9/27/14 The Doggie In the Woods

It was a beautiful morning. Since Mom went to bed early, she got up with the sunrise. I got  up with  her. The sky was light blue with pretty pink clouds, or so Mom said. The dew was on the grass. Everything was peaceful. Mom had some early morning coffee and gave me a pat.

After Dad had woken up, the sun was already up. The grass was still wet, though, and I danced at the back door to go out. Mom checked the yard and all looked well, so she let me go. However, there was someone or something in the woods, and soon I was rocketing up and down the border.

Dad came out of the house to retrieve me. When I saw him coming, I dashed headfirst through the fence and popped into the woods. Who cares that I’d had a bath yesterday?

Dad quickly gave pursuit. He was dressed in his good clothes because he had a business call this morning. Mom and Jamie ran out in their pajamas. Mom had the leash in her hand. They all three separated and ran after me.

I, however, was deep into the woods after the dog scent that I had picked up. Unfortunately, the dog was big, and a German Shepherd, to boot. Mom crashed through the underbrush and came face-to-face with the big Shepherd. She did not realize he was (thinly) fenced in and she high-tailed it out of there, snagging herself all over with thorns. Mom screamed for Dad to catch me because she was terrified of a dog fight. I wheeled around the other way through the branches and mud and came out after Dad. Jamie was off somewhere else. Mom angrily snapped the leash on me and dragged me back into the house. Jamie met up with us there. He was quite shaken.

Mom and Dad both informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I had been a Bad Dog and that it was a Close One. I guess things have been going well for me lately, and so I was bound to mess it up. Mom says I am not going to be free in the backyard for even one minute now.

I went upstairs and sulked all day. Maybe you can find me amongst the pillows.



Woof! Love, Maggie


9/26/14 Basking & Bathing

Mom’s been feeling better today, and treating me like a Queen lately! I’m not taking any chances, though, and have stayed glued to her hip.

Mom let me go out and bask in the sunlight for as long as I wanted (which wasn’t super long because I get sunburned). She took a picture:


Oooh I look all white and glowy.

Then, Mom felt well enough to coax me into the walk-in shower for a bath. By the time I was done shaking off (Mom first ambushed me with a big towel), she was as soaked as I was!

Mom always laughs at my crazy behavior when she takes off my collar. I always start streaking around like the Hairy Bullet. And of course, I am streaking – I’m naaaaaaked! Woo-woo-woo!

Mom says that I act like a Wild Thing without a collar. She tells me, “You must know that collar means you belong to someone, Maggie, ’cause you sure act differently without it!” She says that every time. I can practically predict it! Mom won’t let me out of the house without my collar, even though I am micro-chipped. She says it’s too dangerous for me, being classified as a Pitbull.

Mom knows I don’t like the blow-dryer, so she lets me play and run around with my toys until I get dried off. Then she puts the collar on and Boom! I start behaving again. I guess it’s because I know they are still keeping me. It’s a sense of security for me.

Woof! Love, Maggie (The Clean One)

9/25/14 My Lassie Moment

My Mom got so sick again yesterday. I stayed with her all day and did not even go to the backyard for myself. I was guarding Mom and letting her know it would be OK. Mom cried and whimpered like a puppy. She was in a lot of pain.

It was a blessing that Dad picked Jamie up from school, because Mom could only lie in bed and throw up in the bathroom. Those incidents became so frequent and horrible that, in the end, Mom just lay down on the cool tiles and stayed there. I could not get her up, no matter how much I licked her face.

When Dad brought Jamie home from school, everyone was looking for Mom. I danced and danced in front of the bathroom doorway in response to Jamie asking me where Mom was. Jamie went into the bathroom and found Mom lying there. I helped! I had my “Lassie” moment!

Mom went to the ER again in a small, square, truck with flashing lights. I did not like that a bit. Erik came over and took Jamie for something to eat as it was getting late. Dad and Erik went to the hospital in shifts. That meant I had to do some crate time. I was upset about the situation and barked in the crate. Everyone said they understood, my feelings, though.

When Mom came home she could hardly stand. I sniffed her carefully all over, then tucked her into bed and lay right next to her. Dad smiled, and Mom called me her “Guardian Angel” dog. Today I am tired from watching over Mom. But I have to do my duty again today. Mom could not go to work today and I must look after her.

Woof! Love, Maggie



9/23/14 A Slow News Day

Today is kind of a slow news day. Mom got her blood work results back and now she knows why she is so tired all the time – Vitamin D deficiency, bad! So she has to take some more medicine and hopefully take a few moments out to visit the local tanning booth. If she can get off the couch.

I have been watching Mom all day (she’s been doing a lot of nothing) but I’m keeping an eye on her. When I wasn’t, I went out in the back yard and enjoyed the beautiful day.


I hope you all had a beautiful day, too!  Woof!  Love, Maggie