, other than the pupils remain in a constant state of cautiousness after the teacher, who is over 6 feet tall, jumped over a desk like a ninja in order to make the passing back of papers easier.

Oh boy, the best one. Situation 4, English. We have two teachers for this class, the normal one and a student teacher from a rival school. The students call him “General Monty.”

 Mr. L (teacher): “troublemaker’s name, you always walk into my class with that s##### grin on your face, what’s so funny today?”

Troublemaker: Uh…I have a joke…

Mr. L: “Let’s hear it then.”

Troublemaker: “Umm…why couldn’t the pirate get into the movie? It was rated Arrr…”


Mr. L: “Pfft…” *draws out a massive conch shell and blasts into it, like in the Lord of the Flies, thus scaring the whole school*

 and a bonus

General Monty does that thing where the teacher throws a foam ball to students who know the answer, but when they throw it back, he never catches it.

 Monty explains id, ego, and superego one day.

Monty: “Well, the id is your basic wants and needs, like your survival instincts and sex dri-.”


 Situation 5, lunch.

 James: *walks by with a brownie*

 Kid: “Yooooouuuuuuuuuuu…SAVAGE!” (What?)

 Other Kid: *panhandles his way into getting enough money to buy a bag of chips from a vending machine like a used car dealer*

There isn’t much left to say about my next class, Phys. Ed. My dad sold carpet to my coach. Now he calls me Jim (usually in the context of, “Jimmy, run faster”. Maybe the carpet wasn’t such a good deal.) And he holds fifteen-minute lectures for every situation, such as, “This isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.”

 Finally, World History. My history teacher is an avid White Sox fan, and threatened to flunk the numerous Cubs fans in the class. Gotta love Chicago!

 Although I’ve only been in school for a short spell of time, a little bird is telling me that my freshman year of high school is going to be A – Okay!

Your friend,