6/3/15 Ice Cream!

We went for a long car ride today, almost as long as when we pick Jamie up from school.

Jamie is going paint-balling with his friends on Friday, and Mom, being the Nervous Nellie that she is, wanted to do a “drive by” so she knew where to take him when the big day comes. So, into the peanut butter went the motion-sickness pills, and a short time later, out came my “jewelry” and the leash. Happy Dance!!!

We stopped at the store quickly for Mom to get something. Jamie and I waited while Mom ran in. I was nervous and licked my lips and nose, but I didn’t cry too much. Mom was only gone a second. Jamie said I did very well. My people are really putting my anti-anxiety meds to the test!

Then came the long car ride. I leaned against the back seat and sniffed and sniffed all the good, fresh air coming in through the windows. Ah, nice to be out in the sun and the wind and not cooped up in the crate! I love Summer vacation, and I don’t miss Jamie being in school a bit!

After we had “run our recon” and scoped out the area for paint-ball, Mom took us to the Dairy Queen in Alsip for ice cream. Mom and Jamie had small cones, and Mom got the lady to put a teensy bit of Vanilla soft-serve in a bowl for me (not too much; I usually get doggie ice cream). Mom held the bowl between her feet and I slurped it down.


You will see I am wearing the (hated) prong collar. Mom does not have it tight and it is not poking my skin. However, she is training me to wear a harness. Mom hopes that, with more training and my anti-anxiety medication plus lots of exercise, I will be able to use the harness for good and skip my “jewelry”. My Mom only puts the jewelry on me when we are going out and takes it off as soon as we are home. Otherwise, I just wear a plain collar. But until I am properly trained on the harness, I must wear two collars: a prong and a fail-safe in case the prong pops off. This is for the safety of other animals. I did well on the walk yesterday, so Mom is going to take me next time with the harness.

Jamie says that Laurel is bringing her kiddies (kitties?) over tomorrow for a fun day. I can’t wait to see her again. Only I hope she doesn’t bring any cats!

Woof! Love, Maggie

7 thoughts on “6/3/15 Ice Cream!

  1. KrisD

    Have you seen the fabric collars that look like a regular collar but where the leash hooks it is a loop where it tightens to a certain point. It is essentially a “choke” collar. We got one for our boxer, he got smart and learned if you stop dead behind your owner and do downward dog the whole harness slips right off. Just a thought, I’m not judging you in any way. Our training involved a LOT of time and treats and cheese. He is three now and will heel even off the leash. We played a lot of red light / green light and constantly had treats in our pockets. Good smelly jerky treats.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thank you! I have been to Obedience Basic and Boot Camp. In both places, the instructors insisted on the prong. So that is what I am used to. But Mom is trying out the harness. (I know how to get out of my cloth collar, btw 😉 don’t tell Mom because she doesn’t know). The harness Mom bought is pretty good; I’ve tried shaking and “scooting” it off but no luck yet. Woof! PS – may I have a piece of cheese?

      1. KrisD

        Have you tried the collars that loop around the nose? Kinda like reins on a horse, when you pull the leash it pulls your nose to where the leash is. If your head can’t move forward your body can’t either. Boxers don’t have enough nose for those to work well but other pups have had good luck. Cheese is a good moderator

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        oh, no no no please nothing on my nose!!! I freak out. Mom took me out with the harness and I did very well. She is continuing training. I will post a pic later and tell all about my adventures 🙂

      3. KrisD

        Well that’s ok, just letting you know the options. I’m not a big fan of the prong collars but when used correctly I know they are just fine. My diesel pulled too hard for the prong so we didn’t use it. Happy training!!

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