2/24/16 Phone call from “Uncle” Doug

Well how do you like that? Mom got a phone call from “Uncle” Doug and he said to put Maggie on the phone so he could tell me I was a good girl and give me a “Woof! Woof!”

I was so happy, I licked the phone and wagged my tail. I knew Uncle Doug would be proud of me for not having to be in the crate and he was! Even with everything he’s been going through, he found time to be proud of me! Now that’s a human!

Now for the bad part. Uncle Doug finally got some of his personal effects as he recuperates in Scottsbluff, but he also got a letter from his housing complex that his rent hadn’t been paid so they were going to put him on the street! Just like my old owners put me on the street after they stole my litter of puppies! Shocking! Un-necessary!

Everything is OK now, it’s all settled, but we were all up in arms at the needless cruelty of this letter and how upsetting it was to be on the receiving end of it.

Shame on those humans for being so mean!

Grrrowl! Love, Maggie



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