9/1/14 Labor Day

Summer ends with the coming of Labor Day.  I don’t know how the weather is by you, but today is indicative of the entire summer:  muggy, overcast, kinda raining, kinda not-raining; in short, a grey, blah day.

I am hoping for sunny skies and crisp winds this Autumn.  Sadly, that is not the case today.

Mom has a lot of things she wants to get done around the house.  doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this weekend, though.

As for me, I’m going to kick back in my chair and relax.  (Yawn) these gray days make me sleepy.



Woof!  Love, Maggie


8/30/14 Building the Dalek, Pt. 2

Erik came over and helped Jamie with the Dalek costume for Halloween.  The costume is getting quite big, and it is on wheels.  One of Mom’s roll-able closet racks collapsed and Jamie asked if he could cannibalize parts for the Dalek.  So now it moves!

The humans had to do a lot of work while seated on the floor.  I really tried to help by licking faces and ears and sitting on the cardboard parts.  However, Erik shooed me out of the kitchen after a near-miss with both the box cutter and the hot glue gun.

I did learn a new trick featuring passive resistance.  When Erik kicked me out of the kitchen, I thought Jamie put the leash on me to put me in the crate (he was actually trying to lead me to my chair).  So, I splayed out all my feet and put my belly to the ground.  I looked quite the sight as he dragged me across the ceramic floor!  I got up and walked when I figured out that I wasn’t crate-bound.

Here is the progress so far:





I am looking forward to seeing how the end product looks!  Although, truth be told, I will probably bark at it, like I bark at Vacuum Cleaner.  Woof!

Love, Maggie





8/26/14 The Book Is Completed!

Mom has written a 10-chapter book, an easy reader for grades K-3.  It is called, “Maggie: A Shelter Dog Finds Her Home”.

Mom has made up a cover that features the artwork of Ray Ferrer, internationally known artist.  Here is his rendition of Maggie, spray paint on canvas:


Mom “met” Ray through WP!  Mr. Ferrer’s website is:  http://www.ArtistRay.com

Let’s hope my story – at least the first 10 chapters – gets published quickly!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



8/24/14 The Original Rainbow Cone

Summer decided to show up, with temperatures in the ’90s.  It figures we would get hot weather when the kids went back to school!

We piled into the van and took a long drive to 92nd and Western Avenue in Chicago.  We were going to have an “Original Rainbow Cone”.  The Rainbow Cone has been in business for 87 years.  Their ice cream cones are spectacular!  Mom has been making the trek since she was a kid, and her parents drove out there on 90 degree days, for some of the best ice cream in Chicago.

What is a Rainbow Cone? It is (according to the humans) a highly delicious ice cream cone made of Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House (which is kind of like a French Vanilla/Cherry/Walnut), Pistachio, and topped off with Orange Sherbet.  Rainbow Cone has been operated by the Sapp Family since 1926.  Rainbow Cones have appeared at the Taste of Chicago for the last 27 years.  It’s a tasty piece of South Side Chicago history!

Although I myself could not eat the Original Rainbow, I did get a small bowl of Orange Sherbet. 


Oh, what wonderful Summer nights!


Love, Maggie



8/23/14 Reflections on Maggie (by Mom)

Hello, today I was just thinking about how much Maggie has changed since we got her from the shelter.  As many of you know, she was a skinny, 36 lb., shaky dog when she came to us.  And now, she is a 54 lb. bundle of health.

I was thinking about this because Jamie mentioned how nice and soft her coat is.  Even the Vet said he’s never seen her coat looking so good and to keep it up.  I think it’s proper nutrition and those fish oil treats we got when she hurt her shoulder. 

Anyway, I was remembering how Maggie had this sore on the top of her head when we first met her.  I had thought she’d been in a dog fight and that it was a puncture wound or bite mark.  But the lady at the shelter said that it was from repeatedly banging her head on the top of the metal kennel.  Maggie was a long-time shelter resident (6 months) and was desperate for human attention and interaction.  Dogs get desperate in shelters, and will act out behavior that makes people not want to adopt them (barking, howling, banging their heads).  In reality, what these dogs need is people.  You can’t even see the mark on Maggie’s head anymore.  I almost forgot she’d had it.  Maggie will go into her crate (but not willingly), however, she refuses to go into a metal kennel.  Just freaks out at the sight of one.

Maggie has been to Obedience School Basic and Boot Camp.  Oh, she still will steal the odd shoe, and she still jumps all over when someone comes to the door.  She’s young yet and has a lot of spirit.  She’s a good girl though, and I’m not just saying that because she nearly booted Dad out of bed last night by not giving him any room.  Although that gives her brownie points in my book.  I don’t know how much longer the shelter would have kept Maggie before putting her to sleep.  Sometimes shelters will do that.  Not every shelter is “no-kill”.

I guess this blog is winding up to be a shameless plea for you to donate to your local animal shelter.  They really need the money.  Or if you can give puppy/kitten formula (mother’s milk replacement), kibble, dry or wet food, blankets, anything, the people at the shelter and the animals will really appreciate it.  If your shelter has a clinic, they usually have a printed “wish list” of what supplies they need (tweezers, alcohol pads, etc.)  None of these gifts have to be expensive.  But they are very, very, welcome.  If you haven’t done your good deed for today, let me suggest a donation.

Not everyone can be a pet owner.  But everyone can help an animal shelter. 

Thanks for reading,

Your friend, Elizabeth


(She’s a happy girl, now!)

8/22/14 That Darn Rabbit

I knew I saw the rabbit in the back yard.  I saw him when I was looking out of the window.


I danced by the back door and Mom limped over and let me out.  I ran straight to the (weeds) vegetable garden.  We’ve got two sorry tomatoes and a pepper.  I sniffed around for the rabbit.  Aha!  I found him, next to what used to be lettuce.

Quickly I gave chase, but he ran under the fence.  Foiled again!  That darn rabbit!  I’ll show him…I was preparing to duck under the fence after him.  Just then, Jamie came running out of the house, hollering and waving his arms, for me to leave the rabbit alone.  I tried to tell him I was just protecting the (sad) tomatoes, but he wouldn’t listen.  Kids today!

So I went into the house and sulked.


I’ll get that rabbit, someday….

Woof!  Love, Maggie