4/16/15 Glad to be Back

Hello, Everyone!

I am glad to be back!

I understand that Mom kept you updated while I was quite ill. I’m still recuperating, but I feel much better, even well enough to play with my toy bone for a while this morning:


The only thing I am going to add to what Mom already wrote is that I did not cry.

I did not cry when the doctor sent Mom out of the room. I did not cry when they took blood with a big needle, gave me a large shot, filled my skin up with fluid from an IV, or when they popped a muzzle on my mouth and shoved a thermometer up my poor, sore, butt.

I didn’t cry, and when it was over, I kissed everyone to thank them for helping me. But I just couldn’t wag my tail. I just could not do it.

When Mom came in, she looked like she was going to cry. I don’t think she was as brave as I was! But I was glad to see her.

When we got home, Jamie was kind enough to feed me Vitamin Water with a teaspoon, and coaxed this down my throat one spoonful at a time. It got me drinking again. Mom cried and cried, and said how lucky she was to have a good child who had mercy on animals. Mom has cried a LOT over the last few days. Today, she is not crying.

I am wagging my tail again and smiling, and Mom and the rest of the family are very, very, happy. Dad is petting me and letting me sit on his couch.

Last night, I heard Mom tell Dad, “What if we had been gone a week? We would have come back to no dog.” She has been quite upset, and doesn’t feel like she can get me “justice”. Dad is telling her to “drop it” (he usually says that to me, when I have a shoe), but Mom is worrying this subject like a dog with a bone.

Yesterday, after I “turned the corner” so to speak, Mom slept and slept and slept. I didn’t mind, because I get tired quite easily right now, and I snuggled down with her and we rested a long time. Today, if Mom had a tail, she would be wagging it! I have to admit, she looks much perkier than she has all week.

I am still taking fluids. I am still taking pills. Mom coats them in peanut butter for me:


I pretend she is just giving me peanut butter.

I am eating, I am drinking, I am going to the potty outside; and Mom said she was “never so happy” to pick up after me than she has been these past 24 hours. I am dancing for treats all on my own. Mom or Dad will give me a treat and say, “drink, drink!” So then I drink some water.

Over the past few days, while I was resting, Mom would pet me and read me all of your thoughts and comments. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my huge AmStaff Terrier heart, for all you have taken the time to say and write. You are truly my WP family. I thank you for that. Woof!

Well, the couch is looking pretty good right now. I’m going to go lie down for a bit. There has actually been quite a lot of news in the neighborhood that is interesting from a dog’s perspective, and I will write more tomorrow or later, depending on how tired I get. Mom doesn’t want me to over-do, and she’s frowning at me already. So I’d better go. Thanks again for everything. I don’t think I would have pulled through half as well without all of your support and good wishes.

Woof! Your dog, Maggie

12 thoughts on “4/16/15 Glad to be Back

  1. weggieboy

    Wow! What a relief, Maggie! I know how one’s heart hurts when one’s furry friends are sick, and, even though I just know you through this blog, I felt down knowing you weren’t doing so well. I tend to agree with Mom about your care at the sitters…!


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