11/19/13 Closer to a Breakthrough

I’m getting closer to a breakthrough, but I’m not quite sure what kind.

Mom is on edge, tired, and crabby because I have not been sleeping in the crate.  I’ve been up whining and crying all night.  For two nights now.

Last night, right before it was time to go to bed, Mom let me out for a quick “p”.  Mom didn’t put me on the tether as she was standing in the doorway and figured I’d be quick about it since she was watching.  (Note:  I HATE the tether!)  Imagine her surprise when I took this as an opportunity to turn into the Hairy Bullet, clear the little hill, break through the fence, and go into the next yard over.  It was so dark, Mom couldn’t see where I’d gone after streaking through the fence.  Mom thought I’d doubled back, and was in the woods again, and while she searched there, Jamie went over to the back fence and found me.  He also found the thorn trees.  I felt bad about his scratches.

Mom was steaming mad when I ran back into the house.  Mom says that is Rottweiler, coyote and wolf country!  But I figure, if I keep the pressure on her, she’s got to crack soon.  So, in good spirits today, I ignored my commands, refused to come into the house, stole a fruitcake off the counter, and basically, did what I wanted.

Mom just wants to sleep at this point. 

She said we are definitely going to class tomorrow.  Ha!  We’ll see about that!

Love, Maggie


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