3/6/15 Car Wash

Mom played a little trick on me today. Not that it was a bad one, but it was a trick nonetheless.

Mom wanted to take Zeus to her favorite car wash, but she didn’t want to leave me and put me in the crate. So she slipped a little pill inside a lump of peanut butter, which I gratefully gulped down, then felt sleepy and rested. All the while I was resting, Mom was getting things ready: a fleece blanket in the back seat, a new air freshener unwrapped, any trash (Mom is nutso about trash in Zeus) thrown away.

After about an hour and a half human time, Mom said it was time to go. I crouched near the floor, thinking it was “crate time”, but Mom laughed at me and called me silly girl and said, “Let’s go outside to the potty, then we’ll take a ride.”

We got outside and there were some interesting ice formations, like this free-standing one inside the bush:


and this breathtaking one that Mom says looks like a chandelier:


It flows from the roof to the tree to the Evergreen all the way to the ground.

Speaking of ground, when we went out back I saw the two black cats sunning themselves in my backyard. I perked up my ears but did not bark or raise my hair. Mom patted me and told me, “Good girl, let the kitties be” and I snorted and went about my business. Mom was very proud. See, my harness (this is something new) hasn’t arrived yet and I could have easily broken out of my regular collar if I had wanted to chase the furry critters. I know I could have. But I didn’t. Mom says this is “progress”.

Finally, when we were done snooping outside, Mom led me toward the garage. I was excited and happy! I love rides in the car, but usually get sick. Mom smiled at me and told me the little pill should keep me from any discomfort. So into the back I hopped and sat on the fleece blanket.

I enjoyed being in the car but whined a little since I didn’t know where we were going. I have to hand it to Mom, she drove smoothly the whole way to the car wash, and pretty soon we were in the bay. A strange Man sprayed foamy stuff all over Zeus and then we magically went into the dark tunnel.

I was very frightened and lay down on the seat, but Mom talked to me the whole time. I have to admit the soap smelled good, but the huge rags that dangled like monsters’ tongues scared me. They made Zeus nice and clean, though:


See? All shiny. Here is a picture of me in the car. I look a little nervous.


However, I’m still glad Mom took me with and played the trick with the pill on me. My tummy was fine and I did not get carsick. And, I didn’t have to be in the crate! All this excitement has made me sleepy, so I am going to nap on my chair, now. Woof!

Love, Maggie


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