11/15/13 Just A Quick Note

…to let you all know I am treading with a very, very, soft paw.

There are some little dogs here.  They are downstairs, behind the basement door.  They are Erik’s dogs.  I’ve heard, smelled, and today, seen them.  The little one with the big ears didn’t say anything, but the poofy one that looks like a bedroom slipper barks a lot.  

I didn’t do anything.  I just watched, then sniffed at the front door where they’d exited. 

I saw Blue while I was on a walk with Jamie.  Blue wanders around the neighborhood, and is a friend of mine.  Today, I was not excitable with her as I usually am.  Mom and Jamie feel this is progress.

I am, however, highly intelligent and do like to push things.  So, yes, I have tried (multiple times) to jump on the beds and furniture.  It is interesting to note that Daryl said that I am probably hyper due to my white coloring.  He explained that the white animals, who are not really supposed to be white, are wired a little differently – probably because we would not normally survive in the wild.  Hmmmm.

When I do try to jump on the furniture, Mom (or Jamie or whomever) makes what Daryl calls a “gut sound”, which is like a game show buzzer except you say it.  Daryl says dogs respond better to “gut sounds” than the word, “No”.

Jamie guzzled a bottle of Orange Crush at dinner (I’m not getting any human food) and said to Mom, “How’s this for a gut sound?”  And promptly let loose with a humongous belch.  Brrrrrrrrappt!

It’s good to be home.

Love, Maggie

PS – will post more about bootcamp tomorrow!



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